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2023-12-05T15:43:21Z  jpvillaisaza  Add  pvital  Package uploaders    
2023-12-05T15:03:06Z  basti1302  Add  pvital  Maintainers for instana-haskell-trace-sdk  Paulo Vital is taking over ownership of this package  
2023-12-05T14:47:49Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for unix-compat  He's offered to help maintain  
2023-12-04T11:58:53Z  InAnYan  Add  InAnYan  Maintainers for basic-gps  initial upload  
2023-12-03T17:06:44Z  JonasScholl  Add  Juri_  Maintainers for floating-bits  I am no longer maintaining the package and the package needs to be made compatible with modern GHC versions.  
2023-12-03T07:29:36Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for simple-pango  initial upload  
2023-12-03T07:14:55Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for simple-cairo  initial upload  
2023-12-03T07:07:20Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for cairo-image  initial upload  
2023-12-03T06:55:31Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for glib-stopgap  initial upload  
2023-12-01T14:28:36Z  michaelpj  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for lsp-types  Andreas is going to help keep things working for agda-language-server  
2023-12-01T06:44:24Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for moffy  initial upload  
2023-12-01T06:25:18Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for freer-par-monad  initial upload  
2023-12-01T06:11:49Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for type-set  initial upload  
2023-12-01T05:33:55Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for extra-data-yj  initial upload  
2023-12-01T05:22:27Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for type-flip  initial upload  
2023-11-30T10:33:36Z  JaroReinders  Delete  JaroReinders  Maintainers for haskell-lsp-client  I'm abandoning this package  
2023-11-29T15:49:05Z  jan_sena  Add  jan_sena  Maintainers for gemmula  initial upload  
2023-11-29T05:41:17Z  placidex  Add  jan_sena  Package uploaders  For uploading package candidate  
2023-11-29T01:40:38Z  LaurentRDC  Add  LaurentRDC  Maintainers for javelin  initial upload  
2023-11-28T22:52:36Z  parsonsmatt  Add  SimonHengel  Maintainers for hspec-hedgehog  a mighty fine fellow  
2023-11-28T11:44:01Z  mgttlinger  Add  InAnYan  Package uploaders  Wants to add new package basic-gps  
2023-11-28T11:02:43Z  adithyaov  Add  harendra  Maintainers for streamly-core    
2023-11-27T23:44:17Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for int-supply  initial upload  
2023-11-27T18:03:29Z  rednaZ  Add  rednaZ  Maintainers for uu-tc-error  initial upload  
2023-11-27T14:14:42Z  rednaZ  Add  rednaZ  Maintainers for uu-tc-error-error  initial upload  
2023-11-27T06:54:51Z  OlleFredriksson  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for elm-syntax  Maintenance  
2023-11-27T05:10:49Z  placidex  Add  rednaZ  Package uploaders  Maintainer for  
2023-11-27T04:50:53Z  placidex  Add  TerenceNg03  Package uploaders  Maintainer for  
2023-11-25T15:58:36Z  hongminhee  Add  hongminhee  Maintainers for dojang  initial upload  
2023-11-25T07:56:17Z  maerwald  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for os-string  initial upload  
2023-11-24T21:32:17Z  seanhess  Add  seanhess  Maintainers for web-view  initial upload  
2023-11-24T19:40:42Z  qqwy  Add  qqwy  Maintainers for symbolize  initial upload  
2023-11-24T05:47:57Z  placidex  Add  qqwy  Package uploaders  For uploading package candidate ``  
2023-11-23T23:56:44Z  iphydf  Add  iphydf  Maintainers for apigen  initial upload  
2023-11-23T16:55:14Z  jpvillaisaza  Add  josephwarren  Package uploaders    
2023-11-23T05:58:35Z  cgenie  Add  cgenie  Maintainers for servant-xml-conduit  initial upload  
2023-11-22T20:04:53Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for convexHullNd  initial upload  
2023-11-22T19:30:02Z  LennartAugustsson  Add  LennartAugustsson  Maintainers for MicroHs  initial upload  
2023-11-22T19:04:29Z  larsk  Add  topos  Maintainers for random-bytestring    
2023-11-21T02:54:00Z  banacorn  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for agda-language-server  project transferred to the Agda community  
2023-11-20T20:55:06Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for constraints-extras    
2023-11-20T20:36:07Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for dependent-sum    
2023-11-19T23:05:05Z  hecate  Add  hecate  Maintainers for libsodium-bindings  initial upload  
2023-11-19T19:15:30Z  chungyc  Add  Poselsky  Package uploaders  
2023-11-18T11:22:37Z  OlleFredriksson  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for haskell-to-elm  Maintenance  
2023-11-18T10:11:26Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for vertexenum  initial upload  
2023-11-17T04:55:06Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for network-control  initial upload  
2023-11-16T20:10:59Z  jpvillaisaza  Add  pschnapp  Package uploaders    
2023-11-16T18:59:00Z  monien  Add  monien  Maintainers for Flint2-Examples  initial upload  
2023-11-16T15:28:20Z  GwernBranwen  Add  TerenceNg03  Maintainers for mueval  adding per Github discussion, same as ncfavier  
2023-11-15T20:49:43Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for delaunayNd  initial upload  
2023-11-15T20:06:18Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jcranch  Maintainers for cond  
2023-11-15T14:39:43Z  GwernBranwen  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for mueval  added per Favier's request ( inasmuch as he already has maintainer bits for lambdabot and others  
2023-11-15T06:02:36Z  abbradar  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for unlambda  co-maintain  
2023-11-15T06:02:18Z  abbradar  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for brainfuck  co-maintain  
2023-11-14T02:27:35Z  placidex  Add  pauldennis  Package uploaders  For uploading package candidate `RoundingFiasco`  
2023-11-13T19:10:18Z  gan_shen  Add  gan_shen  Maintainers for HasChor  initial upload  
2023-11-09T21:42:28Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for dahdit-network  initial upload  
2023-11-09T21:42:19Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for dahdit-test  initial upload  
2023-11-09T19:52:13Z  liberalogica  Add  gan_shen  Package uploaders  maintainer HasChor  
2023-11-09T12:53:51Z  jprupp  Delete  runeks  Maintainers for haskoin-wallet  Inactive  
2023-11-09T12:53:36Z  jprupp  Delete  runeks  Maintainers for haskoin-node  Inactive  
2023-11-09T12:53:23Z  jprupp  Delete  runeks  Maintainers for haskoin-core  Inactive  
2023-11-09T12:53:13Z  jprupp  Delete  wraithm  Maintainers for haskoin-core  Inactive  
2023-11-09T04:04:09Z  TonyMorris  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for semantic-version  initial upload  
2023-11-08T10:26:37Z  AndresLoeh  Add  EdskoDeVries  Maintainers for basic-sop  co-author  
2023-11-08T08:47:04Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for conformance-gen  initial upload  
2023-11-08T08:46:38Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for conformance  initial upload  
2023-11-07T03:32:27Z  AdamWick  Add  KevinQuick  Maintainers for RSA  Also Galois Haskell maintainer person  
2023-11-06T22:22:31Z  liberalogica  Add  meooow  Package uploaders  maintainer benc  
2023-11-06T18:41:28Z  RyanTrinkle  Add  ErikDeCastroLopo  Maintainers for th-extras  Add maintainer  
2023-11-06T09:49:24Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for trial-optparse-applicative  co-maintainer  
2023-11-06T09:49:08Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for trial-tomland  co-maintainer  
2023-11-06T09:47:40Z  vrom911  Add  hecate  Maintainers for validation-selective  co-maintainer  
2023-11-06T02:15:21Z  dm72  Add  dm72  Maintainers for laminar  initial upload  
2023-11-05T19:07:00Z  AdamWick  Add  JonathanDaugherty  Maintainers for RSA  transferring ownership to Galois employees  
2023-11-04T15:03:14Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for mig-server  initial upload  
2023-11-04T14:54:28Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for mig-swagger-ui  initial upload  
2023-11-04T14:47:17Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for mig-extra  initial upload  
2023-11-04T14:35:12Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for mig-client  initial upload  
2023-11-04T14:30:50Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for mig-wai  initial upload  
2023-11-04T11:51:40Z  liberalogica  Add  HenryJohnson  Package uploaders  maintainer cozo.hs  
2023-11-04T04:52:49Z  chungyc  Add  HenryJohnson  Package uploaders  
2023-11-03T09:28:01Z  mgttlinger  Add  siers  Package uploaders  wants to add a new package  
2023-11-03T05:38:54Z  TonyMorris  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for ordering-duplicates  initial upload  
2023-11-03T05:19:30Z  TonyMorris  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for national-australia-bank  initial upload  
2023-11-02T13:31:33Z  AlekseyUymanov  Add  hecate  Maintainers for one-time-password  uploader  
2023-11-01T18:37:20Z  GershomBazerman  Add  nideco  Maintainers for http-types  
2023-10-31T13:37:45Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for relude  co-maintainer  
2023-10-31T13:37:31Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for tomland  co-maintainer  
2023-10-31T13:37:15Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for trial  co-maintainer  
2023-10-31T13:36:55Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for validation-selective  co-maintainer  
2023-10-31T11:15:00Z  chhackett  Add  chhackett  Maintainers for vty-windows  initial upload  
2023-10-31T01:55:43Z  chungyc  Add  chhackett  Package uploaders  Upload  
2023-10-30T21:51:18Z  JonathanDaugherty  Add  JonathanDaugherty  Maintainers for vty-crossplatform  initial upload  
2023-10-30T21:48:19Z  JonathanDaugherty  Add  JonathanDaugherty  Maintainers for vty-unix  initial upload  
2023-10-30T11:38:35Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for ostree-pin  initial upload  
2023-10-29T19:42:32Z  DanielDiaz  Add  DanielDiaz  Maintainers for mailtrap  initial upload  
2023-10-29T08:12:41Z  TonyMorris  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for predicate  initial upload  
2023-10-26T00:03:54Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for list-shuffle  initial upload  
2023-10-25T15:55:20Z  AlexMcLean  Add  MatthewKaney  Maintainers for tidal  For maintaining and uploading  
2023-10-25T03:18:32Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for yesod-test    
2023-10-25T03:18:23Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for yesod-form    
2023-10-25T03:18:14Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for yesod-bin    
2023-10-25T03:17:53Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for yesod-auth    
2023-10-25T03:17:15Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for yesod    
2023-10-25T03:17:08Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for yesod-core    
2023-10-24T15:15:21Z  SimonHengel  Add  SimonHengel  Maintainers for simdutf  initial upload  
2023-10-23T19:24:38Z  qxjit  Add  onslaughtq  Maintainers for orville-postgresql  Member of Flipstone  
2023-10-23T19:24:03Z  qxjit  Add  flipstone  Maintainers for orville-postgresql  Flipstone Technology Partners  
2023-10-23T19:22:39Z  qxjit  Add  TrevisElser  Maintainers for orville-postgresql  Member of Flipstone  
2023-10-23T19:06:48Z  jpvillaisaza  Add  qxjit  Package uploaders    
2023-10-23T17:06:09Z  KevinQuick  Add  KevinQuick  Maintainers for demangler  initial upload  
2023-10-23T00:36:47Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for peano  adopting orphaned package  
2023-10-22T06:39:55Z  sighingnow  Add  sighingnow  Maintainers for duckdb-haskell  initial upload  
2023-10-21T10:22:36Z  liberalogica  Add  jdral  Package uploaders  mantainer of quickcheck-lockstep  
2023-10-21T09:48:24Z  zErichGuz  Add  zErichGuz  Maintainers for oalg-base  initial upload  
2023-10-20T16:22:39Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for esqueleto-compat  initial upload  
2023-10-20T12:17:12Z  niki  Add  clayrat  Maintainers for liquid-fixpoint    
2023-10-20T12:16:17Z  niki  Add  clayrat  Maintainers for liquidhaskell    
2023-10-20T11:24:14Z  mgttlinger  Add  zErichGuz  Package uploaders  Wants to add a few new packages  
2023-10-19T20:37:28Z  AndreasAbel  Add  NH000  Maintainers for hgettext  New maintainer of hgettext  
2023-10-19T17:47:59Z  NikitaVolkov  Add  NikitaVolkov  Maintainers for theatre-dev  initial upload  
2023-10-18T21:09:04Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquidhaskell-boot  initial upload  
2023-10-18T18:11:18Z  DanielDiaz  Add  DanielDiaz  Maintainers for mysql-json-table  initial upload  
2023-10-18T13:09:15Z  chungyc  Add  adomasd  Package uploaders  "I plan to upload several packages mostly concerning networking."  
2023-10-17T18:55:08Z  liberalogica  Add  clayrat  Package uploaders  New Liquidhaskell maintainer  
2023-10-17T18:30:10Z  omelkonian  Add  omelkonian  Maintainers for agda2train  initial upload  
2023-10-15T12:46:32Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for colourista  Co-maintainer  
2023-10-15T12:43:48Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for extensions  Co-maintainer  
2023-10-15T12:04:40Z  ryanglscott  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for wai-middleware-static  Co-maintainer  
2023-10-13T16:05:37Z  placidex  Add  placidex  Package uploaders  New maintainer for existing package `rock`  
2023-10-13T10:18:06Z  OlleFredriksson  Add  placidex  Maintainers for rock  Help with maintenance  
2023-10-12T16:16:51Z  monien  Add  monien  Maintainers for Flint2  initial upload  
2023-10-11T07:39:00Z  SergeyLymar  Add  kostmo  Maintainers for AhoCorasick    
2023-10-09T17:52:01Z  goodlyrottenapple  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for quickjs-hs  Transfer ownership of package to Haskell Github Trust  
2023-10-08T12:49:59Z  NikitaVolkov  Add  NikitaVolkov  Maintainers for aeson-unqualified-ast  initial upload  
2023-10-08T11:24:51Z  vrom911  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for stan  Co-maintainer  
2023-10-06T18:14:07Z  Bodigrim  Add  AlexeyKhudyakov  Maintainers for vector    
2023-10-05T14:40:31Z  domenkozar  Add  RobertHensing  Maintainers for releaser    
2023-10-05T13:31:12Z  mgttlinger  Add  11xx  Package uploaders  Wants to add a few new packages  
2023-10-04T19:35:11Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jcalderone  Maintainers for fec  
2023-10-03T21:52:10Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  GabrielGonzalez  Maintainers for opentelemetry-plugin  initial upload  
2023-10-02T04:58:01Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  FumiakiKinoshita  Maintainers for EVP  initial upload  
2023-09-29T21:34:59Z  junjihashimoto  Add  junjihashimoto  Maintainers for inline-c-cuda  initial upload  
2023-09-29T15:45:17Z  melaniebrown  Add  melaniebrown  Maintainers for toolbox  initial upload  
2023-09-29T00:20:27Z  zshipko  Add  zshipko  Maintainers for extism-pdk  initial upload  
2023-09-26T22:06:51Z  chiroptical  Add  chiroptical  Maintainers for derive-has-field  initial upload  
2023-09-26T19:45:14Z  gromak  Add  infinisil  Maintainers for nixfmt  infinisil is a member of the Nix Formatter team  
2023-09-26T13:50:07Z  JaroReinders  Delete  JaroReinders  Maintainers for gigaparsec    
2023-09-26T13:49:57Z  JaroReinders  Add  j_mie6  Maintainers for gigaparsec  Name transfer  
2023-09-23T17:53:45Z  FrancescoMazzoli  Add  junjihashimoto  Maintainers for inline-c-objc  New maintainer  
2023-09-23T17:53:33Z  FrancescoMazzoli  Add  junjihashimoto  Maintainers for inline-c-cpp  New maintainer  
2023-09-23T08:07:40Z  FrancescoMazzoli  Add  junjihashimoto  Maintainers for inline-c  New maintainer  
2023-09-22T12:54:50Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phladiprelio-general-datatype  initial upload  
2023-09-21T07:18:07Z  david_janssen  Add  TonyZorman  Maintainers for kmonad  Main active maintainer during prolonged illness of david_janssen  
2023-09-20T13:40:52Z  eschnett  Add  phillipseeber  Maintainers for mpi-hs  phillipseeber makes significant contributions to mpi-hs  
2023-09-20T04:15:32Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  BenGamari  Maintainers for process    
2023-09-19T05:52:07Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  jdral  Maintainers for quickcheck-lockstep    
2023-09-18T17:40:27Z  jpvillaisaza  Add  DavSanchez  Package uploaders    
2023-09-17T21:36:10Z  ScottWalck  Add  ScottWalck  Maintainers for LPFP-core  initial upload  
2023-09-17T16:38:14Z  DanielDiaz  Add  DanielDiaz  Maintainers for bounded-qsem  initial upload  
2023-09-16T22:39:23Z  ScottWalck  Add  ScottWalck  Maintainers for Vis  initial upload  
2023-09-16T19:03:52Z  ScottWalck  Add  ScottWalck  Maintainers for SpatialMath  initial upload  
2023-09-16T06:32:28Z  placidex  Add  arjunkhandkar  Package uploaders  for uploading oracle-simple package  
2023-09-16T06:14:23Z  mgttlinger  Add  arjunkhandkar  Package uploaders  Wants to add new package oracle-simple  
2023-09-15T20:18:16Z  alunduil  Add  alunduil  Maintainers for templatise  initial upload  
2023-09-15T17:21:28Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for amazonka-mtl  initial upload  
2023-09-15T16:29:05Z  GershomBazerman  Add  opendal_dev  Package uploaders    
2023-09-15T14:47:32Z  keywordsalad  Add  keywordsalad  Maintainers for hakyllbars  initial upload  
2023-09-15T14:19:02Z  DavidJohnson  Add  CsabaHruska  Maintainers for dap  maintainership  
2023-09-15T14:18:17Z  DavidJohnson  Add  DavidJohnson  Maintainers for dap  initial upload  
2023-09-15T13:16:11Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for adaptive-cubature  initial upload  
2023-09-14T12:33:59Z  arowM  Add  qnoyxu  Maintainers for type-level-kv-list-persistent    
2023-09-14T12:33:02Z  arowM  Add  qnoyxu  Maintainers for tonatona-google-server-api    
2023-09-13T18:57:33Z  jpvillaisaza  Add  evenbrenden  Package uploaders    
2023-09-12T20:49:26Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for hotel-california  initial upload  
2023-09-12T15:24:52Z  jpvillaisaza  Add  voyager  Package uploaders    
2023-09-11T13:00:11Z  johannesgerer  Add  alaminium  Maintainers for blazeT  add Habib as maintainer  
2023-09-09T18:23:25Z  mgttlinger  Add  keywordsalad  Package uploaders  Wants to add new package hakyllbars  
2023-09-09T18:19:34Z  mgttlinger  Add  repetitive  Package uploaders  Wants to add new package BBCode  
2023-09-09T14:26:49Z  chessai  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for scotty  is a maintainer  
2023-09-08T17:43:32Z  snav_jason  Add  pcswiftnav  Maintainers for sbp  new maintainer  
2023-09-08T17:42:51Z  snav_jason  Delete  markfine  Maintainers for sbp    
2023-09-08T08:24:51Z  jonascarpay  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for apecs-gloss    
2023-09-08T08:24:39Z  jonascarpay  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for apecs-stm    
2023-09-08T08:24:03Z  jonascarpay  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for apecs-physics    
2023-09-06T15:41:36Z  archaversine  Add  archaversine  Maintainers for allen  initial upload  
2023-09-05T22:29:10Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  GabrielGonzalez  Maintainers for hlint-plugin  initial upload  
2023-09-04T16:39:37Z  worm2fed  Add  worm2fed  Maintainers for servant-prometheus  initial upload  
2023-09-03T15:01:53Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for rio-prettyprint  
2023-09-02T19:25:08Z  rickowens  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for json-spec-elm-servant  initial upload  
2023-09-02T18:15:46Z  rickowens  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for json-spec-elm  initial upload  
2023-09-02T11:19:51Z  liberalogica  Add  worm2fed  Package uploaders    
2023-09-02T00:17:15Z  jprupp  Add  jprupp  Maintainers for statsd-rupp  initial upload  
2023-08-31T14:14:07Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-exporter-handle  initial upload  
2023-08-31T14:05:44Z  deemp  Add  kana  Maintainers for barlow-lens  kana co-authored this package  
2023-08-31T09:59:22Z  deemp  Add  deemp  Maintainers for barlow-lens  initial upload  
2023-08-31T07:34:16Z  OliverCharles  Add  Bodigrim  Maintainers for tasty-quickcheck  
2023-08-31T07:34:03Z  OliverCharles  Add  Bodigrim  Maintainers for tasty-smallcheck  
2023-08-31T07:33:35Z  OliverCharles  Add  Bodigrim  Maintainers for tasty-hunit  
2023-08-30T18:39:54Z  sarthakbagaria  Add  KevinCotrone  Maintainers for web-push    
2023-08-30T15:22:46Z  diasbruno  Add  diasbruno  Maintainers for unac-bindings  initial upload  
2023-08-30T09:19:33Z  typeable  Add  mniip  Maintainers for xml-isogen    
2023-08-30T09:19:24Z  typeable  Add  mniip  Maintainers for validationt    
2023-08-30T09:19:14Z  typeable  Add  mniip  Maintainers for stackage2nix    
2023-08-30T09:18:58Z  typeable  Add  mniip  Maintainers for generic-arbitrary    
2023-08-30T09:18:46Z  typeable  Add  mniip  Maintainers for dom-parser    
2023-08-30T09:18:25Z  typeable  Add  mniip  Maintainers for compaREST    
2023-08-30T09:17:31Z  typeable  Add  mniip  Maintainers for cassava-embed    
2023-08-30T09:13:35Z  mniip  Add  typeable  Maintainers for libphonenumber    
2023-08-30T09:01:57Z  SimonMarlow  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for monad-par    
2023-08-30T07:50:59Z  Bellroy  Add  chrisdaloisio  Maintainers for timeline    
2023-08-29T18:00:14Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for basics  initial upload  
2023-08-29T03:45:40Z  Bellroy  Add  chrisdaloisio  Maintainers for wai-handler-hal    
2023-08-26T20:42:26Z  chiroptical  Add  chiroptical  Maintainers for snail  initial upload  
2023-08-26T18:33:15Z  mgttlinger  Add  chiroptical  Package uploaders  Wants to add new package snail  
2023-08-26T06:26:40Z  owickstrom  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for gi-gtk-declarative-app-simple  
2023-08-26T06:25:59Z  owickstrom  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for gi-gtk-declarative  
2023-08-24T20:05:48Z  mpardalos  Add  mpardalos  Maintainers for systemd-ntfy  initial upload  
2023-08-24T11:10:47Z  ccntrq  Add  ccntrq  Maintainers for starter-snake-haskell  initial upload  
2023-08-23T19:58:30Z  mmhat  Add  mmhat  Maintainers for typed-process-effectful  initial upload  
2023-08-22T13:53:53Z  stackbuilders  Add  DavidMazarro  Maintainers for rollbar-yesod  New rollbar-haskell maintainer  
2023-08-22T13:53:43Z  stackbuilders  Delete  juanpaucar  Maintainers for rollbar-yesod    
2023-08-22T13:53:37Z  stackbuilders  Delete  juanpaucar  Maintainers for rollbar-cli    
2023-08-22T13:53:32Z  stackbuilders  Add  DavidMazarro  Maintainers for rollbar-cli  New rollbar-haskell maintainer  
2023-08-22T13:53:09Z  stackbuilders  Delete  juanpaucar  Maintainers for rollbar-wai    
2023-08-22T13:53:05Z  stackbuilders  Add  DavidMazarro  Maintainers for rollbar-wai  New rollbar-haskell maintainer  
2023-08-22T13:52:54Z  stackbuilders  Add  DavidMazarro  Maintainers for rollbar-client  New rollbar-haskell maintainer  
2023-08-22T13:52:40Z  stackbuilders  Delete  juanpaucar  Maintainers for rollbar-client  No longer an active maintainer of this library  
2023-08-22T13:49:24Z  stackbuilders  Add  amejia  Maintainers for atomic-write  New atomic-write maintainer  
2023-08-22T00:42:05Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JensPetersen  Trustees    
2023-08-22T00:41:48Z  GershomBazerman  Add  andreabedini  Trustees  new trustee  
2023-08-22T00:37:45Z  GershomBazerman  Add  amejia  Package uploaders    
2023-08-22T00:36:11Z  GershomBazerman  Add  OlliKortelahti  Package uploaders    
2023-08-22T00:33:18Z  GershomBazerman  Add  YamadaRyo  Package uploaders    
2023-08-22T00:26:55Z  GershomBazerman  Add  chungyc  Trustees  upload approver  
2023-08-22T00:26:38Z  GershomBazerman  Add  placidex  Trustees  upload approver  
2023-08-22T00:26:29Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jpvillaisaza  Trustees  upload approver  
2023-08-22T00:26:21Z  GershomBazerman  Add  liberalogica  Trustees  upload approver  
2023-08-22T00:26:04Z  GershomBazerman  Add  mgttlinger  Trustees  upload approver  
2023-08-21T13:35:49Z  SimonMichael  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for shelltestrunner  Help with releases  
2023-08-19T14:34:21Z  k_bx  Add  SergeyAlirzaev  Maintainers for string-class    
2023-08-18T22:00:13Z  GershomBazerman  Add  raineszm  Package uploaders    
2023-08-18T21:58:25Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ulidtko  Package uploaders    
2023-08-18T21:55:17Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ryndubei  Package uploaders    
2023-08-18T17:55:03Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for http-exchange-instantiations  initial upload  
2023-08-18T02:20:27Z  parsonsmatt  Add  raineszm  Maintainers for exception-via    
2023-08-17T18:18:30Z  jcalderone  Add  jcalderone  Maintainers for gbs-downloader  initial upload  
2023-08-17T17:55:29Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for http-exchange  initial upload  
2023-08-17T14:44:34Z  jcalderone  Add  jcalderone  Maintainers for tahoe-directory  initial upload  
2023-08-17T10:32:08Z  OliverCharles  Add  ryndubei  Maintainers for weeder  Haskell Summer of Code 2023 student  
2023-08-17T10:22:23Z  tonyday567  Add  tonyday567  Maintainers for markup-parse  initial upload  
2023-08-16T21:03:20Z  JonathanFischoff  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for postgres-options  To help  
2023-08-16T18:00:45Z  jcalderone  Add  jcalderone  Maintainers for tahoe-great-black-swamp  initial upload  
2023-08-16T15:26:17Z  stackbuilders  Delete  mrkkrp  Maintainers for cassava-megaparsec  No longer an active maintainer of this library  
2023-08-16T15:25:48Z  stackbuilders  Delete  juanpaucar  Maintainers for atomic-write  No longer an active maintainer of this library  
2023-08-16T15:24:16Z  stackbuilders  Delete  juanpaucar  Maintainers for dotenv  No longer an active maintainer of this library  
2023-08-16T15:24:10Z  stackbuilders  Delete  mrkkrp  Maintainers for dotenv  No longer an active maintainer of this library  
2023-08-16T15:23:55Z  stackbuilders  Delete  juanpaucar  Maintainers for hapistrano  No longer an active maintainer of this library  
2023-08-16T15:23:49Z  stackbuilders  Delete  mrkkrp  Maintainers for hapistrano  No longer an active maintainer of this library  
2023-08-16T15:23:26Z  stackbuilders  Delete  mrkkrp  Maintainers for inflections  No longer an active maintainer of this library  
2023-08-16T15:22:53Z  stackbuilders  Add  DiegoCenteno  Maintainers for inflections  New inflections maintainer  
2023-08-16T13:47:51Z  jcalderone  Add  jcalderone  Maintainers for tahoe-ssk  initial upload  
2023-08-16T08:49:24Z  OliverCharles  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for libsystemd-journal  
2023-08-16T00:49:49Z  GershomBazerman  Add  DiegoCenteno  Package uploaders    
2023-08-15T18:19:39Z  chessai  Add  chessai  Maintainers for growable-vector  initial upload  
2023-08-15T18:14:48Z  jcalderone  Add  jcalderone  Maintainers for tahoe-capabilities  initial upload  
2023-08-15T15:46:50Z  stackbuilders  Add  camm  Maintainers for hapistrano  Maintainer of this library  
2023-08-15T15:43:27Z  stackbuilders  Add  camm  Maintainers for hspec-golden  Maintainer of this library  
