yi-0.12.4: The Haskell-Scriptable Editor

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  • ScopedTypeVariables
  • DeriveDataTypeable
  • DeriveFunctor
  • DeriveTraversable
  • DeriveFoldable
  • FlexibleContexts
  • MultiParamTypeClasses
  • ExistentialQuantification
  • GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving
  • ExplicitForAll
  • NondecreasingIndentation
  • LambdaCase



This module is the host of the most prevalent types throughout Yi. It is unfortunately a necessary evil to avoid use of bootfiles.

You're encouraged to import from more idiomatic modules which will re-export these where appropriate.



data Action Source


forall a . Show a => YiA (YiM a) 
forall a . Show a => EditorA (EditorM a) 
forall a . Show a => BufferA (BufferM a) 

type Interact ev a = I ev Action a Source

data Yi Source




yiUi :: UI Editor
yiInput :: [Event] -> IO ()

input stream

yiOutput :: IsRefreshNeeded -> [Action] -> IO ()

output stream

yiConfig :: Config
yiVar :: MVar YiVar

The only mutable state in the program

newtype YiM a Source

The type of user-bindable functions TODO: doc how these are actually user-bindable are they?




runYiM :: ReaderT Yi IO a

data KeymapSet Source




topKeymap :: Keymap

Content of the top-level loop.

insertKeymap :: Keymap

For insertion-only modes

data IndentSettings Source

Currently duplicates some of Vim's indent settings. Allowing a buffer to specify settings that are more dynamic, perhaps via closures, could be useful.




expandTabs :: Bool

Insert spaces instead of tabs as possible

tabSize :: Int

Size of a Tab

shiftWidth :: Int

Indent by so many columns

data FBuffer Source


forall syntax . FBuffer 


bmode :: !(Mode syntax)
rawbuf :: !(BufferImpl syntax)
attributes :: !Attributes

data Attributes Source




ident :: !BufferId
bkey__ :: !BufferRef

immutable unique key

undos :: !URList

undo/redo list

bufferDynamic :: !DynamicState

dynamic components

preferCol :: !(Maybe Int)

prefered column to arrive at when we do a lineDown / lineUp

preferVisCol :: !(Maybe Int)

prefered column to arrive at visually (ie, respecting wrap)

stickyEol :: !Bool

stick to the end of line (used by vim bindings mostly)

pendingUpdates :: ![UIUpdate]

updates that haven't been synched in the UI yet

selectionStyle :: !SelectionStyle
keymapProcess :: !KeymapProcess
winMarks :: !(Map WindowRef WinMarks)
lastActiveWindow :: !Window
lastSyncTime :: !UTCTime

time of the last synchronization with disk

readOnly :: !Bool

read-only flag

inserting :: !Bool

the keymap is ready for insertion into this buffer

directoryContent :: !Bool

does buffer contain directory contents

pointFollowsWindow :: !(WindowRef -> Bool)
updateTransactionInFlight :: !Bool
updateTransactionAccum :: ![Update]
fontsizeVariation :: !Int
encodingConverterName :: Maybe ConverterName

How many points (frontend-specific) to change the font by in this buffer

data AnyMode Source


forall syntax . AnyMode (Mode syntax) 

data Mode syntax Source

A Mode customizes the Yi interface for editing a particular data format. It specifies when the mode should be used and controls file-specific syntax highlighting and command input, among other things.




modeName :: Text

so this can be serialized, debugged.

modeApplies :: FilePath -> YiString -> Bool

What type of files does this mode apply to?

modeHL :: ExtHL syntax

Syntax highlighter

modePrettify :: syntax -> BufferM ()

Prettify current "paragraph"

modeKeymap :: KeymapSet -> KeymapSet

Buffer-local keymap modification

modeIndent :: syntax -> IndentBehaviour -> BufferM ()

emacs-style auto-indent line

modeAdjustBlock :: syntax -> Int -> BufferM ()

adjust the indentation after modification

modeFollow :: syntax -> Action

Follow a "link" in the file. (eg. go to location of error message)

modeIndentSettings :: IndentSettings
modeToggleCommentSelection :: Maybe (BufferM ())
modeGetStrokes :: syntax -> Point -> Point -> Point -> [Stroke]

Strokes that should be applied when displaying a syntax element should this be an Action instead?

modeOnLoad :: BufferM ()

An action that is to be executed when this mode is set

modeModeLine :: [Text] -> BufferM Text

buffer-local modeline formatting method

modeGotoDeclaration :: BufferM ()

go to the point where the variable is declared

data IndentBehaviour Source

Used to specify the behaviour of the automatic indent command.



