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Colors and friends.
data Attributes = Attributes {
foreground :: !Color
background :: !Color
reverseAttr :: !Bool
bold :: !Bool
italic :: !Bool
underline :: !Bool
emptyAttributes :: Attributes
type Style = Endo Attributes
data UIStyle = UIStyle {
modelineAttributes :: Attributes
modelineFocusStyle :: Style
tabBarAttributes :: Attributes
tabInFocusStyle :: Style
tabNotFocusedStyle :: Style
baseAttributes :: Attributes
selectedStyle :: Style
eofStyle :: Style
errorStyle :: Style
hintStyle :: Style
strongHintStyle :: Style
commentStyle :: Style
blockCommentStyle :: Style
keywordStyle :: Style
numberStyle :: Style
preprocessorStyle :: Style
stringStyle :: Style
longStringStyle :: Style
typeStyle :: Style
dataConstructorStyle :: Style
importStyle :: Style
builtinStyle :: Style
regexStyle :: Style
variableStyle :: Style
operatorStyle :: Style
quoteStyle :: Style
makeFileAction :: Style
makeFileRuleHead :: Style
type StyleName = UIStyle -> Style
withBg :: Color -> Style
withFg :: Color -> Style
withItlc :: Bool -> Style
withUnderline :: Bool -> Style
withBd :: Bool -> Style
defaultStyle :: StyleName
data Color
= RGB !Word8 !Word8 !Word8
| Default
colorToText :: Color -> String
grey :: Color
lightGrey :: Color
darkred :: Color
red :: Color
darkgreen :: Color
green :: Color
brown :: Color
yellow :: Color
black :: Color
blue :: Color
purple :: Color
magenta :: Color
darkcyan :: Color
cyan :: Color
white :: Color
brightwhite :: Color
darkblue :: Color
data Attributes Source
Visual text attributes to be applied during layout.
foreground :: !Color
background :: !Color
reverseAttr :: !BoolThe text should be show as active or selected. This can be implemented by reverse video on the terminal.
bold :: !Bool
italic :: !Bool
underline :: !Bool
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emptyAttributes :: AttributesSource
type Style = Endo AttributesSource
The style is used to transform attributes by modifying one or more of the visual text attributes.
data UIStyle Source
The UI type
modelineAttributes :: Attributesground attributes for the modeline
modelineFocusStyle :: Styletransformation of modeline in focus
tabBarAttributes :: Attributesground attributes for the tabbar
tabInFocusStyle :: Stylea tab that currently holds the focus
tabNotFocusedStyle :: Stylea tab that does not have the current focus
baseAttributes :: Attributesground attributes for the main text views
selectedStyle :: Stylethe selected portion
eofStyle :: Styleempty file marker colours
errorStyle :: Styleindicates errors in text
hintStyle :: Stylesearch matchesparen matchesother hints
strongHintStyle :: Stylecurrent search match
commentStyle :: Styleall comments
blockCommentStyle :: Styleadditional only for block comments
keywordStyle :: Styleapplied to language keywords
numberStyle :: Stylenumbers
preprocessorStyle :: Stylepreprocessor directive (often in Haskell or C)
stringStyle :: Styleconstant strings
longStringStyle :: Styleadditional style for long strings
typeStyle :: Styletype name (such as class in an OO language)
dataConstructorStyle :: Styledata constructor
importStyle :: Stylestyle of import names
builtinStyle :: Stylebuiltin things, e.g. Array in JavaScript
regexStyle :: Styleregular expressions
variableStyle :: Styleany standard variable (identifier)
operatorStyle :: Styleinfix operators
quoteStyle :: StyleStyle of a quotation (e.g. in template haskell)
makeFileAction :: Stylestuff that's passed to the shell in a Makefile
makeFileRuleHead :: Stylemakefile rule headers
type StyleName = UIStyle -> StyleSource
A StyleName determines what style to use, taking into account the set of rendering preferences given by a UIStyle. Typically, style names will be Style-valued field names of UIStyle.
withBg :: Color -> StyleSource
withFg :: Color -> StyleSource
withItlc :: Bool -> StyleSource

A style that sets the foreground.

A style that sets the background.

withUnderline :: Bool -> StyleSource
withBd :: Bool -> StyleSource
defaultStyle :: StyleNameSource

A style that sets the font to bold

A style that sets the style to italics

A style that sets the style to underlined

A style that sets the style to underlined

The identity transform.

data Color Source
RGB !Word8 !Word8 !Word8
DefaultThe system-default color of the engine used. e.g. in Gtk this should pick whatever the user has chosen as default color (background or forground depending on usage) for the text.
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colorToText :: Color -> StringSource
Convert a color to its text specification, as to be accepted by XParseColor
grey :: ColorSource
lightGrey :: ColorSource
darkred :: ColorSource
red :: ColorSource
darkgreen :: ColorSource
green :: ColorSource
brown :: ColorSource
yellow :: ColorSource
black :: ColorSource
blue :: ColorSource
purple :: ColorSource
magenta :: ColorSource
darkcyan :: ColorSource
cyan :: ColorSource
white :: ColorSource
brightwhite :: ColorSource
darkblue :: ColorSource
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