xlsx-0.7.2: Simple and incomplete Excel file parser/writer

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Main types

newtype SharedStringTable Source #

Shared string table

A workbook can contain thousands of cells containing string (non-numeric) data. Furthermore this data is very likely to be repeated across many rows or columns. The goal of implementing a single string table that is shared across the workbook is to improve performance in opening and saving the file by only reading and writing the repetitive information once.

Relevant parts of the EMCA standard (2nd edition, part 1, http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-376.htm), page numbers refer to the page in the PDF rather than the page number as printed on the page):

  • Section 18.4, "Shared String Table" (p. 1712) in particular subsection 18.4.9, "sst (Shared String Table)" (p. 1726)

TODO: The extLst child element is currently unsupported.




Eq SharedStringTable Source # 
Ord SharedStringTable Source # 
Show SharedStringTable Source # 
Generic SharedStringTable Source # 
FromCursor SharedStringTable Source #

See CT_Sst, p. 3902

The optional attributes count and uniqCount are being ignored at least currently

ToElement SharedStringTable Source #

See CT_Sst, p. 3902.

TODO: The count and uniqCount attributes are currently unsupported.

ToDocument SharedStringTable Source # 
type Rep SharedStringTable Source # 
type Rep SharedStringTable = D1 * (MetaData "SharedStringTable" "Codec.Xlsx.Types.Internal.SharedStringTable" "xlsx-0.7.2-Bllq6ZS7v593hEJpIAxkWW" True) (C1 * (MetaCons "SharedStringTable" PrefixI True) (S1 * (MetaSel (Just Symbol "sstTable") NoSourceUnpackedness NoSourceStrictness DecidedLazy) (Rec0 * (Vector XlsxText))))

sstConstruct :: [Worksheet] -> SharedStringTable Source #

Construct the SharedStringsTable from an existing document