Increase the indentation to the next higher indentation hint. If we are currently at the highest level of indentation then cycle back to the lowest.


Decrease the indentation to the next smaller indentation hint. If we are currently at the smallest level then cycle back to the largest


Increase the indentation to the next higher hint if no such hint exists do nothing.


Decrease the indentation to the next smaller indentation hint, if no such hint exists do nothing.

type Statuses = DelayList Status Source

data Editor Source

The Editor state




bufferStack :: !(NonEmpty BufferRef)

Stack of all the buffers. Invariant: first buffer is the current one.

buffers :: !(Map BufferRef FBuffer)
refSupply :: !Int

Supply for buffer, window and tab ids.

tabs_ :: !(PointedList Tab)

current tab contains the visible windows pointed list.

dynamic :: !DynamicState

dynamic components

statusLines :: !Statuses
maxStatusHeight :: !Int
killring :: !Killring
currentRegex :: !(Maybe SearchExp)

currently highlighted regex (also most recent regex for use in vim bindings)

searchDirection :: !Direction
pendingEvents :: ![Event]

Processed events that didn't yield any action yet.

onCloseActions :: !(Map BufferRef (EditorM ()))

Actions to be run when the buffer is closed; should be scrapped.

class (Monad m, MonadState Editor m) => MonadEditor m where Source

Minimal complete definition


data UIConfig Source




configVty :: Config
configFontName :: Maybe String

Font name, for the UI that support it.

configFontSize :: Maybe Int

Font size, for the UI that support it.

configScrollStyle :: Maybe ScrollStyle

Style of scroll

configScrollWheelAmount :: Int

Amount to move the buffer when using the scroll wheel

configLeftSideScrollBar :: Bool

Should the scrollbar be shown on the left side?

configAutoHideScrollBar :: Bool

Hide scrollbar automatically if text fits on one page.

configAutoHideTabBar :: Bool

Hide the tabbar automatically if only one tab is present

configLineWrap :: Bool

Wrap lines at the edge of the window if too long to display.

configCursorStyle :: CursorStyle
configWindowFill :: Char

The char with which to fill empty window space. Usually '~' for vi-like editors, ' ' for everything else.

configTheme :: Theme

UI colours

type UIBoot = Config -> ([Event] -> IO ()) -> ([Action] -> IO ()) -> Editor -> IO (UI Editor) Source

data CursorStyle Source

When should we use a "fat" cursor (i.e. 2 pixels wide, rather than 1)? Fat cursors have only been implemented for the Pango frontend.

data Config Source

Configuration record. All Yi hooks can be set here.




startFrontEnd :: UIBoot

UI to use.

configUI :: UIConfig

UI-specific configuration.

startActions :: [Action]

Actions to run when the editor is started.

initialActions :: [Action]

Actions to run after startup (after startActions) or reload.

defaultKm :: KeymapSet

Default keymap to use.

configInputPreprocess :: P Event Event
modeTable :: [AnyMode]

List modes by order of preference.

debugMode :: Bool

Produce a .yi.dbg file with a lot of debug information.

configRegionStyle :: RegionStyle

Set to Exclusive for an emacs-like behaviour.

configKillringAccumulate :: Bool

Set to True for an emacs-like behaviour, where all deleted text is accumulated in a killring.

configCheckExternalChangesObsessively :: Bool
bufferUpdateHandler :: [[Update] -> BufferM ()]
layoutManagers :: [AnyLayoutManager]

List of layout managers for cycleLayoutManagersNext

configVars :: DynamicState

Custom configuration, containing the YiConfigVariables. Configure with configVariableA.