uni-util- Utilities for the uniform workbench



This module contains the hooks for displaying messages to the user (errors, alerts, warnings and the like) and getting yes/no responses.

The idea is that these are by default textual, and go via stdin, stdout and stderr . However if the DialogWin function useHTk is invoked, windows will pop up.



alertMess :: String -> IO ()Source

Display an alert

errorMess :: String -> IO ()Source

Display an error

warningMess :: String -> IO ()Source

Display a warning message

confirmMess :: String -> IO BoolSource

Confirm something with the user.

messageMess :: String -> IO ()Source

Display some informational message.

htkPresent :: IO BoolSource

If True, indicates that the flag corresponding to a graphical mode has been set. This is used occasionally for deciding whether to ask the user something on stdout, stdin or via a window.

textQuery :: String -> IO StringSource

queries the user on stdout getting the answer from stdin. Leading and trailing spaces are trimmed from the result.

errorMess2 :: String -> IO ()Source

Display a series of one-line messages, separated by newline characters, attempting to combine them together and eliminate duplicates as much as possible. If other identical messages come in while the error message is being delayed, we throw them away.

data MessFns Source