yi- The Haskell-Scriptable Editor

Safe HaskellNone



Various high-level functions to further classify.



changeBufferNameE :: YiM ()Source

Changing the buffer name quite useful if you have several the same. This also breaks the relation with the file.

shellCommandE :: YiM ()Source

shell-command with argument prompt

shellCommandV :: String -> YiM ()Source

shell-command with a known argument

buildRun :: String -> [String] -> (Either Exception ExitCode -> YiM x) -> YiM ()Source

Run the given commands with args and pipe the ouput into the build buffer, which is shown in an other window.

searchSources :: (String ::: RegexTag) -> YiM ()Source

Search the source files in the project.

grepFind :: (String ::: FilePatternTag) -> (String ::: RegexTag) -> YiM ()Source

Perform a find+grep operation