uu-parsinglib- Online, error-correcting parser combinators; monadic and applicative interfaces



This module contains the combinators for building permutation phrases as described in. They differ from the version found in Control.Applicative in that elements may recognise the empty string too. In addition we provide a combinator which allows separators between the elements of the permutation. For an example of their use see the end of the main function in Text.ParserCombinators.UU.Examples

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data Perms st a Source


Functor (Perms st) 

pPerms :: Perms st a -> P st aSource

pPermsSep :: P st x -> Perms st a -> P st aSource

(~*~) :: Perms st (a -> b) -> P st a -> Perms st bSource

(~$~) :: (a -> b) -> P st a -> Perms st bSource