2023-08-15T11:44:07Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for casa-client    
2023-08-15T06:55:33Z  ChrisDone  Add  MichaelSnoyman  Maintainers for casa-client    
2023-08-14T16:13:37Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oidc  drop due to depracation  
2023-08-14T16:12:59Z  Jappie  Delete  jgt  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oidc  drop due to depracation  
2023-08-14T16:12:54Z  Jappie  Delete  tim_supercede  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oidc  drop due to depracation  
2023-08-14T16:12:47Z  Jappie  Delete  isaac_supercede  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oidc  drop due to depracation  
2023-08-14T15:30:37Z  winterland  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for mysql-haskell-openssl  New maintainers  
2023-08-14T15:30:35Z  winterland  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for mysql-haskell-openssl  New maintainers  
2023-08-14T15:30:35Z  winterland  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for mysql-haskell-openssl  New maintainers  
2023-08-14T15:29:15Z  winterland  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for mysql-haskell  New maintainers  
2023-08-14T11:34:40Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phladiprelio-tests  initial upload  
2023-08-13T04:27:20Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for persistent-mysql-pure  initial upload  
2023-08-13T02:44:25Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for mysql-pure  initial upload  
2023-08-12T18:24:06Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for beam-newtype-field  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:10:13Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for reflex-dom-helpers  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:10:07Z  Jappie  Delete  andrewthad  Maintainers for reflex-dom-helpers  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:08:51Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for bulmex  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:07:36Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for servant-fiat-content  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:06:08Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for bzlib-conduit-jappie  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:05:32Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for heavy-log-shortcuts  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:04:09Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for speechmatics  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:04:03Z  Jappie  Delete  cheewee_phua  Maintainers for speechmatics  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:03:57Z  Jappie  Delete  christianmarie  Maintainers for speechmatics  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:00:30Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for voicebase  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:00:23Z  Jappie  Delete  cheewee_phua  Maintainers for voicebase  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T16:00:17Z  Jappie  Delete  ChristianMarie  Maintainers for voicebase  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T15:58:35Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for network-uri-lenses  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T15:57:40Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for useragents  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T15:56:40Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for dropbox  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T15:55:05Z  Jappie  Delete  Jappie  Maintainers for haskell-xmpp  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T15:54:16Z  Jappie  Delete  jgt  Maintainers for haskell-xmpp  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T15:54:10Z  Jappie  Delete  DmitryAstapov  Maintainers for haskell-xmpp  marking as unmaintained:  
2023-08-12T06:06:29Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for fast-myers-diff  initial upload  
2023-08-11T17:32:32Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for skopedate  initial upload  
2023-08-11T09:30:15Z  jjba  Add  jjba  Maintainers for keuringsdienst  initial upload  
2023-08-11T01:17:17Z  GershomBazerman  Add  archaversine  Package uploaders    
2023-08-10T22:58:23Z  GershomBazerman  Add  pcswiftnav  Package uploaders    
2023-08-10T22:56:30Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ccntrq  Package uploaders    
2023-08-10T22:55:23Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jjba  Package uploaders    
2023-08-10T22:53:09Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jhagborg  Package uploaders    
2023-08-10T18:11:46Z  snav_jason  Delete  joelynch  Maintainers for sbp  No longer works for Swift Navigation  
2023-08-08T07:22:48Z  psibi  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for crypton-conduit  Additional maintainer  
2023-08-07T10:05:56Z  turion  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for clay  Offered support as comaintainer in  
2023-08-06T11:11:44Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for mig  initial upload  
2023-08-04T17:47:19Z  BryanOSullivan  Add  JoeyHess  Maintainers for bloomfilter    
2023-08-04T14:26:17Z  pasqu4le  Add  serokell  Maintainers for morley-upgradeable    
2023-08-04T14:25:49Z  pasqu4le  Add  serokell  Maintainers for morley-client    
2023-08-04T14:24:56Z  pasqu4le  Add  serokell  Maintainers for cleveland    
2023-08-02T18:50:34Z  Jappie  Add  jgt  Maintainers for esqueleto-textsearch  boss  
2023-08-02T18:50:12Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for esqueleto-textsearch  initial upload  
2023-08-02T00:13:02Z  GershomBazerman  Add  pe200012  Package uploaders    
2023-08-01T02:25:54Z  vmchale  Add  vmchale  Maintainers for avif  initial upload  
2023-07-31T19:32:26Z  Bodigrim  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for text    
2023-07-31T16:04:52Z  GershomBazerman  Add  penelopeysm  Package uploaders    
2023-07-31T16:03:36Z  GershomBazerman  Add  floataqq  Package uploaders    
2023-07-30T20:19:50Z  aloussase  Add  aloussase  Maintainers for from-env  initial upload  
2023-07-30T12:44:58Z  psibi  Add  psibi  Maintainers for crypton-conduit  initial upload  
2023-07-29T14:40:24Z  TillmannVogt  Add  TillmannVogt  Maintainers for layered-graph-drawing  initial upload  
2023-07-28T20:40:46Z  TrevisElser  Add  qxjit  Maintainers for non-empty-text    
2023-07-28T20:37:36Z  TrevisElser  Add  onslaughtq  Maintainers for non-empty-text    
2023-07-28T20:37:19Z  TrevisElser  Add  flipstone  Maintainers for non-empty-text    
2023-07-28T20:36:21Z  TrevisElser  Delete  acatton  Maintainers for non-empty-text    
2023-07-28T14:29:42Z  KevinQuick  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for lumberjack  Galois employee  
2023-07-27T22:20:05Z  GershomBazerman  Add  PurpleToes  Package uploaders    
2023-07-27T21:50:13Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-workspaces-web  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:50:04Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-workmailmessageflow  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:49:56Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-worklink  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:49:48Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-wisdom  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:49:44Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-wellarchitected  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:49:39Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-wafv2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:49:18Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-voice-id  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:49:10Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-transfer  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:49:02Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-timestream-write  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:57Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-timestream-query  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:53Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-textract  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:49Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-synthetics  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:41Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-support-app  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:21Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sso-oidc  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:17Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sso-admin  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:13Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sso  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:09Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ssm-sap  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:05Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ssm-incidents  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:48:01Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ssm-contacts  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:47:45Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-snow-device-management  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:47:36Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sms-voice  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:47:28Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-simspaceweaver  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:47:24Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-signer  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:47:15Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sesv2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:47:07Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-service-quotas  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:47:03Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-servicecatalog-appregistry  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:51Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-securitylake  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:47Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-securityhub  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:35Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-schemas  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:31Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-scheduler  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:27Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-savingsplans  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:19Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sagemaker-metrics  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:15Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sagemaker-geospatial  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:11Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sagemaker-featurestore-runtime  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:07Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sagemaker-edge  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:46:03Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-sagemaker-a2i-runtime  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:56Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-s3outposts  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:52Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-s3-encryption  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:44Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-rum  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:40Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-route53resolver  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:36Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-route53-recovery-readiness  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:31Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-route53-recovery-control-config  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:27Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-route53-recovery-cluster  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:12Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-rolesanywhere  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:45:07Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-robomaker  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:55Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-resource-explorer-v2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:51Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-resiliencehub  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:43Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-redshift-serverless  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:39Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-redshift-data  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:31Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-rds-data  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:22Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-rbin  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:18Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ram  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:13Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-quicksight  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:09Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-qldb-session  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:05Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-qldb  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:44:00Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-proton  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:56Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-privatenetworks  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:44Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-pipes  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:40Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-pinpoint-sms-voice-v2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:37Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-pinpoint-sms-voice  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:33Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-pinpoint-email  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:24Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-pi  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:20Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-personalize-runtime  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:16Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-personalize-events  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:11Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-personalize  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:07Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-panorama  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:43:03Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-outposts  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:46Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-opensearchserverless  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:42Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-opensearch  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:38Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-omics  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:34Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-oam  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:30Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-nimble  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:25Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-networkmanager  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:21Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-network-firewall  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:17Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-neptune  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:42:13Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-mwaa  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:41:57Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-migrationhubstrategy  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:41:53Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-migration-hub-refactor-spaces  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:41:48Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-migrationhuborchestrator  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:41:44Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-migrationhub-config  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:41:36Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-mgn  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:41:32Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-memorydb  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:41:28Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-mediatailor  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:41:16Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-mediapackage-vod  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:59Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-mediaconnect  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:42Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-marketplace-catalog  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:34Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-managedblockchain  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:30Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-maciev2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:26Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-macie  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:22Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-m2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:18Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-lookoutvision  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:14Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-lookoutmetrics  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:05Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-lookoutequipment  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:40:01Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-location  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:39:53Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-license-manager-user-subscriptions  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:39:49Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-license-manager-linux-subscriptions  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:39:45Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-license-manager  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:39:40Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-lexv2-models  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:39:24Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-lakeformation  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:39:16Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-kinesis-video-webrtc-storage  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:39:12Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-kinesis-video-signaling  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:51Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-kinesisanalyticsv2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:39Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-keyspaces  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:35Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-kendra  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:31Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-kafkaconnect  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:27Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-kafka  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:23Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ivschat  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:19Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ivs  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:15Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotwireless  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:10Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iottwinmaker  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:06Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotthingsgraph  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:38:02Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotsitewise  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:57Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotsecuretunneling  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:54Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iot-roborunner  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:46Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotfleetwise  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:41Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotfleethub  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:37Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotevents-data  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:33Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotevents  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:29Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iotdeviceadvisor  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:12Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iot1click-projects  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:08Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-iot1click-devices  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:37:04Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-inspector2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:36:52Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-imagebuilder  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:36:49Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-identitystore  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:36:41Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-honeycode  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:36:36Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-healthlake  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:36:24Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-groundstation  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:36:20Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-greengrassv2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:36:12Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-grafana  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:36:03Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-globalaccelerator  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:13:01Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-gamesparks  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:53Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-fsx  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:48Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-frauddetector  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:45Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-forecastquery  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:41Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-forecast  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:33Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-fis  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:29Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-finspace-data  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:24Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-finspace  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:20Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-evidently  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:16Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-emr-serverless  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:12:12Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-emr-containers  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:11:39Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-elastic-inference  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:11:27Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-eks  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:11:14Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ecr-public  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:11:06Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ec2-instance-connect  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:10:57Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-ebs  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:10:37Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-drs  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:10:32Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-docdb-elastic  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:10:27Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-docdb  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:10:19Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-dlm  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:10:06Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-devops-guru  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:58Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-detective  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:54Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-datasync  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:46Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-dataexchange  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:44Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-databrew  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:38Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-customer-profiles  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:21Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-controltower  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:17Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-connectparticipant  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:13Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-connect-contact-lens  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:09Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-connectcases  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:09:05Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-connectcampaigns  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:08:52Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-compute-optimizer  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:08:48Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-comprehendmedical  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:08:31Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-codestar-notifications  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:08:28Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-codestar-connections  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:08:07Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-codeguru-reviewer  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:08:03Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-codeguruprofiler  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:07:47Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-codeartifact  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:52Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-cloudcontrol  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:44Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-chime-sdk-voice  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:40Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-chime-sdk-messaging  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:36Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-chime-sdk-meetings  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:32Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-chime-sdk-media-pipelines  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:29Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-chime-sdk-identity  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:25Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-chime  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:08Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-braket  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:06:04Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-billingconductor  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:56Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-backupstorage  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:52Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-backup-gateway  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:48Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-backup  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:36Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-auditmanager  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:27Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-arc-zonal-shift  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:14Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-apprunner  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:10Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-appmesh  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:06Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-application-insights  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:05:02Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-applicationcostprofiler  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:54Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-appintegrations  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:49Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-appflow  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:45Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-appconfigdata  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:41Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-appconfig  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:36Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-apigatewayv2  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:32Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-apigatewaymanagementapi  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:23Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-amplifyuibuilder  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:19Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-amplifybackend  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:14Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-amplify  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:10Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-amp  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:04:02Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-account  initial upload  
