win-hp-path-0.1.0: Work with multiple Haskell Platform versions on Windows

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Utility functions for manipulating Windows paths related to the Haskell Platform.



winPath :: String -> WinPath Source

Split a Windows PATH String into a WinPath.

unWinPath :: WinPath -> String Source

Join the paths of a WinPath into a Windows PATH String.

mapWinPath :: (WinPath -> WinPath) -> String -> String Source

Apply a function on WithPath to a list of FilePaths.

clearPath :: WinPath -> WinPath Source

Remove all Haskell-related paths from a WinPath.

addHPPath :: FilePath -> WinPath -> WinPath Source

Install all required paths for the Haskell Platform based at the given FilePath into a WinPath. The initial WinPath must not contain any Haskell-related paths.

isVersionOpt :: String -> Bool Source

Check whether the given argument to a command on Windows looks like a request either for the version number or for command syntax help.

data WinPath Source

A Windows path that has been split into its components.