yi- The Haskell-Scriptable Editor




alexScanToken :: (AlexState HlState, AlexInput) -> Maybe (Tok Token, (AlexState HlState, AlexInput))Source

Scan one token. Return (maybe) a token and a new state.

data Token Source

The different tokens.

data Reserved Source

The constructors for Reserved have an apostrophe as a suffix because Default is already used. Also note that Undefined' is not intended as some sort of backup reserved word for things we don't care about -- it really means the undefined built-in in JavaScript.


data Operator Source

The constructors for Operator have an apostrophe as a suffix because e.g. LT is already used by Prelude.


type HlState = IntSource

Prefix operators. NOTE: Add' is also a valid prefix operator, but since it's completely useless in the real world, we don't care about it here. Doing this makes parsing much, much easier.

Postfix operators.

Infix operators.

HlState is 0 when outside of a multi-line comment and -1 when inside one.