wumpus-basic-0.16.0: Basic objects and system code built on Wumpus-Core.

Stabilityhighly unstable




Graphic and Image types representing connectors - connectors have two implicit points - start and end.


Connector Graphic

type ConnectorGraphic u = ConnectorCF u (GraphicAns u)Source

ConnectorGraphic is a connector drawn between two points contructing a Graphic.

type DConnectorGraphic = ConnectorGraphic DoubleSource

Alias of ConnectorGraphic where the unit type is specialized to Double.

Connector Image

type ConnectorImage u a = ConnectorCF u (ImageAns u a)Source

ConnectorImage is a connector drawn between two points constructing an Image.

Usually the answer type of a ConnectorImage will be a Path (defined in Wumpus-Drawing) so the points at midway, atstart etc. or the end directions and tangents can be taken on it.

type DConnectorImage a = ConnectorImage Double aSource

Alias of ConnectorImage where the unit type is specialized to Double.

intoConnectorImage :: ConnectorCF u a -> ConnectorGraphic u -> ConnectorImage u aSource

intoConnectorImage : conn_context_function * conn_graphic -> LocImage

Connector version of intoImage.

The ConnectorImage is built as a function from an implicit start and end points to the answer.

emptyConnectorGraphic :: Num u => ConnectorGraphic uSource

emptyConnectorGraphic : ConnectorGraphic

Build an empty ConnectorGraphic.

The emptyConnectorGraphic is treated as a null primitive by Wumpus-Core and is not drawn, although it does generate a bounding box around the rectangular hull of the start and end points.