uni-htk- Graphical User Interface for Haskell Programs

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HTk's ComboBox. Only available when using tixwish. However this module needs to go in the uni-htk-widgets package because it depends on it.



data GUIValue a => ComboBox a Source #

The ComboBox datatype. A ComboBox is a so called mega widget composed of an entry widget and a list box. Both subwidgets are accessible by themselves.


GUIValue a => Eq (ComboBox a) Source # 


(==) :: ComboBox a -> ComboBox a -> Bool #

(/=) :: ComboBox a -> ComboBox a -> Bool #

GUIValue a => Destroyable (ComboBox a) Source #

A combo box widget can be destroyed.


destroy :: ComboBox a -> IO () #

GUIValue a => Synchronized (ComboBox a) Source #

You can synchronize on a combo box widget.


synchronize :: ComboBox a -> IO b -> IO b #

GUIValue a => GUIObject (ComboBox a) Source #


GUIValue a => HasEnable (ComboBox a) Source #

A combo box widget is a stateful widget, it can be enabled or disabled.

GUIValue a => HasBorder (ComboBox a) Source #

A combo box widget has a configureable border.

GUIValue a => HasSize (ComboBox a) Source #

You can specify the size of a combo box widget-

GUIValue a => HasColour (ComboBox a) Source #

A combo box widget has a background colour.

GUIValue a => HasAnchor (ComboBox a) Source #

A combo box widget has a text anchor.

GUIValue a => Widget (ComboBox a) Source #

A combo box has standard widget properties (focus, cursor, ...).

(GUIValue a, GUIValue [a]) => HasValue (ComboBox a) [a] Source #

The value of a combo box is the list of the displayed objects (these are instances of class GUIValue and therefore instances of class Show).


value :: [a] -> Config (ComboBox a) Source #

getValue :: ComboBox a -> IO [a] Source #

newComboBox Source #


:: (GUIValue a, Container par) 
=> par

the list of configuration options for this combo box.

-> Bool

true if the user should be allowed to type into the entry of the ComboBox.

-> [Config (ComboBox a)] 
-> IO (ComboBox a)

A combo box.

Constructs a new combo box and returns a handler.

pick :: GUIValue a => Int -> Config (ComboBox a) Source #

Sets the index item in the listbox to be the current value of the ComboBox.

entrySubwidget :: GUIValue a => ComboBox a -> Entry a Source #

Retrieve the entry subwidget of a combo box.

listBoxSubwidget :: GUIValue a => ComboBox a -> ListBox a Source #

Retrieve the list box subwidget of a combo box.