2023-07-27T21:03:58Z  BrendanHay  Add  BrendanHay  Maintainers for amazonka-accessanalyzer  initial upload  
2023-07-27T20:20:09Z  jetaggart  Add  onslaughtq  Maintainers for rollbar    
2023-07-26T03:09:40Z  JonathanLorimer  Add  JonathanLorimer  Maintainers for cfg  initial upload  
2023-07-25T22:56:44Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JonathanLorimer  Package uploaders    
2023-07-25T20:32:12Z  BertramFelgenhauer  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for IOSpec  IOSpec is maintained under the lambdabot org  
2023-07-25T19:08:00Z  wvanonsem90  Add  wvanonsem90  Maintainers for any-pat  initial upload  
2023-07-25T15:37:12Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for network-unexceptional  initial upload  
2023-07-25T15:25:06Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for http-interchange  initial upload  
2023-07-24T05:46:23Z  enginestein  Add  enginestein  Maintainers for sigmacord  initial upload  
2023-07-23T23:26:55Z  GershomBazerman  Add  enginestein  Package uploaders    
2023-07-23T23:25:40Z  GershomBazerman  Add  xQuantx  Package uploaders    
2023-07-19T20:00:59Z  AshleyYakeley  Add  AshleyYakeley  Maintainers for primitive-serial  initial upload  
2023-07-19T19:22:37Z  AdamGundry  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for units-parser  More maintainers are good  
2023-07-17T15:48:33Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  EricMertens  Maintainers for json  To do things  
2023-07-16T11:19:56Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for dotenv-micro  initial upload  
2023-07-16T04:14:30Z  alcinnz  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for Mondrian  initial upload  
2023-07-16T02:06:01Z  fozworth  Add  fozworth  Maintainers for saturn  initial upload  
2023-07-15T04:41:58Z  jack  Add  DavidLlorens  Package uploaders  
2023-07-15T04:36:46Z  jack  Add  JensBlanck  Package uploaders  
2023-07-13T23:22:31Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for http2-tls  initial upload  
2023-07-13T13:46:11Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for systemd-api  initial upload  
2023-07-11T00:52:06Z  JohnMillikin  Delete  JohnMillikin  Maintainers for options  transferring maintainership  
2023-07-11T00:51:56Z  JohnMillikin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for options  transferring maintainership  
2023-07-10T15:08:33Z  GershomBazerman  Add  July541  Package uploaders    
2023-07-10T15:05:09Z  GershomBazerman  Add  MMZK1526  Package uploaders    
2023-07-10T08:45:41Z  RossPaterson  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for monads-tf  per request  
2023-07-09T20:54:47Z  arbelos  Add  arbelos  Maintainers for sqids  initial upload  
2023-07-09T20:12:57Z  phadej  Delete  RyanTrinkle  Maintainers for some  Doesn't read GitHub notifications  
2023-07-08T22:19:56Z  mpilgrem  Add  fpcomplete  Maintainers for aeson-warning-parser  Maintainer of pantry  
2023-07-08T22:19:43Z  mpilgrem  Add  MichaelSnoyman  Maintainers for aeson-warning-parser  Maintainer of pantry  
2023-07-08T22:18:15Z  mpilgrem  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for aeson-warning-parser  initial upload  
2023-07-07T21:11:05Z  mpilgrem  Add  fpcomplete  Maintainers for static-bytes  Maintainer of pantry  
2023-07-07T21:10:51Z  mpilgrem  Add  MichaelSnoyman  Maintainers for static-bytes  Maintainer of pantry  
2023-07-07T21:09:59Z  mpilgrem  Add  fpcomplete  Maintainers for companion  Maintainer of pantry  
2023-07-07T21:09:37Z  mpilgrem  Add  MichaelSnoyman  Maintainers for companion  Maintainer of pantry  
2023-07-07T21:06:25Z  mpilgrem  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for companion  initial upload  
2023-07-07T21:04:48Z  mpilgrem  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for static-bytes  initial upload  
2023-07-07T20:35:41Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for require-callstack  initial upload  
2023-07-07T09:37:20Z  jack  Add  nicuveo  Package uploaders  
2023-07-06T14:43:26Z  chessai  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for streaming  is a maintainer  
2023-07-04T23:52:36Z  jack  Add  alaendle  Package uploaders  New maintainer: co-log  
2023-07-04T00:42:42Z  MatthewMosior  Add  MatthewMosior  Maintainers for yesod-static-streamly  initial upload  
2023-07-03T14:43:18Z  abrar  Add  CaleGibbard  Maintainers for vessel    
2023-07-03T13:52:36Z  BenGamari  Add  July541  Maintainers for array  Per request of Bodigrim  
2023-07-03T05:33:48Z  KristofBastiaensen  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for mfsolve  add collaborator  
2023-06-28T13:27:04Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-overloaded-record-dot-plugin  initial upload  
2023-06-28T01:38:35Z  rickowens  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for json-spec-openapi  initial upload  
2023-06-27T14:36:43Z  rickowens  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for json-spec  initial upload  
2023-06-27T11:53:46Z  Jappie  Add  mangoiv  Maintainers for llvm-party  I need help :)  
2023-06-27T03:07:01Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for llvm-party  initial upload  
2023-06-24T09:58:02Z  qwbarch  Add  qwbarch  Maintainers for optics-operators  initial upload  
2023-06-23T14:05:08Z  serokell  Add  lierdakil  Maintainers for NaCl    
2023-06-23T14:04:52Z  serokell  Add  lierdakil  Maintainers for crypto-sodium    
2023-06-23T12:43:01Z  raehik  Add  raehik  Maintainers for generic-data-functions  initial upload  
2023-06-22T19:26:35Z  GeorgeThomas  Add  GeorgeThomas  Maintainers for spotify  initial upload  
2023-06-22T09:11:16Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for rev-scientific  initial upload  
2023-06-22T03:08:42Z  PeterJones  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for zxcvbn-hs  Add co-maintainer.  
2023-06-21T09:16:59Z  ners  Add  ners  Maintainers for lsp-client  initial upload  
2023-06-21T06:55:06Z  ChrisDone  Add  MichaelSnoyman  Maintainers for weigh    
2023-06-21T06:54:48Z  ChrisDone  Add  psibi  Maintainers for weigh    
2023-06-20T20:47:36Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ners  Package uploaders    
2023-06-20T12:57:57Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for ms-azure-api  initial upload  
2023-06-20T06:45:12Z  vrom911  Add  alaendle  Maintainers for co-log  co-maintainer  
2023-06-20T06:45:00Z  vrom911  Add  alaendle  Maintainers for co-log-polysemy  co-maintainer  
2023-06-20T06:44:45Z  vrom911  Add  alaendle  Maintainers for co-log-core  co-maintainer  
2023-06-19T23:04:54Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for ms-auth  initial upload  
2023-06-19T21:20:41Z  Profpatsch  Add  Profpatsch  Maintainers for pa-run-command  initial upload  
2023-06-19T18:51:56Z  GershomBazerman  Add  rizoid  Package uploaders    
2023-06-19T15:44:31Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for monad-time-effectful  initial upload  
2023-06-19T02:28:00Z  GershomBazerman  Add  DavidMazarro  Package uploaders    
2023-06-19T02:25:17Z  GershomBazerman  Add  michaelweigelt  Package uploaders    
2023-06-18T11:45:39Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for validation-micro  initial upload  
2023-06-17T20:44:22Z  zallocate  Add  amesgen  Maintainers for ghc-hs-meta  Comaintainer  
2023-06-17T17:54:21Z  wvanonsem90  Add  wvanonsem90  Maintainers for belgian-structured-communication  initial upload  
2023-06-17T14:10:38Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for ms-graph-api  initial upload  
2023-06-15T13:48:41Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for halfsplit  initial upload  
2023-06-13T12:24:46Z  SergeyAlirzaev  Add  SergeyAlirzaev  Maintainers for intel-powermon  initial upload  
2023-06-09T09:11:55Z  jack  Add  mrum  Package uploaders  
2023-06-09T09:09:35Z  jack  Add  simeon  Package uploaders  
2023-06-08T18:51:06Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for looksee  initial upload  
2023-06-08T18:17:48Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for daytripper  initial upload  
2023-06-07T02:17:13Z  HaeckGabriel  Add  HaeckGabriel  Maintainers for gev-lib  initial upload  
2023-06-07T00:20:03Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for typst  initial upload  
2023-06-06T17:00:22Z  Profpatsch  Add  Profpatsch  Maintainers for pa-pretty  initial upload  
2023-06-06T05:36:29Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for crypton-connection  initial upload  
2023-06-06T04:29:44Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for crypton-x509-system  initial upload  
2023-06-06T04:29:24Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for crypton-x509-validation  initial upload  
2023-06-06T04:29:08Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for crypton-x509-store  initial upload  
2023-06-06T04:22:57Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for crypton-x509  initial upload  
2023-06-06T02:31:39Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for crypton  initial upload  
2023-06-05T20:37:26Z  brendanrbrown  Delete  bradleysaul  Maintainers for interval-algebra  no longer employed at maintaining institution  
2023-06-05T20:36:02Z  brendanrbrown  Delete  brendanrbrown  Maintainers for project-forge  deprecated package  
2023-06-05T20:35:34Z  brendanrbrown  Delete  brendanrbrown  Maintainers for hasklepias  deprecated package  
2023-06-05T12:03:54Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  JoelMcCracken  Maintainers for network-transport-tests    
2023-06-05T12:03:36Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  JoelMcCracken  Maintainers for network-transport-tcp    
2023-06-05T12:03:12Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  JoelMcCracken  Maintainers for network-transport    
2023-06-05T12:02:08Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  JoelMcCracken  Maintainers for distributed-process    
2023-06-05T12:01:34Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  JoelMcCracken  Maintainers for distributed-static    
2023-06-05T12:00:18Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  JoelMcCracken  Maintainers for rank1dynamic    
2023-06-04T16:35:30Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for typst-symbols  initial upload  
2023-06-03T04:34:33Z  MasahiroSakai  Add  MasahiroSakai  Maintainers for numeric-optimization-backprop  initial upload  
2023-06-03T04:33:40Z  MasahiroSakai  Add  MasahiroSakai  Maintainers for numeric-optimization-ad  initial upload  
2023-06-03T04:32:31Z  MasahiroSakai  Add  MasahiroSakai  Maintainers for numeric-optimization  initial upload  
2023-06-01T18:55:29Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for aws-secrets  initial upload  
2023-05-31T17:28:26Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for unlifted  initial upload  
2023-05-31T16:02:02Z  memowe  Add  memowe  Maintainers for circular-enum  initial upload  
2023-05-30T22:25:20Z  jack  Add  FPtje  Package uploaders  
2023-05-30T17:30:08Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for md5  initial upload  
2023-05-30T12:13:18Z  liuyuxi  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for smt2-parser  As part of allowing the Haskell Github Trust to maintain this package.  
2023-05-29T11:53:18Z  berberman  Add  felixonmars  Maintainers for arch-web    
2023-05-29T11:08:23Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  davidsd  Maintainers for network-transport-tests  Adding new maintainer  
2023-05-29T11:07:49Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  davidsd  Maintainers for network-transport-tcp  Adding new maintainer  
2023-05-29T11:07:28Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  davidsd  Maintainers for network-transport  Adding new maintainer  
2023-05-29T11:06:56Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  davidsd  Maintainers for distributed-process-async  Adding new maintainer  
2023-05-29T11:06:33Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  davidsd  Maintainers for distributed-static  Adding new maintainer  
2023-05-29T11:05:49Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  davidsd  Maintainers for rank1dynamic  Adding new maintainer  
2023-05-27T20:21:33Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for colour-text  initial upload  
2023-05-27T19:16:03Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  davidsd  Maintainers for distributed-process  Adding new maintainer  
2023-05-26T18:07:19Z  TrevorElliott  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for llvm-pretty-bc-parser  Adding an additional maintainer from Galois  
2023-05-26T18:06:49Z  TrevorElliott  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for llvm-pretty  Adding an additional maintainer from Galois  
2023-05-25T16:32:16Z  LiyangHu  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for enummapset-th  transfer maintainership  
2023-05-25T16:25:44Z  LiyangHu  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for assert  transfer maintainership  
2023-05-25T16:22:54Z  LiyangHu  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for true-name  transfer maintainership  
2023-05-25T16:22:36Z  LiyangHu  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for vector-th-unbox  transfer maintainership  
2023-05-25T16:21:55Z  LiyangHu  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for spoon  transfer maintainership  
2023-05-25T16:21:35Z  LiyangHu  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for thyme  transfer maintainership  
2023-05-25T11:41:27Z  albertprz  Add  albertprz  Maintainers for polyglot  initial upload  
2023-05-23T14:47:27Z  deemp  Add  deemp  Maintainers for servant-queryparam-openapi3  initial upload  
2023-05-23T14:22:21Z  Profpatsch  Add  Profpatsch  Maintainers for pa-json  initial upload  
2023-05-23T14:11:02Z  deemp  Add  deemp  Maintainers for servant-queryparam-server  initial upload  
2023-05-23T14:10:08Z  deemp  Add  deemp  Maintainers for servant-queryparam-core  initial upload  
2023-05-23T14:08:58Z  deemp  Add  deemp  Maintainers for servant-queryparam-client  initial upload  
2023-05-22T16:44:31Z  GershomBazerman  Add  minimaple  Package uploaders    
2023-05-22T15:08:54Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  connorbaker  Maintainers for inline-r  Adding new maintainer  
2023-05-20T23:50:16Z  pdlla  Add  minimaple  Maintainers for tinytools-vty  new account name for pdlla  
2023-05-20T23:50:04Z  pdlla  Add  minimaple  Maintainers for tinytools  new account name for pdlla  
2023-05-20T22:30:08Z  ThomasDuBuisson  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for friday-juicypixels  Package transferred to the trust  
2023-05-20T22:29:12Z  ThomasDuBuisson  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for vector-strategies  Package transferred to the trust  
2023-05-20T22:28:51Z  ThomasDuBuisson  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for crypto-api  Package transferred to the trust  
2023-05-20T22:28:37Z  ThomasDuBuisson  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for random-string  Package transferred to the trust  
2023-05-20T22:28:07Z  ThomasDuBuisson  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for fgl-visualize  Package transferred to the trust  
2023-05-20T22:27:35Z  ThomasDuBuisson  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for pureMD5  Package transferred to the trust  
2023-05-20T13:56:16Z  JamesBrock  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for replace-attoparsec  
2023-05-20T10:46:16Z  FrancescoMazzoli  Add  FrancescoMazzoli  Maintainers for inline-c-objc  initial upload  
2023-05-19T17:33:04Z  Profpatsch  Add  Profpatsch  Maintainers for pa-field-parser  initial upload  
2023-05-19T14:43:19Z  Profpatsch  Add  Profpatsch  Maintainers for pa-error-tree  initial upload  
2023-05-19T12:44:01Z  Profpatsch  Add  Profpatsch  Maintainers for pa-prelude  initial upload  
2023-05-19T11:08:59Z  Profpatsch  Add  Profpatsch  Maintainers for pa-label  initial upload  
2023-05-19T00:59:17Z  GershomBazerman  Add  wenkokke  Package uploaders    
2023-05-19T00:57:33Z  GershomBazerman  Add  memowe  Package uploaders    
2023-05-19T00:55:14Z  GershomBazerman  Add  overshiki  Package uploaders    
2023-05-18T16:32:32Z  abrar  Add  abrar  Maintainers for logging-effect-syslog  initial upload  
2023-05-18T16:31:36Z  abrar  Add  abrar  Maintainers for logging-effect-colors  initial upload  
2023-05-15T00:48:53Z  GershomBazerman  Add  davidsd  Package uploaders    
2023-05-15T00:48:09Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JoelMcCracken  Package uploaders    
2023-05-15T00:45:27Z  GershomBazerman  Add  dressel  Package uploaders    
2023-05-15T00:43:54Z  GershomBazerman  Add  endi  Package uploaders    
2023-05-15T00:42:16Z  GershomBazerman  Add  HaeckGabriel  Package uploaders    
2023-05-13T10:40:23Z  AlexeyTochin  Add  AlexeyTochin  Maintainers for inf-backprop  initial upload  
2023-05-13T10:40:05Z  AlexeyTochin  Add  AlexeyTochin  Maintainers for simple-expr  initial upload  
2023-05-12T19:10:04Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AlexeyTochin  Package uploaders    
2023-05-12T18:30:54Z  GershomBazerman  Add  hamzam3  Package uploaders    
2023-05-12T18:16:05Z  MichaelSzvetits  Add  MichaelSzvetits  Maintainers for resource-effectful  initial upload  
2023-05-12T17:57:15Z  GershomBazerman  Add  djsamperi  Package uploaders    
2023-05-12T17:53:59Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ChristianEitner  Package uploaders    
2023-05-12T16:29:50Z  MichaelSzvetits  Add  MichaelSzvetits  Maintainers for apecs-effectful  initial upload  
2023-05-12T12:04:20Z  JeanPhilippeBernardy  Add  marcellus  Maintainers for hgal  taking over maintainership for updating to new GHC versions   
2023-05-12T09:52:49Z  laquendi  Add  hamzam3  Maintainers for FTGL  requested access on github  
2023-05-11T21:27:04Z  adrian  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for ulid    
2023-05-11T20:39:33Z  MichaelSzvetits  Add  MichaelSzvetits  Maintainers for chessica  initial upload  
2023-05-10T14:27:10Z  raehik  Add  raehik  Maintainers for refined1  initial upload  
2023-05-10T00:55:29Z  JamesBrock  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for replace-megaparsec  
2023-05-10T00:54:23Z  JamesBrock  Delete  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for replace-megaparsec    
2023-05-09T13:43:46Z  DominicSteinitz  Add  turion  Maintainers for monad-bayes  Co-maintainer  
2023-05-09T13:43:31Z  DominicSteinitz  Delete  turion  Maintainers for monad-bayes    
2023-05-09T13:43:14Z  DominicSteinitz  Add  turion  Maintainers for monad-bayes  Co-maintainer  
2023-05-09T02:57:36Z  leapyear  Delete  leapyear  Maintainers for graphql-client  old company  
2023-05-09T02:57:32Z  leapyear  Add  brandonchinn178  Maintainers for graphql-client  transfer to personal  
2023-05-09T02:57:24Z  leapyear  Delete  leapyear  Maintainers for aeson-schemas  old company  
2023-05-09T02:57:19Z  leapyear  Add  brandonchinn178  Maintainers for aeson-schemas  transfer to personal  
2023-05-09T02:57:06Z  leapyear  Delete  leapyear  Maintainers for hpc-lcov  old company  
2023-05-09T02:57:00Z  leapyear  Add  brandonchinn178  Maintainers for hpc-lcov  transfer to personal  
2023-05-09T02:56:47Z  leapyear  Delete  leapyear  Maintainers for github-rest  old company  
2023-05-09T02:56:41Z  leapyear  Add  brandonchinn178  Maintainers for github-rest  transfer to personal  
2023-05-09T02:55:53Z  leapyear  Delete  leapyear  Maintainers for th-test-utils  old company  
2023-05-09T02:55:42Z  leapyear  Add  brandonchinn178  Maintainers for th-test-utils  transfer to personal  
2023-05-08T13:28:23Z  JamesBrock  Add  haskell_github_trust  Maintainers for replace-megaparsec  
2023-05-08T07:23:36Z  jack  Add  HughDavidson  Maintainers for timeline    
2023-05-07T17:51:36Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for fedora-repoquery  initial upload  
2023-05-05T18:32:06Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-propagator-b3  initial upload  
2023-05-05T18:14:20Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-vendor-honeycomb  initial upload  
2023-05-04T21:04:30Z  DanielDiaz  Add  DanielDiaz  Maintainers for journalctl-stream  initial upload  
2023-04-29T10:56:54Z  SergeyVinokurov  Add  SergeyVinokurov  Maintainers for directory-ospath-streaming  initial upload  
2023-04-27T17:03:37Z  aloussase  Add  aloussase  Maintainers for wai-problem-details  initial upload  
2023-04-27T11:04:58Z  jack  Add  SebTee  Package uploaders  
2023-04-27T11:01:02Z  jack  Add  lsund  Package uploaders  
2023-04-27T11:00:51Z  jack  Add  aloussase  Package uploaders, -   
2023-04-25T14:27:28Z  stackbuilders  Add  DavidMazarro  Maintainers for scalendar    
2023-04-25T09:03:59Z  MatveyAksenov  Add  MatveyAksenov  Maintainers for ldap-client-og  initial upload  
2023-04-23T16:18:20Z  DanielDiaz  Add  DanielDiaz  Maintainers for hetzner  initial upload  
2023-04-22T15:10:24Z  garethdanielsmith  Add  garethdanielsmith  Maintainers for desktop-portal  initial upload  
2023-04-20T12:19:24Z  jack  Add  DiegoDiv  Package uploaders  New maintainer: icepeak  
2023-04-20T00:46:37Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  suzzr0  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2023-04-19T18:05:55Z  NickolayKudasov  Add  NickolayKudasov  Maintainers for rzk  initial upload  
2023-04-19T09:07:14Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for fractionizer  initial upload  
2023-04-18T18:49:22Z  coot  Add  coot  Maintainers for si-timers  initial upload  
2023-04-18T18:48:03Z  coot  Add  coot  Maintainers for strict-mvar  initial upload  
2023-04-18T18:47:58Z  coot  Add  coot  Maintainers for strict-stm  initial upload  
2023-04-18T18:47:49Z  coot  Add  coot  Maintainers for io-classes-mtl  initial upload  
2023-04-18T18:47:43Z  coot  Add  coot  Maintainers for io-sim  initial upload  
2023-04-18T18:47:37Z  coot  Add  coot  Maintainers for io-classes  initial upload  
2023-04-18T07:42:39Z  jonascarpay  Add  jonascarpay  Maintainers for safe-gen  initial upload  
2023-04-17T19:02:46Z  brendanrbrown  Add  brendanrbrown  Maintainers for random-cycle  initial upload  
2023-04-17T11:51:21Z  JohnEricson  Add  abrar  Maintainers for commutative-semigroups  Has repo perms  
2023-04-17T11:50:43Z  JohnEricson  Add  RyanTrinkle  Maintainers for commutative-semigroups  Has repo perms  
2023-04-17T10:06:35Z  JeroenBransen  Add  swamp_agr  Maintainers for servant-pagination    
2023-04-16T13:44:06Z  rkrzr  Add  DiegoDiv  Maintainers for icepeak  New maintainer  
2023-04-15T22:06:44Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for xml-conduit-microlens  initial upload  
2023-04-15T17:37:07Z  SergeyVinokurov  Add  SergeyVinokurov  Maintainers for vector-quicksort  initial upload  
2023-04-14T23:04:34Z  KristofBastiaensen  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for cubicbezier  help with releases  
2023-04-14T19:58:18Z  janus  Add  velveteer  Maintainers for aeson-diff  janus is ceasing to work on the proprietary project that uses aeson-diff, so adding velveteer which continues to work on this proprietary project  
2023-04-14T19:57:28Z  janus  Add  velveteer  Maintainers for cmark-gfm  janus is ceasing to work on the proprietary library that uses cmark-gfm, so adding velveteer which continues to work on this proprietary library  
2023-04-14T11:05:34Z  mpickering  Add  BenGamari  Maintainers for eventlog-socket  Maintainer  
2023-04-13T05:52:30Z  TheWizardTower  Add  TheWizardTower  Maintainers for servant-combinators  initial upload  
2023-04-12T13:53:34Z  MatthewMosior  Add  DavidFox  Maintainers for text-compression  New contributor/maintainer.  
