web-routes-0.26.3: Library for maintaining correctness and composability of URLs within an application.




stripOverlap :: Eq a => [a] -> [a] -> [a]Source

pToken :: tok -> (Text -> Maybe a) -> URLParser aSource

segment :: Text -> URLParser TextSource

match on a specific string

anySegment :: URLParser TextSource

match on any string

parseSegments :: URLParser a -> [Text] -> Either String aSource

run a URLParser on a list of path segments

returns Left parse error on failure.

returns Right a on success

toPathInfo :: PathInfo url => url -> TextSource

convert url into the path info portion of a URL



:: PathInfo url 
=> url


-> [(Text, Maybe Text)]

query string parameter

-> Text 

convert url + params into the path info portion of a URL + a query string

fromPathInfo :: PathInfo url => ByteString -> Either String urlSource

parse a String into url using PathInfo.

returns Left parse error on failure

returns Right url on success



:: PathInfo url 
=> ((url -> [(Text, Maybe Text)] -> Text) -> url -> a)

a routing function

-> Site url a 

turn a routing function into a Site value using the PathInfo class

showParseError :: ParseError -> StringSource

show Parsec ParseError using terms that relevant to parsing a url