unix-compat-0.3: Portable POSIX-compatibility layer.




This module makes the operations exported by System.Posix.Unistd available on all platforms. On POSIX systems it re-exports operations from System.Posix.Unistd, on other platforms it emulates the operations as far as possible.


System environment


sleep :: Int -> IO Int

Sleep for the specified duration (in seconds). Returns the time remaining (if the sleep was interrupted by a signal, for example).

GHC Note: the comment for usleep also applies here.

usleep :: Int -> IO ()

Sleep for the specified duration (in microseconds).

GHC Note: Control.Concurrent.threadDelay is a better choice. Without the -threaded option, usleep will block all other user threads. Even with the -threaded option, usleep requires a full OS thread to itself. Control.Concurrent.threadDelay has neither of these shortcomings.

nanosleep :: Integer -> IO ()

Sleep for the specified duration (in nanoseconds)