2023-04-12T10:10:18Z  amano_kenji  Add  amano_kenji  Maintainers for brick-list-skip  initial upload  
2023-04-12T08:16:24Z  jack  Add  bagnalla  Package uploaders  
2023-04-12T08:15:05Z  jack  Add  AravindGopal  Package uploaders  New maintainer: hedis  
2023-04-12T08:11:11Z  ankane  Add  ankane  Maintainers for pgvector  initial upload  
2023-04-12T07:47:14Z  jack  Add  ankane  Package uploaders  
2023-04-12T04:15:37Z  alcinnz  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for cattrap  initial upload  
2023-04-11T20:13:38Z  RubenAstudillo  Add  RubenAstudillo  Maintainers for data-forced  initial upload  
2023-04-10T23:44:51Z  haskellworks  Add  haskellworks  Maintainers for oops-examples  initial upload  
2023-04-10T13:09:58Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for version-natural-dhall-instance  initial upload  
2023-04-09T11:19:00Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for version-natural  initial upload  
2023-04-08T08:29:13Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for flag-dhall-instance  initial upload  
2023-04-08T07:47:11Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for flag  initial upload  
2023-04-07T21:42:50Z  AdityaManthramurthy  Add  AdityaManthramurthy  Maintainers for wai-token-bucket-ratelimiter  initial upload  
2023-04-07T11:23:58Z  serokell  Add  gromak  Maintainers for with-utf8  CTO of Serokell  
2023-04-07T10:07:55Z  jcockx  Add  jcockx  Maintainers for agda2hs  initial upload  
2023-04-07T02:04:45Z  jack  Add  lvreis  Package uploaders  
2023-04-07T02:02:30Z  jack  Add  TheWizardTower  Package uploaders  
2023-04-07T01:56:36Z  jack  Add  4TT1L4  Package uploaders  
2023-04-06T17:47:34Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for filelock  takeover req  
2023-04-06T14:13:52Z  jbrechtel  Add  AravindGopal  Maintainers for hedis  New maintainer  
2023-04-06T03:57:54Z  tonyday567  Add  tonyday567  Maintainers for prettychart  initial upload  
2023-04-05T21:42:46Z  SpencerJanssen  Delete  SpencerJanssen  Maintainers for threadscope  I'm no longer involved with threadscope  
2023-04-05T08:06:01Z  fgaz  Add  fgaz  Maintainers for proquint  initial upload  
2023-04-05T00:32:03Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for hix  initial upload  
2023-04-03T12:40:20Z  JohnEricson  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for alex  Andreas is already a (great!) maintainer of the code itself  
2023-04-03T01:20:45Z  MarioBlazevic  Add  MarioBlazevic  Maintainers for canadian-income-tax  initial upload  
2023-04-03T01:20:13Z  MarioBlazevic  Add  MarioBlazevic  Maintainers for forms-data-format  initial upload  
2023-04-02T21:18:38Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-webkitwebprocessextension  initial upload  
2023-04-02T10:12:18Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for simple-prompt  initial upload  
2023-04-01T14:52:47Z  jonascarpay  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for apecs    
2023-03-30T22:47:34Z  thomasjm  Add  thomasjm  Maintainers for myers-diff  initial upload  
2023-03-30T10:57:50Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  coot  Maintainers for nothunks    
2023-03-29T10:16:44Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  nideco  Maintainers for warp  
2023-03-29T10:16:43Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  nideco  Maintainers for wai-extra  
2023-03-29T10:16:33Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  nideco  Maintainers for wai  
2023-03-28T14:25:07Z  lyokha  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for resolv    
2023-03-27T05:23:46Z  harendra  Add  olf  Maintainers for xls    
2023-03-27T03:48:12Z  pdlla  Add  pdlla  Maintainers for tinytools  initial upload  
2023-03-27T03:41:52Z  pdlla  Add  minimaple  Maintainers for reflex-test-host  alt account  
2023-03-27T03:41:26Z  pdlla  Add  minimaple  Maintainers for reflex-potatoes  alt account  
2023-03-27T03:05:42Z  pdlla  Add  pdlla  Maintainers for reflex-potatoes  initial upload  
2023-03-25T19:50:55Z  GershomBazerman  Add  mmhat  Package uploaders    
2023-03-25T19:46:05Z  GershomBazerman  Add  kvicente  Package uploaders    
2023-03-25T19:44:41Z  GershomBazerman  Add  avh4  Package uploaders    
2023-03-22T23:38:00Z  dpeteler  Add  mmhat  Maintainers for pesca    
2023-03-22T19:56:35Z  GershomBazerman  Add  BrechtSerckx  Package uploaders    
2023-03-22T16:06:25Z  RomanCheplyaka  Add  414owen  Maintainers for tasty-html    
2023-03-22T14:14:06Z  RenzoCarbonara  Add  RenzoCarbonara  Maintainers for i  initial upload  
2023-03-22T13:45:28Z  mniip  Add  iko  Maintainers for libphonenumber    
2023-03-22T05:07:14Z  lierdakil  Add  gromak  Maintainers for hsblst    
2023-03-21T01:51:36Z  SimonHengel  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for hpack    
2023-03-20T20:39:42Z  mpilgrem  Add  RomanCheplyaka  Maintainers for ansi-terminal-types    
2023-03-20T20:39:18Z  mpilgrem  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for ansi-terminal-types    
2023-03-20T16:09:14Z  lierdakil  Add  dcastro  Maintainers for hsblst    
2023-03-20T16:08:20Z  lierdakil  Add  serokell  Maintainers for hsblst    
2023-03-18T18:37:41Z  BenGamari  Add  BrechtSerckx  Maintainers for language-openscad  
2023-03-17T18:48:59Z  RenzoCarbonara  Add  RenzoCarbonara  Maintainers for kind-rational  initial upload  
2023-03-17T01:30:53Z  Bellroy  Add  LukeWorth  Maintainers for wai-handler-hal  To upload  
2023-03-17T01:14:58Z  kokobd  Add  jack  Maintainers for timeline  Jack is a core member of Bellroy  
2023-03-17T01:14:29Z  kokobd  Add  Bellroy  Maintainers for timeline  Bellroy is the company maintaining this package  
2023-03-16T21:37:40Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for hslua-repl  initial upload  
2023-03-16T03:45:33Z  frasertweedale  Add  frasertweedale  Maintainers for tax-ato  initial upload  
2023-03-15T16:27:50Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ErinvanderVeen  Package uploaders    
2023-03-15T16:26:15Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ranjeetra  Package uploaders    
2023-03-15T12:54:13Z  Jappie  Add  isaac_supercede  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oidc  colleague wanting to release a new version  
2023-03-15T10:14:35Z  harendra  Add  ranjeetra  Maintainers for fusion-plugin    
2023-03-14T14:43:03Z  infinisil  Add  ErinvanderVeen  Maintainers for webauthn  Maintainer  
2023-03-14T13:59:22Z  GershomBazerman  Add  lyokha  Maintainers for resolv  
2023-03-14T13:55:20Z  GershomBazerman  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for css-syntax  
2023-03-14T09:11:52Z  RenzoCarbonara  Add  RenzoCarbonara  Maintainers for kind-integer  initial upload  
2023-03-13T22:43:55Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phladiprelio-rhythmicity-shared  initial upload  
2023-03-13T17:10:07Z  harendra  Add  ranjeetra  Maintainers for streamly-examples    
2023-03-13T16:09:47Z  GershomBazerman  Add  hgrano  Package uploaders    
2023-03-13T14:59:40Z  sheaf  Add  wz1000  Maintainers for semaphore-compat  GHC maintainer for submodule  
2023-03-13T14:59:29Z  sheaf  Add  mpickering  Maintainers for semaphore-compat  GHC maintainer for submodule  
2023-03-13T14:59:17Z  sheaf  Add  BenGamari  Maintainers for semaphore-compat  GHC maintainer for submodule  
2023-03-13T13:25:09Z  adithyaov  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for streamly-core  initial upload  
2023-03-13T12:06:27Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for hslua-typing  initial upload  
2023-03-13T08:27:51Z  MikolajKonarski  Add  hecate  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  kindly volunteered to manage the next release(s)  
2023-03-13T08:27:22Z  MikolajKonarski  Add  hecate  Maintainers for Cabal  kindly volunteered to manage the next release(s)  
2023-03-13T08:26:42Z  MikolajKonarski  Add  hecate  Maintainers for cabal-install  kindly volunteered to manage the next release(s)  
2023-03-13T08:26:02Z  MikolajKonarski  Add  hecate  Maintainers for cabal-install-solver  kindly volunteered to manage the next release(s)  
2023-03-13T08:06:03Z  alcinnz  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for balkon  initial upload  
2023-03-12T19:51:12Z  GeorgeThomas  Add  GeorgeThomas  Maintainers for window-utils  initial upload  
2023-03-12T01:22:31Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phladiprelio-general-simple  initial upload  
2023-03-12T00:45:37Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phladiprelio-ukrainian-simple  initial upload  
2023-03-12T00:06:56Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phladiprelio-ukrainian-shared  initial upload  
2023-03-11T21:38:11Z  GershomBazerman  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for unix-compat  
2023-03-10T19:20:33Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phladiprelio-general-shared  initial upload  
2023-03-10T17:26:03Z  GershomBazerman  Add  marcosh  Package uploaders    
2023-03-10T07:28:51Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for kill-bool  initial upload  
2023-03-09T12:41:26Z  tapuu  Delete  tapuu  Maintainers for backtracking-exceptions    
2023-03-07T13:35:01Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for proof-combinators    
2023-03-07T13:34:48Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-vector    
2023-03-07T13:34:37Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-prelude    
2023-03-07T13:34:28Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-platform    
2023-03-07T13:34:09Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-parallel    
2023-03-07T13:33:59Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-ghc-prim    
2023-03-07T13:33:39Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-containers    
2023-03-07T13:33:24Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-bytestring    
2023-03-07T13:32:16Z  nikivazou  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-base    
2023-03-06T18:40:49Z  GershomBazerman  Add  tom_westerhout  Package uploaders    
2023-03-06T12:37:55Z  i_am_tom  Add  jonathanlking  Maintainers for higgledy  I'm a bad open source maintainer, and Jonathan is a significantly better one  
2023-03-06T10:29:26Z  SimonHengel  Add  SimonHengel  Maintainers for hspec-api  initial upload  
2023-03-05T18:47:02Z  RenzoCarbonara  Add  RenzoCarbonara  Maintainers for monocypher  initial upload  
2023-03-04T17:56:05Z  RenzoCarbonara  Add  RenzoCarbonara  Maintainers for memzero  initial upload  
2023-03-04T16:31:16Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for poolboy  initial upload  
2023-03-03T11:19:09Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for polysemy-hasql-test  initial upload  
2023-03-03T11:19:07Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for polysemy-hasql  initial upload  
2023-03-03T11:19:06Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for polysemy-db  initial upload  
2023-03-03T10:40:10Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for sqel  initial upload  
2023-03-02T12:32:11Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for polysemy-account-api  initial upload  
2023-03-02T12:32:10Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for polysemy-account  initial upload  
2023-03-01T22:11:23Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for zeugma  initial upload  
2023-03-01T16:37:54Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-awsxray  initial upload  
2023-03-01T07:58:37Z  javran  Add  javran  Maintainers for sorting-network  initial upload  
2023-03-01T03:34:57Z  adetokunbo  Add  adetokunbo  Maintainers for attoparsec-framer  initial upload  
2023-02-27T20:43:04Z  GershomBazerman  Add  izuzu_izuzu  Package uploaders    
2023-02-27T13:32:16Z  DougBeardsley  Add  cydparser  Maintainers for io-streams-haproxy  New maintainer  
2023-02-27T13:31:55Z  DougBeardsley  Add  cydparser  Maintainers for io-streams  New maintainer  
2023-02-27T12:23:07Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for rhythmic-sequences  initial upload  
2023-02-27T06:21:17Z  jack  Add  LukeWorth  Package uploaders  New maintainer for:  
2023-02-27T06:05:05Z  Bellroy  Add  LukeWorth  Maintainers for cached-io  To upload new versions  
2023-02-27T04:09:14Z  glasserc  Add  Bellroy  Maintainers for cached-io  taking over maintainership  
2023-02-26T17:17:00Z  AlexanderVershilov  Add  AlexanderVershilov  Maintainers for k8s-wrapper  initial upload  
2023-02-26T00:44:20Z  MilesLitteral  Add  MilesLitteral  Maintainers for megastore  initial upload  
2023-02-25T23:11:37Z  GershomBazerman  Add  eldritch_cookie  Package uploaders    
2023-02-25T14:48:50Z  RomanCheplyaka  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for yaml-combinators    
2023-02-25T11:58:09Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for genvalidity-dirforest  initial upload  
2023-02-25T11:57:48Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for dirforest  initial upload  
2023-02-24T17:46:57Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for horizon-spec-pretty  initial upload  
2023-02-24T17:13:48Z  qaristote  Delete  qaristote  Maintainers for smtlib-backends-z3    
2023-02-24T17:13:32Z  qaristote  Delete  qaristote  Maintainers for smtlib-backends-process    
2023-02-24T17:13:04Z  qaristote  Delete  qaristote  Maintainers for smtlib-backends    
2023-02-24T14:32:22Z  DavidHimmelstrup  Add  izuzu_izuzu  Maintainers for reanimate-svg  new maintainer  
2023-02-24T14:23:45Z  DavidHimmelstrup  Add  izuzu_izuzu  Maintainers for reanimate  Assistant maintainer  
2023-02-24T13:08:23Z  ryanglscott  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for foldable1-classes-compat  initial upload  
2023-02-24T09:17:36Z  btq_ag  Add  btq_ag  Maintainers for keelung  initial upload  
2023-02-24T05:22:40Z  GershomBazerman  Add  MilesLitteral  Package uploaders    
2023-02-23T21:42:56Z  edemko  Add  edemko  Maintainers for newline  initial upload  
2023-02-23T14:08:35Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for horizon-spec-lens  initial upload  
2023-02-22T20:18:34Z  autonomousorganization  Add  autonomousorganization  Maintainers for clplug  initial upload  
2023-02-22T11:09:04Z  AndresLoeh  Add  EdskoDeVries  Maintainers for lens-sop  co-author of package  
2023-02-22T05:43:10Z  GershomBazerman  Add  lazyLambda  Package uploaders    
2023-02-22T05:41:37Z  GershomBazerman  Add  autonomousorganization  Package uploaders    
2023-02-22T02:32:15Z  launchdarkly  Add  launchdarkly  Maintainers for launchdarkly-server-sdk-redis-hedis  initial upload  
2023-02-21T20:49:55Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for bytebuild    
2023-02-21T20:48:49Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for tuples    
2023-02-21T19:20:37Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for run-st    
2023-02-21T19:20:18Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for primitive-unlifted    
2023-02-21T19:20:01Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for primitive-addr    
2023-02-21T19:19:42Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for primitive-unaligned    
2023-02-21T19:19:20Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for bytesmith    
2023-02-21T19:18:29Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for byteslice    
2023-02-21T19:17:56Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for bytehash    
2023-02-21T19:17:34Z  andrewthad  Add  chessai  Maintainers for byte-order    
2023-02-20T03:45:19Z  amano_kenji  Add  amano_kenji  Maintainers for brick-list-search  initial upload  
2023-02-17T13:42:05Z  turion  Add  turion  Maintainers for rhine-bayes  initial upload  
2023-02-16T19:03:44Z  GershomBazerman  Add  btq_ag  Package uploaders    
2023-02-16T19:02:17Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jcockx  Package uploaders    
2023-02-16T10:52:42Z  qaristote  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for smtlib-backends-z3    
2023-02-16T10:52:25Z  qaristote  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for smtlib-backends-tests    
2023-02-16T10:52:12Z  qaristote  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for smtlib-backends-process    
2023-02-16T10:50:44Z  qaristote  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for smtlib-backends    
2023-02-13T13:33:27Z  onemouth  Add  abhiroop  Maintainers for Paillier  new maintainer  
2023-02-13T13:24:50Z  AndreasAbel  Add  abhiroop  Package uploaders  New maintainer for HsPaillier  
2023-02-13T13:08:15Z  AndreasAbel  Delete  abhiroop  Maintainers for shelly    
2023-02-13T13:04:45Z  AndreasAbel  Add  abhiroop  Maintainers for shelly  Test  
2023-02-12T16:38:37Z  swamp_agr  Add  swamp_agr  Maintainers for telegram-bot-api  initial upload  
2023-02-11T01:55:59Z  berberman  Add  felixonmars  Maintainers for arch-hs    
2023-02-10T11:46:43Z  LennartAugustsson  Add  HerbertValerioRiedel  Maintainers for Crypto  We need an active maintainer.  
