trasa-0.4: Type Safe Web Routing

Safe HaskellNone



class HasMeta route where Source #

Associated Types

type CaptureStrategy route :: Type -> Type Source #

type QueryStrategy route :: Type -> Type Source #

type RequestBodyStrategy route :: Type -> Type Source #

type ResponseBodyStrategy route :: Type -> Type Source #


meta :: route caps qrys req resp -> Meta (CaptureStrategy route) (QueryStrategy route) (RequestBodyStrategy route) (ResponseBodyStrategy route) caps qrys req resp Source #

prepare :: HasMeta route => route captures queries request response -> Arguments captures queries request (Prepared route response) Source #

parse Source #


:: (HasMeta route, HasCaptureDecoding (CaptureStrategy route), HasCaptureDecoding (QueryStrategy route), RequestBodyStrategy route ~ Many strat, HasBodyDecoding strat, EnumerableRoute route) 
=> Method

Request Method

-> Url

Everything after the authority

-> Maybe Content

Request content type and body

-> Either TrasaErr (Concealed route) 

class EnumerableRoute route where Source #