vty-ui-1.6.1: An interactive terminal user interface library for Vty

Safe HaskellNone



This module provides the main event loop functionality for this library. All vty-ui applications must use runUi to get anything done usefully.



type Collection = IORef CollectionDataSource

The type of user interface collections.

runUi :: Collection -> RenderContext -> IO ()Source

Run the main vty-ui event loop using the specified interface collection and initial rendering context. The rendering context provides the default attributes and Skin to use for the application. Throws BadCollectionIndex if the specified Collection is empty.

schedule :: IO () -> IO ()Source

Schedule a widget-mutating IO action to be run by the main event loop. Use of this function is required to guarantee consistency between interface presentation and internal state.

shutdownUi :: IO ()Source

Schedule a vty-ui event loop shutdown. This event will preempt others so that it will be processed next.

newCollection :: IO CollectionSource

Create a new collection.

addToCollection :: Show a => Collection -> Widget a -> Widget FocusGroup -> IO (IO ())Source

Add a widget and its focus group to a collection. Returns an action which, when invoked, will switch to the interface specified in the call.