yesod-form- Form handling support for Yesod Web Framework

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Some fields spiced up with jQuery UI.



class YesodJquery a where Source

Minimal complete definition



urlJqueryJs :: a -> Either (Route a) Text Source

The jQuery Javascript file. Note that in upgrades to this library, the version of jQuery referenced, or where it is downloaded from, may be changed without warning. If you are relying on a specific version of jQuery, you should give an explicit URL instead of relying on the default value.

Currently, the default value is jQuery 1.7 from Google's CDN.

urlJqueryUiJs :: a -> Either (Route a) Text Source

The jQuery UI 1.8 Javascript file.

urlJqueryUiCss :: a -> Either (Route a) Text Source

The jQuery UI 1.8 CSS file; defaults to cupertino theme.

urlJqueryUiDateTimePicker :: a -> Either (Route a) Text Source

jQuery UI time picker add-on.

jqueryAutocompleteField' Source


:: (RenderMessage site FormMessage, YesodJquery site) 
=> Int

autocomplete minimum length

-> Route site 
-> Field (HandlerT site IO) Text 

googleHostedJqueryUiCss :: Text -> Text Source

Gets the Google hosted jQuery UI 1.8 CSS file with the given theme.

class Default a where

A class for types with a default value.


def :: a

The default value for this type.