yaml-light-0.1.3: A light-weight wrapper with utility functions around HsSyck

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A light-weight wrapper with utility functions around HsSyck


YamlLight data type

data YamlLight Source

A light-weight, single ADT representation of a yaml document in contrast with what is provided by HsSyck. Note that the YMap is an actual Map from Data.Map, so behavior with respect to identical keys and ordering of entries will behave as Data.Map dictates. This behavior is also in compliance with the Yaml spec. If you currently rely on HsSyck's preservation of ordering, you can also consider representing such maps as sequences of single entry maps. See the examples of "Ordered Mappings" in the Yaml spec: http://www.yaml.org/spec/1.2/spec.html.

YamlLight versions of Syck functions

parseYaml :: String -> IO YamlLightSource

Parse a regular Haskell string

parseYamlFile :: String -> IO YamlLightSource

Given a file name, parse contents of file

parseYamlBytes :: ByteString -> IO YamlLightSource

Parse a ByteString buffer (this is faster)

YamlLight utility functions

fromYamlNode :: YamlNode -> YamlLightSource

Convert a Syck YamlNode to a YamlLight

lookupYL :: YamlLight -> YamlLight -> Maybe YamlLightSource

Lookup the key's corresponding value in a Map. Returns Nothing if the YamlLight is not a map, or if the key is not found

lookupYLWith :: (YamlLight -> Bool) -> YamlLight -> Maybe YamlLightSource

General form of lookup. Will return the first element that satisfies predicate p, otherwise Nothing

combineSequencedMaps :: YamlLight -> Maybe [(YamlLight, YamlLight)]Source

Combine a sequence of YMaps into a list of (key,value) pairs. The ordering of the result preserves the ordering of the sequence, but the ordering of the individual maps is as Data.Map handles it.


     - key1: val1
       key2: val2
     - key3: val3

Would become:


where key1 and key2 might be arranged differently as Data.Map would arrange them. This does not enforce uniqueness of keys across different maps. Any items of the sequence that are not maps will not be present in the output list. Returns Nothing if not called on a Sequence

combineMappedSequences :: YamlLight -> Maybe [(YamlLight, YamlLight)]Source

Take a YamlLight that is a YMap of keys to YSeqs, and return a list of (key,elem) pairs, where elem is an element of the YSeq under key.


     key1: [val1, val2, val3]
     key2: [val4, val5]

Would become:


where the precise ordering of the key1 and key2 pairs depends on the ordering of Data.Map. Any values of keys that are not sequences will not appear in the output list. Returns Nothing if not called on a YMap.


unSeq :: YamlLight -> Maybe [YamlLight]Source

Get the contents of a sequence

unMap :: YamlLight -> Maybe (Map YamlLight YamlLight)Source

Get the contents of a map

unStr :: YamlLight -> Maybe ByteStringSource

Get the contents of a string