wumpus-drawing-0.9.0: High-level drawing objects built on Wumpus-Basic.

Stabilityhighly unstable
MaintainerStephen Tetley <stephen.tetley@gmail.com>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered






type ConnectorPathQuery u = ConnectorQuery u (AbsPath u)Source

The type of Connectors - a query from start and end point returning an AbsPath.

data ArrowTip Source

Arrowhead algorithm - the components of an arrowhead.

Retract distance is rather vague - depending on the arrowhead it may represent a flush join between the path and the tip or a join that uses the z-order (tip over path) to create the join.

** WARNING ** - pending revision...

data ConnectorConfig u Source

total_path is the path before accounting for arrow retract distances.

renderConnectorConfig :: (Real u, Floating u, InterpretUnit u) => ConnectorProps -> ConnectorConfig u -> ConnectorImage u (AbsPath u)Source

NOTE - the prefix render needs (re-) consideration...

If it is a good prefix other functions e.g. drawPath should use render rather than draw.