2023-02-09T12:29:07Z  jack  Add  amano_kenji  Package uploaders  
2023-02-09T11:47:35Z  thma  Add  thma  Maintainers for generic-persistence  initial upload  
2023-02-08T07:20:30Z  AndreasAbel  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for ini  Comaintainer  
2023-02-07T08:17:11Z  k_bx  Add  iko  Maintainers for servant-elm    
2023-02-05T19:52:17Z  int_index  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for happy    
2023-02-05T14:15:31Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for validation-selective    
2023-02-05T14:15:02Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for unlift    
2023-02-05T14:14:55Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for typerep-map    
2023-02-05T14:14:47Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for type-errors-pretty    
2023-02-05T14:14:40Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for trial    
2023-02-05T14:14:35Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for trial-tomland    
2023-02-05T14:14:29Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for trial-optparse-applicative    
2023-02-05T14:14:24Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for treap    
2023-02-05T14:14:19Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for tomland    
2023-02-05T14:14:15Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for summoner    
2023-02-05T14:14:11Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for summoner-tui    
2023-02-05T14:14:05Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for stan    
2023-02-05T14:13:58Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for smuggler    
2023-02-05T14:13:54Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for shortcut-links    
2023-02-05T14:13:50Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for shellmet    
2023-02-05T14:13:45Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for servant-hmac-auth    
2023-02-05T14:13:39Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for relude    
2023-02-05T14:13:25Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for prolens    
2023-02-05T14:13:20Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for postgresql-simple-named    
2023-02-05T14:13:15Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for policeman    
2023-02-05T14:13:09Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for o-clock    
2023-02-05T14:13:03Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for membrain    
2023-02-05T14:12:58Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for life-sync    
2023-02-05T14:12:51Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for ilist    
2023-02-05T14:12:44Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for hit-on    
2023-02-05T14:12:36Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for hash-store    
2023-02-05T14:12:30Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for hakyll-shortcut-links    
2023-02-05T14:12:24Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for first-class-patterns    
2023-02-05T14:12:15Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for fcm-client    
2023-02-05T14:12:06Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for extensions    
2023-02-05T14:11:56Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for elm-street    
2023-02-05T14:10:46Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for eio    
2023-02-05T14:10:30Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for colourista    
2023-02-05T14:10:17Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for co-log    
2023-02-05T14:10:10Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for co-log-polysemy    
2023-02-05T14:09:58Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for co-log-core    
2023-02-05T14:09:43Z  shersh  Delete  shersh  Maintainers for autopack    
2023-02-04T07:45:52Z  AndrewCowie  Add  AndrewCowie  Maintainers for core-effect-effectful  initial upload  
2023-02-03T23:51:30Z  siruilu  Add  siruilu  Maintainers for grisette-monad-coroutine  initial upload  
2023-02-03T11:30:35Z  jack  Delete  MilesLitteral  Package uploaders  Serious defects in proposed package  
2023-02-03T11:09:44Z  jack  Add  MilesLitteral  Package uploaders  
2023-02-03T11:08:36Z  jack  Add  RMourey26  Package uploaders  
2023-02-03T09:43:02Z  niki  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquid-fixpoint    
2023-02-03T09:42:38Z  niki  Add  FacundoDominguez  Maintainers for liquidhaskell    
2023-02-03T01:06:03Z  IvanPerez  Delete  LeePike  Maintainers for copilot-core    
2023-02-02T07:56:18Z  tommyengstrom  Add  tommyengstrom  Maintainers for domaindriven  initial upload  
2023-02-02T07:56:08Z  tommyengstrom  Add  tommyengstrom  Maintainers for domaindriven-core  initial upload  
2023-02-01T20:16:41Z  jgalt  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for blake2  
2023-02-01T20:09:09Z  SchellScivally  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for typograffiti  new maintainer  
2023-02-01T01:05:04Z  NicolasTrangez  Add  NicolasTrangez  Maintainers for lawful-classes-quickcheck  initial upload  
2023-02-01T01:04:41Z  NicolasTrangez  Add  NicolasTrangez  Maintainers for lawful-classes-hedgehog  initial upload  
2023-02-01T01:04:11Z  NicolasTrangez  Add  NicolasTrangez  Maintainers for lawful-classes-types  initial upload  
2023-01-31T16:11:17Z  swamp_agr  Add  ArtemPelenitsyn  Maintainers for vector-hashtables  New co-mantainer  
2023-01-31T13:39:29Z  deemp  Add  deemp  Maintainers for lima  initial upload  
2023-01-30T12:58:21Z  IvanMiljenovic  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for streaming-cassava  New maintainer  
2023-01-30T12:58:04Z  IvanMiljenovic  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for streaming-with  New maintainer  
2023-01-30T12:57:39Z  IvanMiljenovic  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for streaming-concurrency  New maintainer  
2023-01-30T12:56:29Z  IvanMiljenovic  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for streaming-conduit  New maintainer  
2023-01-29T20:47:10Z  ryanglscott  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for bifunctor-classes-compat  initial upload  
2023-01-29T16:29:20Z  phadej  Delete  phadej  Maintainers for resolv  Remove myself  
2023-01-28T20:38:20Z  plredmond  Add  plredmond  Maintainers for servant-serialization  initial upload  
2023-01-28T00:49:33Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for hash-addressed-cli    
2023-01-28T00:49:26Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for hash-addressed    
2023-01-26T22:33:22Z  jack  Add  deemp  Package uploaders  
2023-01-26T00:33:59Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for network-udp  initial upload  
2023-01-25T20:23:46Z  AlejandroSerrano  Add  AlejandroSerrano  Maintainers for kind-generics-deriving  initial upload  
2023-01-25T19:35:14Z  eskimo  Add  peterbecich  Maintainers for purescript-bridge    
2023-01-23T18:02:13Z  KevinQuick  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for bv-sized  Galois maintainer  
2023-01-23T17:04:42Z  AlexeyKhudyakov  Add  AlexeyKhudyakov  Maintainers for tasty-papi  initial upload  
2023-01-23T16:12:29Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for hasql-listen-notify  initial upload  
2023-01-23T13:59:14Z  lyxia  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for fcf-base  initial upload  
2023-01-23T13:57:27Z  lyxia  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for fcf-family  initial upload  
2023-01-21T09:50:16Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for rpmostree-update  initial upload  
2023-01-21T00:02:21Z  benselfridge  Add  KevinQuick  Maintainers for bv-sized  Galois maintainer  
2023-01-20T18:32:16Z  siruilu  Add  siruilu  Maintainers for grisette  initial upload  
2023-01-20T11:49:42Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for persistent-eventsource  initial upload  
2023-01-19T19:00:49Z  zshipko  Add  zshipko  Maintainers for extism  initial upload  
2023-01-19T19:00:40Z  zshipko  Add  zshipko  Maintainers for extism-manifest  initial upload  
2023-01-18T22:16:04Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for persistent-event-source  initial upload  
2023-01-18T21:22:59Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for pandoc-cli  initial upload  
2023-01-18T21:22:41Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for pandoc-lua-engine  initial upload  
2023-01-18T21:22:20Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for pandoc-server  initial upload  
2023-01-18T20:40:20Z  ScottWalck  Add  ScottWalck  Maintainers for LPFP  initial upload  
2023-01-16T08:59:06Z  PeterSimons  Delete  GwernBranwen  Maintainers for hopenssl  I'd rather make sure that releases of this package are made by myself.  
2023-01-15T07:13:17Z  JasonDagit  Add  TrevorElliott  Maintainers for OpenGLRaw    
2023-01-13T21:43:42Z  StefanHoldermans  Add  rieckenj  Maintainers for signed-multiset  Contributor since version 0.5.  
2023-01-13T21:22:19Z  MichaelXavier  Add  MichaelXavier  Maintainers for instrument-cloudwatch  initial upload  
2023-01-13T17:16:03Z  olivetti  Add  olivetti  Maintainers for pandoc-symreg  initial upload  
2023-01-12T19:05:28Z  arrowd  Add  arrowd  Maintainers for sbv-program  initial upload  
2023-01-12T13:45:27Z  DominicOrchard  Add  DominicOrchard  Maintainers for FirstPrelude  initial upload  
2023-01-12T08:42:50Z  viercc  Add  viercc  Maintainers for auto-lift-classes  initial upload  
2023-01-11T18:40:52Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for primitive-slice  initial upload  
2023-01-11T16:15:35Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for asn1-ber-syntax  initial upload  
2023-01-11T15:58:18Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for logical-constraints  initial upload  
2023-01-11T12:55:22Z  jack  Add  olivetti  Package uploaders ,  
2023-01-11T12:52:52Z  jack  Add  arrowd  Package uploaders  
2023-01-10T21:27:09Z  stackbuilders  Add  wild_willy  Maintainers for cassava-megaparsec    
2023-01-10T21:26:53Z  stackbuilders  Add  sestrella  Maintainers for cassava-megaparsec    
2023-01-10T19:54:57Z  Bodigrim  Add  clyring  Maintainers for bytestring  As agreed by Bodigrim and sjakobi   
2023-01-10T19:53:57Z  Bodigrim  Add  clyring  Package uploaders  To maintain bytestring package  
2023-01-09T20:29:08Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for attoparsec-run    
2023-01-08T17:20:41Z  JakobBruenker  Add  JakobBruenker  Maintainers for monadic-bang  initial upload  
2023-01-08T13:27:35Z  lehins  Add  lehins  Maintainers for FailT  initial upload  
2023-01-08T11:16:15Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  JakobBruenker  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2023-01-08T11:14:21Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  guygastineau  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2023-01-08T11:13:20Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  amogh09  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2023-01-08T11:10:56Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  Oleksandr_Zhabenko  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2023-01-07T06:11:25Z  haskellworks  Add  haskellworks  Maintainers for hedgehog-extras  initial upload  
2023-01-06T08:39:13Z  isovector  Add  isovector  Maintainers for ldtk-types  initial upload  
2023-01-06T06:54:59Z  AlexanderVershilov  Add  AlexanderVershilov  Maintainers for lazy-cache  initial upload  
2023-01-06T00:17:21Z  aaronallen8455  Add  aaronallen8455  Maintainers for constable  initial upload  
2023-01-05T16:24:56Z  tclem  Add  patrick_thomson  Maintainers for proto-lens-jsonpb    
2023-01-04T18:30:53Z  HansHoglund  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for monadplus  Oliver will take over as principal maintainer  
2023-01-04T14:39:40Z  haskellworks  Add  haskellworks  Maintainers for oops  initial upload  
2023-01-01T11:28:49Z  RenzoCarbonara  Add  RenzoCarbonara  Maintainers for exinst-base  initial upload  
2022-12-31T17:36:10Z  IanWooKim  Add  IanWooKim  Maintainers for hgdal  initial upload  
2022-12-30T23:19:07Z  IanWooKim  Add  IanWooKim  Maintainers for HROOT-net  initial upload  
2022-12-30T17:43:46Z  DanielDiazCarrete  Add  DanielDiazCarrete  Maintainers for multicurryable  initial upload  
2022-12-30T13:10:43Z  SergeyVinokurov  Add  SergeyVinokurov  Maintainers for atomic-counter  initial upload  
2022-12-30T04:51:21Z  haskellworks  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for cabal-cache  New maintainer  
2022-12-28T17:56:51Z  IanWooKim  Add  IanWooKim  Maintainers for OGDF  initial upload  
2022-12-28T15:38:33Z  trevorsibanda  Add  trevorsibanda  Maintainers for paynow-zw  initial upload  
2022-12-28T06:23:54Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for vulkan-utils    
2022-12-28T06:23:51Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for vector-sized    
2022-12-28T06:23:47Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for update-nix-fetchgit    
2022-12-28T06:23:44Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for teeth    
2022-12-28T06:23:40Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for spir-v    
2022-12-28T06:23:35Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for orbits    
2022-12-28T06:23:26Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for language-nix    
2022-12-28T06:23:22Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for language-c    
2022-12-28T06:23:18Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for jailbreak-cabal    
2022-12-28T06:23:15Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for hackage-db    
2022-12-28T06:23:11Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for exact-real    
2022-12-28T06:23:06Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for distribution-nixpkgs    
2022-12-28T06:23:01Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for cabal2nix    
2022-12-28T06:22:50Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for autoapply    
2022-12-28T06:22:45Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for VulkanMemoryAllocator    
2022-12-27T22:53:09Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for ascii-caseless    
2022-12-27T14:48:02Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  deemp  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-27T14:46:09Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  trevorsibanda  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-27T14:42:34Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  expipiplus1  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-27T14:18:59Z  andys8  Delete  andys8  Maintainers for network-manager-tui  Deprecating package  
2022-12-27T05:04:55Z  jophish  Add  expipiplus1  Maintainers for vulkan    
2022-12-26T14:54:12Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-explicit-record-fields-plugin  initial upload  
2022-12-26T14:52:26Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-cabal-plugin  initial upload  
2022-12-26T14:52:25Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-cabal-fmt-plugin  initial upload  
2022-12-24T21:07:05Z  solpeth  Add  hololeap  Maintainers for hackport  Add core Gentoo Haskell team member to maintainer list to improve package maintenance.  
2022-12-22T14:33:21Z  arsalan0c  Add  arsalan0c  Maintainers for cdp  initial upload  
2022-12-22T09:25:00Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for gambler    
2022-12-22T09:03:03Z  jack  Add  arsalan0c  Package uploaders  
2022-12-21T23:15:08Z  KevinQuick  Add  KevinQuick  Maintainers for named-text  initial upload  
2022-12-21T23:14:06Z  KevinQuick  Add  KevinQuick  Maintainers for sayable  initial upload  
2022-12-21T22:20:05Z  KevinQuick  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for parameterized-utils  Galois  
2022-12-21T14:09:00Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for protobuf-builder  initial upload  
2022-12-21T08:03:08Z  alcinnz  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for fontconfig-pure  initial upload  
2022-12-20T12:58:48Z  CsabaHruska  Add  CsabaHruska  Maintainers for zip-cmd  initial upload  
2022-12-19T13:58:12Z  turion  Add  turion  Maintainers for rhine-terminal  initial upload  
2022-12-18T10:39:32Z  thma  Add  thma  Maintainers for srv  initial upload  
2022-12-18T01:27:45Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for skylighting-format-context  initial upload  
2022-12-17T01:02:38Z  IanWooKim  Add  IanWooKim  Maintainers for stdcxx  initial upload  
2022-12-16T13:45:28Z  qaristote  Add  qaristote  Maintainers for smtlib-backends-z3  initial upload  
2022-12-16T13:45:20Z  qaristote  Add  qaristote  Maintainers for smtlib-backends-process  initial upload  
2022-12-16T13:45:10Z  qaristote  Add  qaristote  Maintainers for smtlib-backends-tests  initial upload  
2022-12-16T13:44:30Z  qaristote  Add  qaristote  Maintainers for smtlib-backends  initial upload  
2022-12-16T11:25:13Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  tommyengstrom  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-16T11:20:50Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  alfreb  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-16T01:59:45Z  mitchellwrosen  Delete  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for slack-api  No longer interested in maintaining  
2022-12-15T12:15:09Z  jack  Add  qaristote  Package uploaders  
2022-12-15T12:11:02Z  jack  Add  milloni  Package uploaders  Maintainer for horizon-sopec  
2022-12-15T12:10:21Z  jack  Add  onliner10  Package uploaders  
2022-12-14T10:17:48Z  PepeIborra  Add  michaelpj  Maintainers for hls-stylish-haskell-plugin    
2022-12-13T18:36:10Z  AlanZimmerman  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for ghc-exactprint  To reduce bus factor  
2022-12-13T18:29:15Z  AlanZimmerman  Add  michaelpj  Maintainers for ghc-exactprint  To reduce bus factor  
2022-12-13T18:29:00Z  AlanZimmerman  Add  fendor  Maintainers for ghc-exactprint  To reduce bus factor  
2022-12-13T16:19:04Z  DavidJohnson  Add  janus  Maintainers for servant-swagger-ui-core  need this for servant-swagger-ui  
2022-12-13T16:08:02Z  DavidJohnson  Add  janus  Maintainers for servant-swagger-ui  maintainership  
2022-12-12T03:30:01Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for process    
2022-12-11T19:34:36Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for hspray  initial upload  
2022-12-11T01:51:51Z  EugeneKirpichov  Add  teo  Maintainers for digest  teo offers to take over at  
2022-12-10T20:44:48Z  lyxia  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for diff-loc  initial upload  
2022-12-10T20:28:14Z  swamp_agr  Add  swamp_agr  Maintainers for proof-assistant-bot  initial upload  
2022-12-10T12:13:33Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for adhoc-fixtures-hspec  initial upload  
2022-12-10T12:13:11Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for adhoc-fixtures  initial upload  
2022-12-09T08:22:25Z  AndreasAbel  Add  Bodigrim  Maintainers for tasty  To release tasty-1.4.3  
2022-12-08T19:25:53Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for elasticsearch-interchange  initial upload  
2022-12-08T18:20:58Z  zshipko  Add  Extism  Maintainers for extism  Project owner  
2022-12-08T18:20:36Z  zshipko  Add  Extism  Maintainers for extism-manifest  Project owner  
2022-12-07T11:34:42Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  siruilu  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-06T14:44:44Z  BrentYorgey  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for diagrams-gi-cairo  initial upload  
2022-12-06T04:07:27Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  zshipko  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-03T12:47:33Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  JannisO  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-03T02:55:13Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  srhoulam  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-12-02T02:00:18Z  RohanDrape  Add  RohanDrape  Maintainers for hmt-base  initial upload  
2022-12-01T16:14:25Z  DamianFrolich  Add  ltvanbinsbergen  Maintainers for exploring-interpreters  Remove bus-factor of 1.  
