wizards-0.1: High level, generic library for interrogative user interfaces

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




data Haskeline m r Source

A Haskeline backend for wizards, supporting input, output, default text, and password input. In addition, Haskeline settings can be modified for a single wizard, and arbitrary IO can be performed using the MonadIO instance.


data UnexpectedEOF Source

The Haskeline back-end will throw this exception if EOF is encountered when it is not expected. Specifically, when actions such as getInputLine return Nothing.



runHaskeline :: Wizard Haskeline a -> InputT IO (Maybe a)Source

Runs a Wizard action in the Haskeline backend.

withSettings :: Settings IO -> Wizard Haskeline a -> Wizard Haskeline aSource

Modifies a wizard so that it will run with different Haskeline Settings to the top level input monad.