uni-util- Utilities for the uniform workbench



The WBFiles module is in charge of decoding information from the command line and making it available to the rest of the UniForM workbench.

All UniForM options have names beginning with --uni. It is hoped that this won't be a problem for programs that use the UniForM workbench. However, if it is, the function setAlternateArgs should be called before any of the functions in the UniForM workbench, as this will prevent the program arguments being read by UniForM.

The --uni option prints a help message, as do other options beginning with --uni which are not understood.

The --uni-parameters option prints the parameters at the given position on the command line.

The --uni-version option prints the current version of uni.

--uni-option-name:option-value or equivalently --uni-option-name=option-value

All options can also be overridden by environment variables. The environment variable corresponding to option-name has the name UNIOPTION-NAME where OPTION-NAME is the capitalised name of the option.

The default set of options are as follows:

option-name explanation

wish The filename of the wish program daVinci The filename of daVinci gnuclient The filename of gnuclient editor A command to execute the text editor. This uses the CommandStringSub format, with defined substitutions %F => where the file is to be found and %N => what the user-visible name (for example, of the buffer) should be. top The directory in which UniForM is installed

daVinciIcons The directory containing daVinci icons

workingDir The directory used for temporary files.

server The host name of the server user The user-id to use connecting to the server password The password to use connecting to the server port The port on the server to connect to xmlPort The port for the XML server (which has a different default)

debug Where Debug.debug messages should go

serverDir Where Server stores its files serverId The unique identifier of the server. Since this really does have to be globally unique, it is by default constructed from a combination of the machine's hostname and the server port. You had better not change it unless you know what you are doing.

MMiSSDTD Location of DTD file for MMiSS.

hosts Location of hosts file.

toolTimeOut Time-out waiting for responses from a tool when it starts up and we are doing challenge-response verification. windowsTick (Windows only) time in microseconds we wait between polling Wish.

The options wish, daVinci, daVinciIcons, top should all be set automatically by the configure procedure. The configure procedure constructs a variable DEFAULTOPTIONS and writes it into the file default_options.c.

returns a string with exactly the same syntax as the command line so a typical one might be --uni-wish:usrbinwish --uni-daVinci:usrbindaVinci ... (and so on)

However one difference is that options which are not understood in the default_options string are simply ignored.



getTOPPath :: [String] -> IO StringSource

Get a path within the top directory.

data ArgType Source