2022-11-30T08:23:38Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for integer-types    
2022-11-29T18:06:43Z  dmarticus  Add  dmarticus  Maintainers for circle  initial upload  
2022-11-29T07:32:25Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  psibi  Maintainers for pid1    
2022-11-29T01:07:40Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  PhilHazelden  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-11-29T01:05:27Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  peterbecich  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-11-28T19:45:24Z  jade  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for slack-web  Mercury member  
2022-11-28T19:44:59Z  jade  Add  danielbrice  Maintainers for string-variants  Mercury member  
2022-11-28T19:42:47Z  jade  Add  BorisLykah  Maintainers for string-variants  Mercury member  
2022-11-28T15:23:29Z  dridus  Add  dfithian  Maintainers for refurb    
2022-11-26T21:10:11Z  KtorZ  Add  KtorZ  Maintainers for websockets-json  initial upload  
2022-11-25T05:21:28Z  arowM  Add  arowM  Maintainers for type-level-kv-list-persistent  initial upload  
2022-11-24T19:20:25Z  TheMatten  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for first-class-instances  maintenance  
2022-11-24T15:11:35Z  OliverCharles  Add  PhilHazelden  Maintainers for streaming-postgresql-simple  
2022-11-23T21:10:01Z  SchellScivally  Add  peterbecich  Maintainers for steeloverseer  new maintainer  
2022-11-23T15:16:19Z  sidk  Add  goodlyrottenapple  Maintainers for plow-log  author  
2022-11-23T09:42:55Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  sidk  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-11-23T04:25:34Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  joshsh  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-11-22T23:26:29Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for exceptiot  initial upload  
2022-11-21T08:53:16Z  ErikHesselink  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for text-format  
2022-11-20T21:43:28Z  rickowens  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for om-plugin-imports  initial upload  
2022-11-20T21:28:38Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  dmarticus  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-11-20T20:09:28Z  lazamar  Add  lazamar  Maintainers for haskell-docs-cli  initial upload  
2022-11-20T19:35:20Z  sridca  Add  sridca  Maintainers for ema-generics  initial upload  
2022-11-20T19:35:19Z  sridca  Add  sridca  Maintainers for ema-extra  initial upload  
2022-11-19T20:41:24Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  yvan  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-11-19T16:31:34Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for horizon-gen-nix  initial upload  
2022-11-18T20:16:42Z  mgoszcz2  Add  theunixman  Maintainers for derive-enumerable  Ownership Transfer  
2022-11-18T12:58:03Z  AndrasKovacs  Add  AndrasKovacs  Maintainers for strict-impl-params  initial upload  
2022-11-18T05:56:45Z  HaishengWu  Add  HaishengWu  Maintainers for hoauth2-demo  initial upload  
2022-11-17T15:14:35Z  locallycompact  Add  milloni  Maintainers for horizon-spec    
2022-11-17T15:11:12Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for horizon-spec  initial upload  
2022-11-17T13:38:34Z  NoRedInk  Add  adauguet  Maintainers for nri-http    
2022-11-15T05:56:26Z  JasonDagit  Add  dfeuer  Maintainers for logict-sequence    
2022-11-14T15:38:02Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  FinleyMcIlwaine  Maintainers for borsh    
2022-11-12T19:51:43Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for gvti  initial upload  
2022-11-12T18:58:54Z  GershomBazerman  Add  thomasjm  Maintainers for webdriver  req  
2022-11-12T17:01:17Z  GershomBazerman  Add  fffaaa  Maintainers for utf8-light  takeover req  
2022-11-12T17:00:06Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot-trusted    
2022-11-12T16:59:54Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot-social-plugins    
2022-11-12T16:59:42Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot-reference-plugins    
2022-11-12T16:59:30Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot-novelty-plugins    
2022-11-12T16:59:15Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot-misc-plugins    
2022-11-12T16:59:02Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot-irc-plugins    
2022-11-12T16:58:46Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot-haskell-plugins    
2022-11-12T16:58:30Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot-core  req  
2022-11-11T15:18:38Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  EdskoDeVries  Maintainers for borsh  initial upload  
2022-11-11T10:44:27Z  DougBeardsley  Add  imalsogreg  Maintainers for snap  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-11T10:44:08Z  DougBeardsley  Add  imalsogreg  Maintainers for snap-server  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-11T10:43:54Z  DougBeardsley  Add  imalsogreg  Maintainers for snap-core  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-11T10:43:27Z  DougBeardsley  Add  imalsogreg  Maintainers for heist  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-11T10:41:35Z  DougBeardsley  Add  cydparser  Maintainers for xmlhtml  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-11T10:41:18Z  DougBeardsley  Add  imalsogreg  Maintainers for xmlhtml  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-10T23:37:48Z  tclem  Add  patrick_thomson  Maintainers for twirp  Trusted to help maintain  
2022-11-10T00:34:09Z  DougBeardsley  Add  cydparser  Maintainers for snap  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-10T00:33:48Z  DougBeardsley  Add  cydparser  Maintainers for snap-server  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-10T00:33:34Z  DougBeardsley  Add  cydparser  Maintainers for snap-core  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-10T00:33:13Z  DougBeardsley  Add  cydparser  Maintainers for heist  Adding another maintainer  
2022-11-09T00:28:44Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for supply-chain    
2022-11-08T22:46:40Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for supply-chain-core    
2022-11-08T16:13:17Z  olf  Add  olf  Maintainers for faster-megaparsec  initial upload  
2022-11-06T13:41:44Z  coot  Add  MaybeJustJames  Maintainers for zephyr  New package maintainer  
2022-11-06T09:45:46Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  palyvar  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-11-05T14:49:44Z  TomasJanousek  Add  TonyZorman  Maintainers for xmonad-extras  member of xmonad core team for a while now  
2022-11-05T14:49:40Z  TomasJanousek  Add  TonyZorman  Maintainers for X11-xft  member of xmonad core team for a while now  
2022-11-05T14:49:36Z  TomasJanousek  Add  TonyZorman  Maintainers for X11  member of xmonad core team for a while now  
2022-11-05T14:49:33Z  TomasJanousek  Add  TonyZorman  Maintainers for xmonad-contrib  member of xmonad core team for a while now  
2022-11-05T14:49:27Z  TomasJanousek  Add  TonyZorman  Maintainers for xmonad  member of xmonad core team for a while now  
2022-11-03T07:00:02Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for termbox-tea  initial upload  
2022-11-02T19:35:30Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for stackctl  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-11-02T19:35:30Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for stackctl  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-11-02T19:25:27Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for stackctl  Shared organization account  
2022-11-02T19:25:03Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for stackctl  initial upload  
2022-11-01T05:55:27Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  LandoLoper  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-10-31T17:07:23Z  GershomBazerman  Add  MatthewMosior  Package uploaders    
2022-10-31T08:11:28Z  arowM  Add  arowM  Maintainers for type-level-kv-list-esqueleto  initial upload  
2022-10-31T00:36:19Z  PatrickPerry  Add  SergeyVinokurov  Maintainers for monad-interleave  Volunteered to take over from Patrick  
2022-10-30T20:32:26Z  cdepillabout  Add  jonascarpay  Maintainers for purenix  author and maintainer  
2022-10-27T14:49:41Z  kephasp  Add  kephasp  Maintainers for xdg-basedir-compliant  initial upload  
2022-10-26T00:27:39Z  MateuszKowalczyk  Add  MarcelFourne  Maintainers for yi  
2022-10-25T13:26:16Z  bradleysaul  Add  brendanrbrown  Maintainers for hasklepias  for someone in NoviSci to have access  
2022-10-25T13:25:11Z  bradleysaul  Add  brendanrbrown  Maintainers for project-forge  for some within NoviSci to have access  
2022-10-25T12:54:39Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for termbox-bindings-hs  initial upload  
2022-10-25T12:54:30Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for termbox-bindings-c  initial upload  
2022-10-24T19:55:58Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for hpqtypes-effectful  initial upload  
2022-10-20T12:35:28Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for hslua-module-zip  initial upload  
2022-10-19T12:12:21Z  wz1000  Add  DavidBinder  Maintainers for hpc    
2022-10-18T17:17:27Z  NickolayKudasov  Add  DavidJohnson  Maintainers for swagger2    
2022-10-18T16:14:02Z  ErikHesselink  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for dice  Package takeover:  
2022-10-18T16:13:40Z  ErikHesselink  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for lambdabot  Package takeover:  
2022-10-17T23:55:28Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for chiasma-test  initial upload  
2022-10-17T22:07:28Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for hs-duktape  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:07:17Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for hspec-expectations-pretty-diff  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:07:08Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for http-link-header  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:06:55Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for indieweb-algorithms  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:06:44Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for magicbane  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:06:34Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for microformats2-parser  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:06:17Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for microformats2-types  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:06:05Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for pcre-heavy  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:05:53Z  valpackett  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for wai-cli  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:01:56Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for wai-cli  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:01:36Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for pcre-heavy  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:01:23Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for microformats2-types  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:01:10Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for microformats2-parser  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:00:43Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for magicbane  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:00:30Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for indieweb-algorithms  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T22:00:15Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for http-link-header  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T21:59:52Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for hspec-expectations-pretty-diff  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T21:59:31Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for hs-duktape  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T21:58:57Z  myfreeweb  Delete  myfreeweb  Maintainers for gitson  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T21:58:47Z  myfreeweb  Add  valpackett  Maintainers for gitson  Moving to my new account  
2022-10-17T11:49:00Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  valpackett  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-10-17T11:47:13Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  llenck  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-10-13T11:46:02Z  jack  Add  PureFunctor  Package uploaders  Maintainer for purescript  
2022-10-12T08:49:03Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  MikolajKonarski  Maintainers for hackage-security-HTTP    
2022-10-12T08:16:08Z  nalchevanidze  Add  nalchevanidze  Maintainers for morpheus-graphql-server  initial upload  
2022-10-12T08:16:02Z  nalchevanidze  Add  nalchevanidze  Maintainers for morpheus-graphql-code-gen-utils  initial upload  
2022-10-11T21:17:52Z  EricMertens  Add  dfeuer  Maintainers for generic-trie  comaintainer  
2022-10-11T19:04:47Z  RobertFischer  Add  RobertFischer  Maintainers for the-snip  initial upload  
2022-10-11T17:31:25Z  Bodigrim  Add  sjakobi  Maintainers for data-array-byte  Per discussion  
2022-10-11T14:49:43Z  davidgarland  Add  davidgarland  Maintainers for named-binary-tag  initial upload  
2022-10-11T10:58:41Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  EdskoDeVries  Maintainers for quickcheck-lockstep  initial upload  
2022-10-11T03:33:33Z  taphu  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for legion-discovery-client  takeover  
2022-10-11T03:33:29Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for legion-discovery-client  takeover  
2022-10-11T03:33:13Z  taphu  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for legion-discovery  takeover  
2022-10-11T03:33:08Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for legion-discovery  takeover  
2022-10-11T03:32:53Z  taphu  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for legion-extra  takeover  
2022-10-11T03:32:46Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for legion-extra  takeover  
2022-10-11T03:30:49Z  taphu  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for legion  takeover  
2022-10-11T03:30:34Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for legion  takeover  
2022-10-10T19:06:04Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for dahdit  initial upload  
2022-10-10T14:42:02Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for hslua-list  initial upload  
2022-10-10T13:38:56Z  BenGamari  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for monoidal-containers  
2022-10-10T11:30:36Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for log-effectful  initial upload  
2022-10-08T15:51:05Z  Bodigrim  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for data-array-byte  Per discussion  
2022-10-08T13:25:29Z  Bodigrim  Add  chessai  Maintainers for data-array-byte  Per discussion  
2022-10-08T13:17:32Z  Bodigrim  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for data-array-byte  Per discussion  
2022-10-08T02:45:00Z  jalexm  Add  PureFunctor  Maintainers for purescript    
2022-10-07T06:28:42Z  gromak  Add  dcastro  Maintainers for o-clock  Diogo maintains o-clock at Serokell  
2022-10-06T17:49:50Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for autodocodec-servant-multipart  initial upload  
2022-10-06T16:48:59Z  BrentYorgey  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for swarm  initial upload  
2022-10-06T06:42:30Z  HaishengWu  Add  HaishengWu  Maintainers for hoauth2-providers-tutorial  initial upload  
2022-10-06T06:42:30Z  HaishengWu  Add  HaishengWu  Maintainers for hoauth2-providers  initial upload  
2022-10-06T04:45:21Z  KevinQuick  Add  KevinQuick  Maintainers for mywork  initial upload  
2022-10-06T04:45:05Z  KevinQuick  Add  KevinQuick  Maintainers for brick-panes  initial upload  
2022-10-05T13:31:03Z  chessai  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for hedgehog-classes  he's a maintainer  
2022-10-05T13:29:02Z  chessai  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for hedgehog-classes  he's a maintainer  
2022-10-03T03:24:50Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for overeasy  initial upload  
2022-10-03T01:58:36Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for prop-unit  initial upload  
2022-10-03T01:58:32Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for unfree  initial upload  
2022-10-02T11:21:01Z  PeterLebbing  Add  PeterLebbing  Maintainers for prettyprinter-interp  initial upload  
2022-10-01T19:09:27Z  nwaivio  Add  nwaivio  Maintainers for posit  initial upload  
2022-09-29T17:06:17Z  jade  Add  danielbrice  Maintainers for slack-web  Mercury member  
2022-09-29T15:40:01Z  maxine  Add  maxine  Maintainers for tinyid  initial upload  
2022-09-29T07:38:02Z  gkleen  Add  gkleen  Maintainers for fastcdc  initial upload  
2022-09-29T07:37:51Z  gkleen  Add  gkleen  Maintainers for gearhash  initial upload  
2022-09-29T03:22:35Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  maxine  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-29T03:18:08Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  MaybeJustJames  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-28T21:39:57Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for prelate  initial upload  
2022-09-28T21:02:39Z  jpvillaisaza  Add  jade  Maintainers for slack-web    
2022-09-28T20:00:19Z  shlevy  Add  shlevy  Maintainers for eventuo11y-batteries  initial upload  
2022-09-28T20:00:00Z  shlevy  Add  shlevy  Maintainers for eventuo11y  initial upload  
2022-09-28T17:05:50Z  jade  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for string-variants  Mercury member  
2022-09-28T08:47:57Z  wismill  Add  harendra  Maintainers for unicode-data-scripts    
2022-09-28T08:47:50Z  wismill  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for unicode-data-scripts    
2022-09-28T08:46:41Z  wismill  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for unicode-data-security    
2022-09-28T08:46:17Z  wismill  Add  harendra  Maintainers for unicode-data-security    
2022-09-27T22:00:36Z  RichardEisenberg  Add  RichardEisenberg  Maintainers for runtime-instances  initial upload  
2022-09-27T22:00:08Z  RichardEisenberg  Add  RichardEisenberg  Maintainers for type-reflection  initial upload  
2022-09-27T09:43:34Z  frasertweedale  Add  romanofski  Maintainers for purebred  co-maintainer  
2022-09-27T00:24:00Z  wuest  Add  wuest  Maintainers for twitchapi  initial upload  
2022-09-26T18:02:16Z  gromak  Add  dcastro  Maintainers for xrefcheck  Developer at Serokell  
2022-09-25T20:32:20Z  HeinrichApfelmus  Add  HeinrichApfelmus  Maintainers for disk-bytes  initial upload  
2022-09-24T21:56:49Z  GaneshSittampalam  Add  PereLev  Maintainers for ssh  fr33domlover from #darcs - he's hopefully going to make an update and take over maintenance  
2022-09-24T12:20:56Z  etorreborre  Add  etorreborre  Maintainers for edits  initial upload  
2022-09-23T22:07:24Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  GabrielGonzalez  Maintainers for nix-serve-ng  initial upload  
2022-09-23T20:32:31Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for hslua-cli  initial upload  
2022-09-23T20:05:11Z  ErikHesselink  Add  TroelsHenriksen  Maintainers for fgl  Package takeover: and  
2022-09-23T11:26:55Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  PierreAbbat  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-23T11:21:36Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  PeterLebbing  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-21T19:58:20Z  rashad1030  Add  rashad1030  Maintainers for lucid2-htmx  initial upload  
2022-09-20T19:16:32Z  edemko  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for zigzag    
2022-09-20T15:46:56Z  larsk  Add  kindaro  Maintainers for ghci-pretty  maintainer of GitHub repo  
2022-09-19T12:19:38Z  SergeyVinokurov  Add  SergeyVinokurov  Maintainers for toml-reader-parse  initial upload  
2022-09-19T10:44:11Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for stack    
2022-09-18T05:02:35Z  HaishengWu  Add  HaishengWu  Maintainers for hoauth2-tutorial  initial upload  
2022-09-17T15:09:21Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  bradrn  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-17T15:08:29Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  RamiroPastor  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-17T15:04:59Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  finalse  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-17T13:30:18Z  GwernBranwen  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for thih  Marco Zocca requested maintainership in email to update Haddock doc formatting & create a Git repo for Typing Haskell In Haskell  
2022-09-15T21:39:31Z  NicolasTrangez  Add  NicolasTrangez  Maintainers for xinu-ffi  initial upload  
2022-09-15T21:37:08Z  NicolasTrangez  Add  NicolasTrangez  Maintainers for xinu  initial upload  
2022-09-15T15:43:23Z  KingoftheHomeless  Add  tek  Maintainers for polysemy-zoo  Is a maintainer, I'm embarrased I never added him from the very beginning!  
