xmonad-contrib-0.11.3: Third party extensions for xmonad

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A set of prompts for XMonad


Description and use

This module exemplifies usage of mkXPromptWithModes. It includes two modes:

  • Hoogle mode: Search for functions using hoogle, choosing a function leads you to documentation in Haddock.
  • Calc: Uses the program calc to do calculations.

To test it, modify your local .xmonad:

 import XMonad.Prompt(defaultXPConfig)
 import XMonad.Actions.Launcher
 ((modm .|. controlMask, xK_l), launcherPrompt defaultXPConfig $ defaultLauncherModes launcherConfig)

A LauncherConfig contains settings for the default modes, modify them accordingly.

 launcherConfig = LauncherConfig { pathToHoogle = "/home/YOU/.cabal/bin/hoogle" , browser = "firefox"}

Restart xmonad. Press Ctrl + Your_Modkey + L and the first prompt should pop up.

If you used defaultXPConfig, you can change mode with xK_grave. If you are using your own XPConfig, define the value for changeModeKey.

defaultLauncherModes :: LauncherConfig -> [XPMode]Source

Create a list of modes based on : a list of extensions mapped to actions the path to hoogle

launcherPrompt :: XPConfig -> [XPMode] -> X ()Source

Creates a prompt with the given modes