uni-htk- Graphical User Interface for Haskell Programs



HTk's LabelFrame widget. A labelled container for widgets. This widget is from the Tix library and therefore only available if Tix is installed. When Tix is not available, a normal frame widget will be used instead.



data LabelFrame Source

The LabelFrame datatype.


Eq LabelFrame 
Destroyable LabelFrame

A labelled frame can be destroyed.

Synchronized LabelFrame

You can synchronize on a labelled frame (in JAVA style).

GUIObject LabelFrame


HasBorder LabelFrame

A labelled frame has a configureable border.

HasSize LabelFrame

You can specify the size of a labelled frame.

HasColour LabelFrame

A labelled frame has a background colour.

HasTooltip LabelFrame

A labelled frame can have a tooltip.

Widget LabelFrame

A labelled frame has standard widget properties (concerning focus, cursor).

Container LabelFrame

A labelled frame is a container for widgets. You can pack widgets to a labelled frame via pack or grid command in the module HTk.Kernel.Packer.

GUIValue v => HasText LabelFrame v

Sets and gets the string to display as a label for the frame.



:: Container par 
=> par

the parent widget, which has to be a container widget (an instance of class Container).

-> [Config LabelFrame]

the list of configuration options for this labelled frame.

-> IO LabelFrame

A labelled frame.

Constructs a new label frame and returns it as a value.

labelSide :: LabelSide -> Config LabelFrameSource

You can specify the side to display the label.

getLabelSide :: LabelFrame -> IO LabelSideSource

Gets the side where the label is displayed.

data LabelSide Source

The LabelSide datatype.


Read LabelSide


Show LabelSide


GUIValue LabelSide