2022-09-15T10:26:49Z  tritlo  Delete  zhg  Maintainers for ecta-plugin  keep it simple for now  
2022-09-15T10:25:45Z  tritlo  Add  zhg  Maintainers for ecta-plugin  hectare member  
2022-09-15T08:54:55Z  lyndward  Add  lyndward  Maintainers for foreign  initial upload  
2022-09-15T08:49:15Z  schnecki  Add  schnecki  Maintainers for welford-online-mean-variance  initial upload  
2022-09-14T06:47:29Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-stan-plugin  initial upload  
2022-09-14T06:47:23Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-refactor-plugin  initial upload  
2022-09-14T06:46:20Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-gadt-plugin  initial upload  
2022-09-14T06:46:16Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-explicit-fixity-plugin  initial upload  
2022-09-14T06:46:14Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-code-range-plugin  initial upload  
2022-09-14T06:45:19Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for ghcide-test-utils  initial upload  
2022-09-13T21:00:27Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for ghcide-bench  initial upload  
2022-09-13T20:35:56Z  harendra  Add  wismill  Maintainers for unicode-transforms    
2022-09-13T20:00:45Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for quantizer  initial upload  
2022-09-13T12:52:29Z  AshleyYakeley  Add  AshleyYakeley  Maintainers for monadology  initial upload  
2022-09-13T09:08:15Z  alcinnz  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for hurl-xml  initial upload  
2022-09-12T16:09:14Z  AshleyYakeley  Add  AshleyYakeley  Maintainers for type-rig  initial upload  
2022-09-12T12:39:50Z  MatveyAksenov  Add  MatveyAksenov  Maintainers for smtpbz  initial upload  
2022-09-12T10:18:25Z  dcastro  Add  gromak  Maintainers for tztime    
2022-09-12T10:17:56Z  dcastro  Add  serokell  Maintainers for tztime    
2022-09-12T08:51:08Z  dcastro  Add  dcastro  Maintainers for tztime  initial upload  
2022-09-11T19:37:52Z  RobertDockins  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for EdisonCore  new maintainer  
2022-09-11T19:37:03Z  RobertDockins  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for EdisonAPI  new maintainer  
2022-09-10T23:18:56Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  uhbif19  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-10T14:52:26Z  etorreborre  Add  etorreborre  Maintainers for registry-options  initial upload  
2022-09-08T22:31:51Z  shlevy  Add  shlevy  Maintainers for cicero-api  initial upload  
2022-09-08T05:42:27Z  isovector  Add  isovector  Maintainers for lasercutter  initial upload  
2022-09-06T21:03:02Z  jack  Add  qrpnxz  Package uploaders  
2022-09-06T12:03:39Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  FumiakiKinoshita  Maintainers for panfiguration  initial upload  
2022-09-05T05:16:40Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  mizlan  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-05T05:13:35Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  nodew  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-04T17:15:10Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for yarl  initial upload  
2022-09-04T09:47:50Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  garethdanielsmith  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-04T09:46:08Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  lbuchli  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-09-03T22:26:25Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for streaming-lzma    
2022-09-03T22:26:14Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for streaming-brotli    
2022-09-03T22:26:04Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for rss    
2022-09-03T22:25:52Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for pipes-brotli    
2022-09-03T22:25:42Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for netrc    
2022-09-03T22:25:32Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for hslogger    
2022-09-03T22:25:23Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for hgettext    
2022-09-03T22:25:11Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for brotli-conduit    
2022-09-03T18:33:05Z  OwenBechtel  Add  OwenBechtel  Maintainers for number-wall  initial upload  
2022-09-01T14:56:32Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-autodocodec  initial upload  
2022-09-01T14:07:27Z  swamp_agr  Add  swamp_agr  Maintainers for redis-schema  initial upload  
2022-08-31T10:24:05Z  DuncanCoutts  Add  AdamGundry  Maintainers for full-text-search  new co-maintainer  
2022-08-31T06:58:29Z  haskellworks  Add  newhoggy  Maintainers for hw-aeson    
2022-08-31T06:58:04Z  haskellworks  Add  newhoggy  Maintainers for hw-int    
2022-08-31T06:56:53Z  haskellworks  Add  newhoggy  Maintainers for hw-lazy    
2022-08-30T19:54:38Z  tarleb  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for gridtables  Unblock pandoc releases  
2022-08-29T20:06:20Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for ribosome-app  initial upload  
2022-08-29T20:06:18Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for ribosome-host-test  initial upload  
2022-08-29T20:06:17Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for ribosome-host  initial upload  
2022-08-28T09:21:33Z  yutotakano  Add  annwan  Maintainers for discord-haskell  New maintainer  
2022-08-25T22:23:31Z  romes  Add  romes  Maintainers for hegg  initial upload  
2022-08-25T11:14:06Z  jack  Add  romes  Package uploaders  
2022-08-24T21:32:38Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-instrumentation-hspec  initial upload  
2022-08-24T16:23:24Z  NicolasTrangez  Add  NicolasTrangez  Maintainers for psx  initial upload  
2022-08-24T15:36:37Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-utils-exceptions  initial upload  
2022-08-22T18:37:31Z  BasVanDijk  Add  janus  Maintainers for threads  Offered to co-maintain  
2022-08-22T00:08:52Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for recv  initial upload  
2022-08-21T20:59:29Z  goolord  Add  goolord  Maintainers for word-array  initial upload  
2022-08-21T20:51:02Z  goolord  Add  goolord  Maintainers for atrophy  initial upload  
2022-08-21T15:01:48Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for sized-wrapper-text  initial upload  
2022-08-21T15:01:36Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for sized-wrapper-quickcheck  initial upload  
2022-08-21T15:01:26Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for sized-wrapper-aeson  initial upload  
2022-08-21T15:00:59Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for sized-wrapper  initial upload  
2022-08-20T22:22:47Z  aaronallen8455  Add  aaronallen8455  Maintainers for breakpoint  initial upload  
2022-08-20T14:44:30Z  danielbrice  Add  danielbrice  Maintainers for generic-lexicographic-order  initial upload  
2022-08-20T12:54:45Z  jack  Add  yataboom  Package uploaders  Maintainer for nri-prelude  
2022-08-19T11:06:54Z  lyokha  Add  lyokha  Maintainers for ngx-export-healthcheck  initial upload  
2022-08-19T10:34:29Z  lyokha  Add  lyokha  Maintainers for ngx-export-log  initial upload  
2022-08-18T21:52:19Z  NicolasTrangez  Add  NicolasTrangez  Maintainers for landlock  initial upload  
2022-08-18T15:51:51Z  NoRedInk  Add  yataboom  Maintainers for nri-prelude    
2022-08-18T14:11:03Z  abaillyiohk  Add  abaillyiohk  Maintainers for quickcheck-dynamic  initial upload  
2022-08-18T14:02:32Z  jack  Add  NH000  Package uploaders  
2022-08-17T04:49:54Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  janus  Maintainers for authenticate-oauth  
2022-08-16T16:03:51Z  BenGamari  Add  wz1000  Maintainers for hpc    
2022-08-15T17:43:55Z  ChristophBauer  Add  ChristophBauer  Maintainers for gettext-th  initial upload  
2022-08-15T13:39:07Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for mmsyn7ukr-array  initial upload  
2022-08-15T07:55:44Z  alcinnz  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for stylist-traits  initial upload  
2022-08-15T06:34:07Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  MikolajKonarski  Maintainers for hackage-repo-tool    
2022-08-13T02:41:44Z  GershomBazerman  Add  mobotsar  Package uploaders    
2022-08-12T12:16:05Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for hi-file-parser  
2022-08-12T07:31:26Z  iko  Add  AlekseyUymanov  Maintainers for generic-arbitrary  maintainer  
2022-08-11T14:45:38Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for libBF    
2022-08-11T04:30:25Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for fedora-composes  initial upload  
2022-08-09T06:01:27Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  MateuszKowalczyk  Maintainers for vector-th-unbox  adding a member of Tsuru Capital  
2022-08-09T06:00:56Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  MitsutoshiAoe  Maintainers for vector-th-unbox  adding a member of TsuruCapital  
2022-08-08T22:25:43Z  TristanCacqueray  Add  fboucher  Maintainers for gerrit  co-maintainer  
2022-08-08T13:23:45Z  jack  Add  Anut  Package uploaders  
2022-08-08T11:34:19Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for jackpolynomials  initial upload  
2022-08-07T13:43:06Z  jack  Add  lev_135  Package uploaders  
2022-08-07T12:01:32Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  hellwolf  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-08-07T09:59:07Z  SergeyAlirzaev  Add  SergeyAlirzaev  Maintainers for hb3sum  initial upload  
2022-08-07T09:06:35Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-ges  initial upload  
2022-08-06T15:00:39Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for scubature  initial upload  
2022-08-06T14:58:22Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for hypergeomatrix  initial upload  
2022-08-05T20:43:48Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for mpolynomials  initial upload  
2022-08-05T15:56:08Z  stla  Add  stla  Maintainers for hcdt  initial upload  
2022-08-05T14:17:19Z  maerwald  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for file-io  initial upload  
2022-08-03T16:44:58Z  lyokha  Add  lyokha  Maintainers for ghc-stdin  initial upload  
2022-08-03T13:12:17Z  RemiTurk  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for libffi  Kindly offered to breathe some life into it.  
2022-08-03T09:59:23Z  j_mie6  Add  j_mie6  Maintainers for rangeset  initial upload  
2022-08-02T19:07:58Z  AlexMcLean  Add  AlexMcLean  Maintainers for tidal-link  initial upload  
2022-08-01T14:30:27Z  abrar  Add  madeline_os  Maintainers for cli-git    
2022-07-31T20:26:04Z  sgraf812  Add  sgraf812  Maintainers for data-elevator  initial upload  
2022-07-31T09:02:04Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for librarian  initial upload  
2022-07-31T06:50:26Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  hvpaiva  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-07-30T16:09:24Z  jxv  Add  jxv  Maintainers for sugar-data  initial upload  
2022-07-30T15:40:20Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for skylighting-format-latex  initial upload  
2022-07-30T15:40:19Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for skylighting-format-blaze-html  initial upload  
2022-07-30T15:39:28Z  JohnMacFarlane  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for skylighting-format-ansi  initial upload  
2022-07-30T14:18:22Z  JudahJacobson  Add  BenGamari  Maintainers for terminfo  Adding as maintainer  
2022-07-29T08:41:55Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for gridtables  initial upload  
2022-07-29T08:16:03Z  NickolayKudasov  Add  viviag  Maintainers for changelogged  The original author  
2022-07-29T01:20:45Z  jxv  Add  jxv  Maintainers for json2sg  initial upload  
2022-07-26T14:36:31Z  abrar  Add  madeline_os  Maintainers for cli-nix    
2022-07-26T14:36:22Z  abrar  Add  madeline_os  Maintainers for cli-extras    
2022-07-26T14:33:52Z  AristidBreitkreuz  Add  JoeyHess  Maintainers for aws  new S3 maintainer  
2022-07-25T21:02:50Z  ChrisDone  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for ini  Snarkily requested  
2022-07-25T21:02:01Z  ChrisDone  Delete  joehillen  Maintainers for ini    
2022-07-25T00:14:38Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  fboucher  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-07-23T14:40:59Z  kokobd  Add  kokobd  Maintainers for cabal-hoogle  initial upload  
2022-07-22T20:34:19Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for genvalidity-network-uri  initial upload  
2022-07-22T20:34:12Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for validity-network-uri  initial upload  
2022-07-22T19:16:51Z  carymrobbins  Add  carymrobbins  Maintainers for postgresql-ltree  initial upload  
2022-07-22T19:16:43Z  carymrobbins  Add  carymrobbins  Maintainers for postgresql-simple-ltree  initial upload  
2022-07-22T18:14:25Z  GershomBazerman  Add  stla  Package uploaders    
2022-07-22T16:25:17Z  JudahJacobson  Add  BenGamari  Maintainers for haskeline  Adding as maintainer  
2022-07-22T15:04:45Z  KristofBastiaensen  Add  KristofBastiaensen  Maintainers for hkd-records  initial upload  
2022-07-22T12:58:30Z  coingaming  Add  coingaming  Maintainers for btc-lsp  initial upload  
2022-07-22T12:32:24Z  coingaming  Add  coingaming  Maintainers for electrs-client  initial upload  
2022-07-22T10:44:28Z  coingaming  Add  coingaming  Maintainers for generic-pretty-instances  initial upload  
2022-07-21T20:51:28Z  abrar  Add  madeline_os  Maintainers for nix-thunk    
2022-07-21T18:31:15Z  GershomBazerman  Add  madeline_os  Package uploaders    
2022-07-21T16:33:43Z  GershomBazerman  Add  Qyutou  Package uploaders    
2022-07-21T16:31:10Z  GershomBazerman  Add  zhg  Package uploaders    
2022-07-20T14:58:29Z  GershomBazerman  Add  kokobd  Package uploaders    
2022-07-20T14:57:06Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JJMan  Package uploaders    
2022-07-18T21:37:43Z  DanielDiazCarrete  Add  DanielDiazCarrete  Maintainers for by-other-names  initial upload  
2022-07-18T16:58:00Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for aeson-gadt-th    
2022-07-18T16:57:10Z  abrar  Add  CaleGibbard  Maintainers for reflex-gadt-api    
2022-07-18T16:56:59Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for reflex-gadt-api    
2022-07-18T16:56:09Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for vessel    
2022-07-18T16:55:45Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for cli-nix    
2022-07-18T16:55:34Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for cli-git    
2022-07-18T16:54:41Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for cli-extras    
2022-07-18T16:54:27Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for which    
2022-07-18T10:58:50Z  NoonSilk  Add  NoonSilk  Maintainers for servant-oauth2-examples  initial upload  
2022-07-18T09:50:02Z  NoonSilk  Add  NoonSilk  Maintainers for servant-oauth2  initial upload  
2022-07-17T14:45:20Z  albertprz  Add  albertprz  Maintainers for bookhound-format  initial upload  
2022-07-17T04:15:18Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  ncaq  Maintainers for serversession-backend-acid-state  
2022-07-17T04:15:15Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  ncaq  Maintainers for serversession-frontend-wai  
2022-07-17T04:15:12Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  ncaq  Maintainers for serversession-backend-persistent  
2022-07-17T04:15:09Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  ncaq  Maintainers for serversession-backend-redis  
2022-07-17T04:14:56Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  ncaq  Maintainers for serversession-frontend-snap  
2022-07-17T04:14:53Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  ncaq  Maintainers for serversession-frontend-yesod  
2022-07-16T22:03:04Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for composite-xml  initial upload  
2022-07-16T19:28:54Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for crypto-rng-effectful  initial upload  
2022-07-16T02:07:50Z  discodave  Add  discodave  Maintainers for message-db-temp  initial upload  
2022-07-15T14:04:47Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JunaidRasheed  Package uploaders    
2022-07-15T13:51:04Z  GershomBazerman  Add  Valeri  Package uploaders    
2022-07-15T13:46:19Z  GershomBazerman  Add  sondr3  Package uploaders    
2022-07-15T10:12:50Z  Jappie  Add  Valeri  Maintainers for yesod-middleware-csp  Add supercede colleague  
2022-07-15T09:24:27Z  thomasjm  Add  thomasjm  Maintainers for sandwich-hedgehog  initial upload  
2022-07-14T18:33:11Z  Jappie  Add  sethlivy  Maintainers for yesod-auth-simple  Add supercede colleague  
2022-07-14T16:45:57Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for resourcet-effectful  initial upload  
2022-07-14T14:06:52Z  GershomBazerman  Add  minnguyen  Package uploaders    
2022-07-14T12:32:58Z  MichalKonecny  Add  MichalKonecny  Maintainers for aern2-mfun  initial upload  
2022-07-14T12:31:01Z  MichalKonecny  Add  MichalKonecny  Maintainers for aern2-fun  initial upload  
2022-07-14T09:18:31Z  szehk  Add  szehk  Maintainers for swiss  initial upload  
2022-07-13T20:07:21Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for effectful-plugin  initial upload  
2022-07-13T20:07:11Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for effectful-th  initial upload  
2022-07-13T20:06:59Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for effectful-core  initial upload  
2022-07-13T04:58:22Z  AlexanderThiemann  Add  BrandonSimmons  Maintainers for superbuffer  added as maintainer  
2022-07-13T04:57:38Z  AlexanderThiemann  Add  BrandonSimmons  Maintainers for hvect  added as maintainer  
2022-07-13T04:57:26Z  AlexanderThiemann  Add  BrandonSimmons  Maintainers for reroute  added as maintainer  
2022-07-13T04:57:11Z  AlexanderThiemann  Add  BrandonSimmons  Maintainers for Spock-core  Added as maintainer  
2022-07-13T04:56:57Z  AlexanderThiemann  Add  BrandonSimmons  Maintainers for Spock  Added as maintainer  
2022-07-12T15:56:06Z  GershomBazerman  Add  viviag  Package uploaders    
2022-07-12T10:11:20Z  Jappie  Add  jgt  Maintainers for yesod-middleware-csp  founder of supercede  
2022-07-12T10:08:12Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for yesod-middleware-csp  initial upload  
2022-07-11T16:32:22Z  GershomBazerman  Add  abaillyiohk  Package uploaders    
2022-07-10T20:29:59Z  fgaz  Add  fgaz  Maintainers for qbe  initial upload  
2022-07-09T20:55:07Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-freetype2  initial upload  
2022-07-09T16:16:30Z  eschorn  Add  eschorn  Maintainers for pasta-curves  initial upload  
2022-07-08T14:41:43Z  raehik  Add  raehik  Maintainers for heystone  initial upload  
2022-07-08T13:59:22Z  GershomBazerman  Add  mi11er  Package uploaders    
2022-07-08T13:54:58Z  GershomBazerman  Add  eschorn  Package uploaders    
2022-07-06T16:28:56Z  GershomBazerman  Add  bgohla  Package uploaders    
2022-07-05T20:34:02Z  BrianShu  Add  BrianShu  Maintainers for pvector  initial upload  
2022-07-05T20:29:44Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jcarr_awake  Maintainers for proto3-suite    
2022-07-05T20:29:34Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jcarr_awake  Maintainers for proto3-wire    
2022-07-05T20:28:46Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jcarr_awake  Package uploaders    
2022-07-05T20:05:15Z  GershomBazerman  Add  BrianShu  Package uploaders  req  
2022-07-04T21:56:36Z  arnemileswinter  Add  arnemileswinter  Maintainers for interval-tree-clock  initial upload  
2022-07-04T21:19:48Z  AlexanderBondarenko  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for spirv-reflect-types  initial upload  
2022-07-04T21:19:47Z  AlexanderBondarenko  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for spirv-reflect-yaml  initial upload  
2022-07-04T20:45:23Z  wvanonsem90  Add  wvanonsem90  Maintainers for tuple-append-instances  initial upload  
2022-07-04T18:01:15Z  NoidedSuper  Add  NoidedSuper  Maintainers for jordan-servant-openapi  initial upload  
2022-07-04T18:00:12Z  NoidedSuper  Add  NoidedSuper  Maintainers for jordan-servant-client  initial upload  
2022-07-04T18:00:08Z  NoidedSuper  Add  NoidedSuper  Maintainers for jordan-servant-server  initial upload  
2022-07-04T18:00:02Z  NoidedSuper  Add  NoidedSuper  Maintainers for jordan-servant  initial upload  
2022-07-04T00:05:17Z  jack  Add  LassiHaasio  Package uploaders  
2022-07-04T00:03:40Z  jack  Add  dm72  Package uploaders  
2022-07-04T00:01:11Z  jack  Add  davidgarland  Package uploaders  
2022-07-03T13:42:13Z  martijnbastiaan  Add  ChrisDornan  Maintainers for doctest-parallel  Requested privately and good standing in Haskell community  
2022-07-03T04:24:47Z  jack  Add  felixminom  Package uploaders  Maintainer for  
2022-07-03T04:05:30Z  jack  Add  arnemileswinter  Package uploaders  
2022-07-02T06:47:03Z  wvanonsem90  Add  wvanonsem90  Maintainers for tuple-append  initial upload  
2022-07-01T20:01:58Z  GershomBazerman  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for misfortune  takeover req  
2022-06-30T18:06:36Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for ki-unlifted  initial upload  
2022-06-30T15:20:12Z  stackbuilders  Add  felixminom  Maintainers for stache    
2022-06-30T15:20:03Z  stackbuilders  Add  sestrella  Maintainers for stache    
2022-06-29T18:55:37Z  ProofOfKeags  Add  ProofOfKeags  Maintainers for libsecp256k1  initial upload  
2022-06-29T18:09:58Z  anselmschueler  Add  anselmschueler  Maintainers for ret  initial upload  
2022-06-27T16:40:02Z  EvanLaforge  Add  SergeyVinokurov  Maintainers for fast-tags  help with releases  
2022-06-26T23:04:04Z  jonascarpay  Add  jonascarpay  Maintainers for nonlinear  initial upload  
2022-06-26T16:49:02Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  GabrielGonzalez  Maintainers for defaultable-map  initial upload  
2022-06-26T08:20:39Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for nonempty-wrapper-text  initial upload  
2022-06-26T08:20:31Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for nonempty-wrapper-quickcheck  initial upload  
2022-06-26T08:20:14Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for nonempty-wrapper-aeson  initial upload  
2022-06-25T15:12:10Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for nonempty-wrapper  initial upload  
2022-06-24T20:37:58Z  amesgen  Add  amesgen  Maintainers for http-client-rustls  initial upload  
2022-06-22T05:07:00Z  lyokha  Add  lyokha  Maintainers for http-client-brread-timeout  initial upload  
2022-06-21T13:46:48Z  NikitaVolkov  Add  NikitaVolkov  Maintainers for isomorphism-class  initial upload  
2022-06-20T19:16:31Z  chessai  Add  chessai  Maintainers for based  initial upload  
2022-06-20T19:13:48Z  Bodigrim  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for unix  See  
