yi-0.12.0: The Haskell-Scriptable Editor

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A simplified configuration interface for Yi.

This module provides a simple configuration API, allowing users to start with an initial configuration and imperatively (monadically) modify it. Some common actions (keybindings, selecting modes, choosing the frontend) have been given special commands (globalBindKeys, setFrontendPreferences, addMode, and so on).

A simple configuration might look like the following:

import Yi.Config.Simple
import qualified Yi.Mode.Haskell as Haskell
-- note: don't import Yi, or else there will be name clashes

main = configMain defaultEmacsConfig $ do
  setFrontendPreferences ["pango", "vty"]
  fontSize %= Just 10
  modeBindKeys Haskell.cleverMode (metaCh 'q' ?>>! reload)
  globalBindKeys (metaCh 'r' ?>>! reload)

A lot of the fields here are specified with the Field type. To write a field, use (%=). To read, use get. For modification, use (modify). For example, the functions foo and bar are equivalent:

foo = modify layoutManagers reverse
bar = do
 lms <- get layoutManagers
 layoutManagers %= reverse lms


The main interface

data ConfigM a Source

The configuration monad. Run it with configMain.

configMain :: Config -> ConfigM () -> IO () Source

Starts with the given initial config, makes the described modifications, then starts yi.

type Field a = Lens' Config a Source

Fields that can be modified with all lens machinery.


setFrontendPreferences :: [String] -> ConfigM () Source

Sets the frontend to the first frontend from the list which is installed.

Available frontends are a subset of: "vty", "pango", and "batch".

setFrontend :: String -> ConfigM () Source

Sets the frontend, if it is available.

Modes, commands, and keybindings

globalBindKeys :: Keymap -> ConfigM () Source

Adds the given key bindings to the `global keymap'. The bindings will override existing bindings in the case of a clash.

modeBindKeys :: Mode syntax -> Keymap -> ConfigM () Source

modeBindKeys mode keys adds the keybindings in keys to all modes with the same name as mode.

As with modifyMode, a mode by the given name must already be registered, or the function will have no effect, and issue a command-line warning.

modeBindKeysByName :: Text -> Keymap -> ConfigM () Source

modeBindKeysByName name keys adds the keybindings in keys to all modes with name name (if it is registered). Consider using modeBindKeys instead.

addMode :: Mode syntax -> ConfigM () Source

Register the given mode. It will be preferred over any modes already defined.

modifyMode :: Mode syntax -> (forall syntax'. Mode syntax' -> Mode syntax') -> ConfigM () Source

modifyMode mode f modifies all modes with the same name as mode, using the function f.

Note that the mode argument is only used by its modeName. In particular, a mode by the given name must already be registered, or this function will have no effect, and issue a command-line warning.

modifyMode mode f = modifyModeByName (modeName mode) f

modifyModeByName :: Text -> (forall syntax. Mode syntax -> Mode syntax) -> ConfigM () Source

modifyModeByName name f modifies the mode with name name using the function f. Consider using modifyMode instead.

Evaluation of commands

publishedActionsEvaluator :: Evaluator Source

Evaluator based on a fixed list of published actions. Has a few differences from ghciEvaluator:

  • expressions can't be evaluated
  • all suggested actions are actually valued
  • (related to the above) doesn't contain junk actions from Prelude
  • doesn't require GHCi backend, so uses less memory

publishAction :: (YiAction a x, Show x) => String -> a -> ConfigM () Source

Publish the given action, by the given name. This will overwrite any existing actions by the same name.

publishedActions :: Field (HashMap String Action) Source

Accessor for the published actions. Consider using publishAction.


fontName :: Field (Maybe String) Source

Just the font name, or Nothing for default.

fontSize :: Field (Maybe Int) Source

Just the font size, or Nothing for default.

scrollWheelAmount :: Field Int Source

Amount to move the buffer when using the scroll wheel.

scrollStyle :: Field (Maybe ScrollStyle) Source

Just the scroll style, or Nothing for default.

data CursorStyle Source

When should we use a "fat" cursor (i.e. 2 pixels wide, rather than 1)? Fat cursors have only been implemented for the Pango frontend.

data Side Source



scrollBarSide :: Field Side Source

Which side to display the scroll bar on.

autoHideScrollBar :: Field Bool Source

Should the scroll bar autohide?

autoHideTabBar :: Field Bool Source

Should the tab bar autohide?

lineWrap :: Field Bool Source

Should lines be wrapped?

windowFill :: Field Char Source

The character with which to fill empty window space. Usually '~' for vi-like editors, ' ' for everything else.

theme :: Field Theme Source

UI colour theme.


layoutManagers :: Field [AnyLayoutManager] Source

List of registered layout managers. When cycling through layouts, this list will be consulted.


debug :: Field Bool Source

Produce a .yi.dbg file with debugging information?

Startup hooks

runOnStartup :: Action -> ConfigM () Source

Run when the editor is started (this is run after all actions which have already been registered)

runAfterStartup :: Action -> ConfigM () Source

Run after the startup actions have completed, or on reload (this is run after all actions which have already been registered)


These fields are here for completeness -- that is, to expose all the functionality of the Yi.Config module. However, most users probably need not use these fields, typically because they provide advanced functinality, or because a simpler interface for the common case is available above.

startActions :: Field [Action] Source

Actions to run when the editor is started. Consider using runOnStartup or runManyOnStartup instead.

initialActions :: Field [Action] Source

Actions to run after startup or reload. Consider using runAfterStartup or runManyAfterStartup instead.

defaultKm :: Field KeymapSet Source

Default keymap to use.

modes :: Field [AnyMode] Source

List of modes by order of preference. Consider using addMode, modeBindKeys, or modifyMode instead.

regionStyle :: Field RegionStyle Source

Set to Exclusive for an emacs-like behaviour. Consider starting with defaultEmacsConfig, defaultVimConfig, or defaultCuaConfig to instead.

killringAccumulate :: Field Bool Source

Set to True for an emacs-like behaviour, where all deleted text is accumulated in a killring. Consider starting with defaultEmacsConfig, defaultVimConfig, or defaultCuaConfig instead.

Module exports

module Yi.Boot

module Yi.Buffer

module Yi.Core

module Yi.Dired

module Yi.Editor

module Yi.File

module Yi.Config

module Yi.Keymap

module Yi.Layout

module Yi.Search

module Yi.Style

module Yi.Misc