uni-htk- Graphical User Interface for Haskell Programs




class Widget w => CanBeSubwidget w whereSource

Tix mega widgets are composed of several subwidgets. As it is sometimes important to access these subwidgets, there is a way in Htk of creating widgets as subwidgets by instanciating the class CanBeSubwidget.

Use createAsSubwidget instead of the normal constructor new[WidgetName].


GUIValue a => CanBeSubwidget (Entry a)

An entry widget can be a subwidget, e.g. in a combo box

GUIValue a => CanBeSubwidget (ListBox a) 

createSubwidget :: ObjectKind -> Methods -> GUIOBJECT -> IO GUIOBJECTSource

Using the function createSubwidget, instantiating the class CanBeSubwidget should be easy, compare as an example instantiation of the Entry widget.