wxcore- wxHaskell core








textCtrlMakeLogActiveTarget :: TextCtrl a -> IO ()Source

Set a text control as a log target.

logDeleteAndSetActiveTarget :: Log a -> IO ()Source

Sets the active log target and deletes the old one.

Tree control

data TreeCookie Source

Represents the children of a tree control.

treeCtrlGetChildCookie :: TreeCtrl a -> TreeItem -> IO TreeCookieSource

Get a TreeCookie to iterate through the children of tree node.

treeCtrlGetNextChild2 :: TreeCtrl a -> TreeCookie -> IO (Maybe TreeItem)Source

Get the next child of a tree node. Returns Nothing when the end of the list is reached. This also invalidates the tree cookie.

treeCtrlWithChildren :: TreeCtrl a -> TreeItem -> (TreeItem -> IO b) -> IO [b]Source

Iterate on the list of children of a tree node.

treeCtrlGetChildren :: TreeCtrl a -> TreeItem -> IO [TreeItem]Source

Get the children of tree node.

treeCtrlGetSelections2 :: TreeCtrl a -> IO [TreeItem]Source

Get the selections of a tree control.


listBoxGetSelectionList :: ListBox a -> IO [Int]Source

Return the current selection in a listbox.

execClipBoardData :: Clipboard a -> (Clipboard a -> IO b) -> IO bSource

Use a clipboardSetData or clipboardGetData in this function. But don't use long computation in this function. Because this function encloses the computation with clipboardOpen and clipboardClose, and wxHaskell uses Global clipboard on your environment. So, long computation causes problem.


wxcAppUSleep :: Int -> IO ()Source

This function just left for backward-compatiblity. Update your code to use wxcAppMilliSleep instead.