yi-0.12.0: The Haskell-Scriptable Editor

Safe HaskellNone
  • UndecidableInstances
  • ScopedTypeVariables
  • OverloadedStrings
  • TypeSynonymInstances
  • FlexibleContexts
  • FlexibleInstances
  • MultiParamTypeClasses
  • TypeOperators
  • ExplicitNamespaces
  • ExplicitForAll
  • NondecreasingIndentation
  • LambdaCase



This module is aimed at being a helper for the Emacs keybindings. In particular this should be useful for anyone that has a custom keymap derived from or based on the Emacs one.



argToInt :: UnivArgument -> Int Source

Convert the universal argument to a number of repetitions

askQuitEditor :: YiM () Source

Quits the editor if there are no unmodified buffers if there are unmodified buffers then we ask individually for each modified buffer whether or not the user wishes to save it or not. If we get to the end of this list and there are still some modified buffers then we ask again if the user wishes to quit, but this is then a simple yes or no.

modifiedQuitEditor :: YiM () Source

Quits the editor if there are no unmodified buffers if there are then simply confirms with the user that they with to quit.

withMinibuffer :: Text -> (Text -> YiM [Text]) -> (Text -> YiM ()) -> YiM () Source

withMinibuffer prompt completer act: open a minibuffer with prompt. Once a string s is obtained, run act s. completer can be used to complete functions: it returns a list of possible matches.

cabalConfigureE :: CommandArguments -> YiM () Source


switchBufferE :: YiM () Source

Prompts the user for a buffer name and switches to the chosen buffer.

killBufferE :: YiM () Source

Prompts the user for a buffer name and kills the chosen buffer. Prompts about really closing if the buffer is marked as changed since last save.

insertNextC :: UnivArgument -> KeymapM () Source

Insert next character, "raw"

findFile :: YiM () Source

Open a file using the minibuffer. We have to set up some stuff to allow hints and auto-completion.

findFileReadOnly :: YiM () Source

Like findFile but sets the resulting buffer to read-only.

findFileNewTab :: YiM () Source

Open a file in a new tab using the minibuffer.

promptFile :: Text -> (Text -> YiM ()) -> YiM () Source

Generic emacs style prompt file action. Takes a prompt and a continuation act and prompts the user with file hints.

promptTag :: YiM () Source

Prompt the user to give a tag and then jump to that tag

justOneSep :: UnivArgument -> BufferM () Source

If on separators (space, tab, unicode seps), reduce multiple separators to just a single separator (or however many given through UnivArgument).

If we aren't looking at a separator, insert a single space. This is like emacs ‘just-one-space’ but doesn't deal with negative argument case but works with other separators than just space. What counts as a separator is decided by isAnySep modulo n character.

Further, it will only reduce a single type of separator at once: if we have hard tabs followed by spaces, we are able to reduce one and not the other.

joinLinesE :: UnivArgument -> BufferM () Source

Join this line to previous (or next N if universal)

countWordsRegion :: YiM () Source

Counts the number of lines, words and characters inside selected region. Coresponds to emacs' count-words-region.