vivid-supercollider- Implementation of SuperCollider server specifications

Safe HaskellNone





d_recv :: [LiteralSynthDef] -> Maybe OSC -> OSC Source #

Send Synth Definitions to the server.

The second argument is an optional message to execute on completion.

Buffer commands

b_alloc :: BufferId -> Int32 -> Int32 -> Maybe OSC -> OSC Source #

Second and third arguments are number of frames and number of channels, respectively

b_allocRead :: BufferId -> FilePath -> Int32 -> Maybe Int32 -> Maybe OSC -> OSC Source #

The first Int32 is the starting frame to read (often this is zero); the second is an optional number of frames to read (Nothing means the rest of the file is read)

b_write :: BufferId -> FilePath -> String -> String -> Maybe Int32 -> Int32 -> Bool -> Maybe OSC -> OSC Source #

First String is header format (e.g. "wav"), second String is sample format (e.g. "float"). The (Maybe Int32) is number of frames to write (Nothing writes to the end of the buffer), the Int32 that follows it is the start frame (which is often zero). The Bool is whether to leave the file open.

More details (e.g. the available header and sample formats) are available in the SuperCollider docs.