Hackage: The Haskell Package Repository

Hackage is the Haskell community's central package archive of open source software. Hackage has been online since January 2007 and is constantly growing. You can publish libraries and programs or download and install packages with tools like cabal-install (or via your distro's package manager).

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Guidelines for Hackage Packages:

Administrative issues

Reporting problems

For issues with accounts or permissions please contact the administrators by email at hackage-admin@haskell.org

Bugs with the site code or server/hosting issues should be reported in the issue tracker.

Scheduled infrastructure status information is available at status.haskell.org and automated uptime information at auto-status.haskell.org. Serious issues requiring immediate action should be reported to admin@haskell.org or on the #haskell-infrastructure irc channel on libera.chat.

The Hackage API

Hackage serves most resources in JSON as well as HTML. It also provides automatically-generated documentation of the site api. Core operations of clients interacting with hackage as a repository should be conducted through the hackage-security library.

Contributing to development

Hackage-server is on github and we welcome contributions including pull requests, bug reports, and feature requests. Developer documentation is on in the github README, includig a quick guide to running your own server instance, and mirroring the central server. You can ask questions on the cabal-devel mailing list or on IRC in the #hackage channel on libera.chat.


The current Hackage codebase was spearheaded by Well-Typed. Key funding was provided by the Industrial Haskell Group, which was a consortium of companies that rely on Haskell. The website is maintained by volunteers from the Haskell community. Hosting is provided by Packet and real-time CDN by Fastly.