2022-06-20T16:59:14Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for dnf-repo  initial upload  
2022-06-19T15:35:49Z  lehins  Add  lehins  Maintainers for vector-stream  initial upload  
2022-06-14T10:56:37Z  phadej  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for generically    
2022-06-13T14:58:15Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for asana  initial upload  
2022-06-13T07:44:13Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for memfd    
2022-06-13T07:42:54Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for memfd  initial upload  
2022-06-12T14:36:34Z  edwardwas  Add  edwardwas  Maintainers for aeson-single-field  initial upload  
2022-06-10T18:00:26Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for brotli-streams  addtl maintainer  
2022-06-10T18:00:18Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for brotli  addtl maintainer  
2022-06-10T14:52:14Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for record-impl  initial upload  
2022-06-10T14:36:12Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for Blammo  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-06-10T14:36:11Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for Blammo  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-06-10T14:26:39Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for Blammo  Shared maintainer account  
2022-06-10T10:14:28Z  etorreborre  Add  etorreborre  Maintainers for registry-aeson  initial upload  
2022-06-10T02:50:01Z  haskellworks  Add  haskellworks  Maintainers for hw-lazy  initial upload  
2022-06-08T17:23:41Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for Blammo  initial upload  
2022-06-08T15:14:42Z  martinbednar  Add  martinbednar  Maintainers for haskell-admin  initial upload  
2022-06-08T15:12:51Z  martinbednar  Add  martinbednar  Maintainers for haskell-admin-managed-functions  initial upload  
2022-06-08T15:11:23Z  martinbednar  Add  martinbednar  Maintainers for haskell-admin-health  initial upload  
2022-06-08T15:09:59Z  martinbednar  Add  martinbednar  Maintainers for haskell-admin-core  initial upload  
2022-06-07T15:04:51Z  jonascarpay  Add  jonascarpay  Maintainers for frecently  initial upload  
2022-06-07T03:04:40Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-instrumentation-cloudflare  initial upload  
2022-06-06T19:18:14Z  martinbednar  Add  martinbednar  Maintainers for managed-functions-http-connector  initial upload  
2022-06-06T19:18:02Z  martinbednar  Add  martinbednar  Maintainers for managed-functions-json  initial upload  
2022-06-06T19:16:48Z  martinbednar  Add  martinbednar  Maintainers for managed-functions  initial upload  
2022-06-04T17:45:55Z  cdepillabout  Add  cdepillabout  Maintainers for screenshot-to-clipboard  initial upload  
2022-06-04T12:38:49Z  jack  Add  Vawlpe  Package uploaders  
2022-06-04T12:34:05Z  jack  Add  BenjaminMcRae  Package uploaders  
2022-06-04T12:32:15Z  jack  Add  riscky  Package uploaders  
2022-06-03T15:49:07Z  Jappie  Add  jgt  Maintainers for yesod-auth-simple  founder of supercede  
2022-06-03T15:48:02Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for yesod-auth-simple  initial upload  
2022-06-03T06:50:57Z  JanneHellsten  Add  jchia  Maintainers for sqlite-simple  Add extra maintainer  
2022-06-02T18:25:58Z  marcellus  Add  marcellus  Maintainers for call-plantuml  initial upload  
2022-06-02T18:09:01Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for aws-sns-verify  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-06-02T18:09:01Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for aws-sns-verify  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-06-02T17:59:55Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for aws-sns-verify  Shared organization account  
2022-06-02T17:44:43Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for aws-sns-verify  initial upload  
2022-06-01T18:03:05Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jchia  Package uploaders  req  
2022-06-01T08:09:09Z  AdamGundry  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for acid-state  
2022-05-31T18:18:25Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for unfork    
2022-05-31T18:17:57Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for unfork  initial upload  
2022-05-31T15:56:51Z  k_bx  Add  jbrechtel  Maintainers for hedis  giving up maintainance  
2022-05-31T14:51:20Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-array-old  initial upload  
2022-05-31T14:41:49Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-array-common  initial upload  
2022-05-31T14:33:08Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phonetic-languages-basis  initial upload  
2022-05-31T07:28:17Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  psibi  Maintainers for odbc    
2022-05-31T03:17:02Z  GershomBazerman  Add  jchia  Maintainers for direct-sqlite  
2022-05-31T03:15:18Z  GershomBazerman  Add  adamwespiser  Maintainers for protolude  per email thread  
2022-05-30T22:15:09Z  VincentHanquez  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for x509-validation  maintainer  
2022-05-30T22:14:48Z  VincentHanquez  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for x509-store  maintainer  
2022-05-30T22:14:06Z  VincentHanquez  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for x509-system  maintainer  
2022-05-30T22:13:47Z  VincentHanquez  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for x509-util  maintainer  
2022-05-30T22:13:20Z  VincentHanquez  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for x509  maintainer  
2022-05-30T12:09:13Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for cabal2json  initial upload  
2022-05-30T08:40:09Z  rashad1030  Add  rashad1030  Maintainers for okapi  initial upload  
2022-05-30T06:05:53Z  JasonDagit  Add  OleksiiDivak  Maintainers for freetype2    
2022-05-30T02:53:22Z  dfithian  Add  dfithian  Maintainers for chez-grater  initial upload  
2022-05-30T01:41:53Z  haskellworks  Add  haskellworks  Maintainers for polysemy-managed  initial upload  
2022-05-29T21:48:24Z  Aquarial  Add  BenjaminMcRae  Maintainers for discord-haskell  increasing bus factor  
2022-05-29T21:48:13Z  Aquarial  Add  yutotakano  Maintainers for discord-haskell  increasing bus factor  
2022-05-28T02:31:14Z  tonyday567  Add  tonyday567  Maintainers for dotparse  initial upload  
2022-05-26T12:15:07Z  martinbednar  Add  martinbednar  Maintainers for wai-middleware-bearer  initial upload  
2022-05-26T03:32:20Z  filib  Add  jack  Maintainers for ruby-marshal  
2022-05-25T12:23:25Z  jack  Add  OleksiiDivak  Package uploaders  
2022-05-25T12:20:22Z  jack  Add  adauguet  Package uploaders  New maintainer:  
2022-05-25T12:11:21Z  jack  Add  ruby0b  Package uploaders  
2022-05-25T08:18:01Z  ErikHesselink  Add  janus  Maintainers for convertible  
2022-05-24T14:06:17Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for sendgrid-v3  Left the company  
2022-05-24T14:06:11Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for sendgrid-v3  Left the company  
2022-05-24T14:06:05Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for sendgrid-v3  Left the company  
2022-05-24T14:05:21Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:21Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for yesod-page-cursor  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:21Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oauth2  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:21Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for scientist  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:20Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for scientist  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:20Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for nonempty-zipper  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:20Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for hspec-junit-formatter  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:20Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for hspec-expectations-json  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:20Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for graphula  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:19Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for freckle-app  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:19Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for freckle-app  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:19Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for faktory  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:19Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for closed  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:18Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:18Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for bcp47  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:18Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for bcp47-orphans  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:17Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for aws-xray-client  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:17Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for aws-xray-client  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:17Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for aws-xray-client-wai  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:17Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for aws-xray-client-wai  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:16Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for aws-xray-client-persistent  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:05:16Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for aws-xray-client-persistent  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-05-24T14:02:42Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for aws-xray-client-persistent  Shared organization account  
2022-05-24T14:02:35Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for aws-xray-client-wai  Shared organization account  
2022-05-24T14:02:27Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for aws-xray-client  Shared organization account  
2022-05-24T14:01:34Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for freckle-app  Shared organization account  
2022-05-24T07:59:46Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  tochicool  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-24T07:58:04Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  martinbednar  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-24T07:18:49Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for shakespeare    
2022-05-23T13:13:04Z  ChrisDornan  Add  etherz10  Maintainers for rails-session  active maintainer  
2022-05-21T03:13:33Z  filib  Add  ChrisDornan  Maintainers for ruby-marshal    
2022-05-21T03:13:19Z  filib  Add  AlfredoDiNapoli  Maintainers for ruby-marshal    
2022-05-21T02:59:59Z  filib  Add  ChrisDornan  Maintainers for rails-session  
2022-05-21T02:59:46Z  filib  Add  AlfredoDiNapoli  Maintainers for rails-session  
2022-05-20T18:36:56Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for scientist  Shared organization account  
2022-05-20T18:32:51Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for scientist  initial upload  
2022-05-20T11:28:37Z  AdamBergmark  Add  dcastro  Maintainers for json-schema    
2022-05-19T23:33:14Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  seydar  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-19T19:52:25Z  GershomBazerman  Add  eyeinsky  Maintainers for rapid  new maintainer  
2022-05-19T13:26:28Z  melaniebrown  Add  melaniebrown  Maintainers for interval-patterns  initial upload  
2022-05-19T11:09:45Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  andres  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-19T04:22:29Z  ejconlon  Add  ejconlon  Maintainers for int-like  initial upload  
2022-05-18T23:58:37Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  kephasp  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-17T14:12:01Z  jship  Add  jship  Maintainers for monad-logger-aeson  initial upload  
2022-05-17T12:50:54Z  ryanglscott  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for cryptol  Add the Galois-wide Hackage account  
2022-05-17T07:43:10Z  ChrisDone  Add  ChrisDone  Maintainers for jl  initial upload  
2022-05-16T23:21:46Z  IavorDiatchki  Delete  AaronTomb  Maintainers for cryptol    
2022-05-16T23:21:37Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for cryptol    
2022-05-16T20:30:32Z  raehik  Add  raehik  Maintainers for strongweak  initial upload  
2022-05-15T10:05:27Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for conala-dataset  initial upload  
2022-05-14T00:53:06Z  bontaq  Add  bontaq  Maintainers for purview  initial upload  
2022-05-13T21:49:55Z  AndrasSlemmer  Add  andres  Maintainers for random-shuffle    
2022-05-13T08:01:38Z  ToralfWittner  Add  romanb  Maintainers for bytestring-conversion  Add Maintainer  
2022-05-12T10:58:09Z  swamp_agr  Add  swamp_agr  Maintainers for lambdabot-telegram-plugins  initial upload  
2022-05-11T13:11:53Z  AndreasAbel  Add  sjakobi  Maintainers for HsYAML-aeson  New co-maintainer  
2022-05-11T13:08:43Z  AndreasAbel  Add  sjakobi  Maintainers for HsYAML  New co-maintainer  
2022-05-11T11:12:26Z  OlleFredriksson  Add  luc_tielen  Maintainers for rock    
2022-05-11T07:16:35Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  stevenfontanella  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-11T05:55:36Z  Artyom  Add  stevenfontanella  Maintainers for microlens-th    
2022-05-11T05:55:09Z  Artyom  Add  stevenfontanella  Maintainers for microlens-contra    
2022-05-11T05:55:01Z  Artyom  Add  stevenfontanella  Maintainers for microlens-platform    
2022-05-11T05:54:53Z  Artyom  Add  stevenfontanella  Maintainers for microlens-mtl    
2022-05-11T05:54:46Z  Artyom  Add  stevenfontanella  Maintainers for microlens-ghc    
2022-05-11T05:54:34Z  Artyom  Add  stevenfontanella  Maintainers for microlens    
2022-05-10T12:38:41Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  ncaq  Maintainers for serversession  
2022-05-10T08:23:13Z  OliverCharles  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for tasty    
2022-05-10T08:23:05Z  OliverCharles  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for tasty-smallcheck    
2022-05-10T08:22:58Z  OliverCharles  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for tasty-rerun    
2022-05-10T08:22:50Z  OliverCharles  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for tasty-quickcheck    
2022-05-10T08:22:43Z  OliverCharles  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for tasty-hunit    
2022-05-10T08:22:27Z  OliverCharles  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for tasty-golden    
2022-05-10T08:22:18Z  OliverCharles  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for tasty-ant-xml    
2022-05-09T12:28:58Z  TobiasB91  Add  TobiasB91  Maintainers for blaze-htmx  initial upload  
2022-05-09T11:57:29Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for seocheck  initial upload  
2022-05-09T11:35:28Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for linkcheck  initial upload  
2022-05-09T00:17:31Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  HirokiTokunaga  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-08T23:56:31Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  TobiasB91  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-08T10:11:47Z  ChrisDone  Add  ChrisDone  Maintainers for lucid2  initial upload  
2022-05-07T20:33:38Z  GershomBazerman  Delete  emilypi  Maintainers for transformers-compat  s/emilypi/topos  
2022-05-07T20:33:31Z  GershomBazerman  Add  topos  Maintainers for transformers-compat    
2022-05-07T20:32:58Z  GershomBazerman  Add  topos  Maintainers for mtl    
2022-05-07T20:32:53Z  GershomBazerman  Delete  emilypi  Maintainers for mtl  s/emilypi/topos  
2022-05-07T19:39:52Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-sqlite3  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:39:43Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-posix  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:39:35Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-libffi  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:39:27Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-libcddb  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:39:20Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-hdf5  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:39:12Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-gsl  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:39:04Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-gpgme  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:38:56Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-glib  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:38:47Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-fann  New maintainer  
2022-05-07T19:38:38Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-directfb  New maintainer  
2022-05-06T14:13:29Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  psibi  Maintainers for http-reverse-proxy    
2022-05-06T13:51:32Z  BenGamari  Add  mpickering  Maintainers for monoidal-containers    
2022-05-04T19:05:09Z  pylover  Add  pylover  Maintainers for HangmanAscii  initial upload  
2022-05-04T17:59:15Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for test-lib    
2022-05-03T23:09:34Z  jdreaver  Add  mbj  Maintainers for stratosphere  New maintainer (  
2022-05-03T10:14:55Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  lollobaldo  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-03T10:11:24Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  HughDavidson  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-05-03T09:48:37Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for jsonl-conduit  initial upload  
2022-05-03T05:43:43Z  jack  Add  HughDavidson  Maintainers for aws-arn  Bellroy Employee  
2022-05-03T05:43:26Z  jack  Add  HughDavidson  Maintainers for wai-handler-hal  Bellroy Employee  
2022-05-01T01:31:02Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  bontaq  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-30T14:25:41Z  AndreasAbel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for hackage-cli  initial upload  
2022-04-29T14:50:09Z  lyxia  Add  SamFrohlich  Maintainers for profunctor-monad  add new maintainer  
2022-04-28T10:15:31Z  eyeinsky  Add  eyeinsky  Maintainers for extensioneer  initial upload  
2022-04-27T13:22:15Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for appendful-persistent  initial upload  
2022-04-27T13:22:06Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for genvalidity-appendful  initial upload  
2022-04-27T13:22:01Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for appendful  initial upload  
2022-04-27T09:22:21Z  hls_team  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-change-type-signature-plugin  initial upload  
2022-04-27T09:21:03Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for ghcide    
2022-04-27T09:20:11Z  wz1000  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hie-compat    
2022-04-26T19:58:29Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for genvalidity-case-insensitive  initial upload  
2022-04-26T19:58:01Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for validity-case-insensitive  initial upload  
2022-04-26T16:18:37Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-tactics-plugin    
2022-04-26T16:18:24Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-brittany-plugin    
2022-04-26T16:18:05Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-floskell-plugin    
2022-04-26T16:17:32Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for haskell-language-server    
2022-04-26T16:17:09Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for shake-bench    
2022-04-25T20:00:20Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  poorlyknitsweater  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-25T19:55:57Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  tomsmeding  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-25T19:52:38Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  pylover  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-25T19:14:23Z  jonascarpay  Add  jonascarpay  Maintainers for calligraphy  initial upload  
2022-04-25T09:43:22Z  AshleyYakeley  Add  poorlyknitsweater  Maintainers for unicode-names    
2022-04-25T09:42:57Z  AshleyYakeley  Add  poorlyknitsweater  Maintainers for unicode-properties    
2022-04-24T23:07:35Z  jlamothe  Add  jlamothe  Maintainers for csv-sip  initial upload  
2022-04-22T22:22:08Z  raehik  Add  raehik  Maintainers for binrep  initial upload  
2022-04-22T18:34:43Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for bzlib-conduit-jappie  initial upload  
2022-04-22T17:37:45Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JeremyShaw  Maintainers for jmacro-rpc-snap    
2022-04-22T17:37:27Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JeremyShaw  Maintainers for jmacro-rpc-happstack    
2022-04-22T17:37:14Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JeremyShaw  Maintainers for jmacro-rpc    
2022-04-22T17:36:55Z  GershomBazerman  Add  JeremyShaw  Maintainers for jmacro    
2022-04-22T00:54:12Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  mesabloo  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-21T15:43:11Z  rkrzr  Add  fatho  Maintainers for icepeak  Add second maintainer  
2022-04-21T15:42:40Z  rkrzr  Add  fatho  Maintainers for alfred-margaret  Add second maintainer  
2022-04-21T06:12:51Z  jle  Add  jle  Maintainers for dhall-text-shell  initial upload  
2022-04-20T09:18:34Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  FinleyMcIlwaine  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-19T22:59:22Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-webdriver-screenshot  initial upload  
2022-04-19T22:58:40Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-webdriver-yesod  initial upload  
2022-04-19T22:57:37Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-webdriver  initial upload  
2022-04-19T03:31:03Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  skrio  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-18T18:29:44Z  KevinQuick  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for abcBridge  Company  
2022-04-18T18:29:17Z  KevinQuick  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for aig  Company  
2022-04-18T18:28:42Z  KevinQuick  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for jvm-parser  Company  
2022-04-18T18:27:48Z  KevinQuick  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for parameterized-utils  Company  
2022-04-18T18:26:46Z  KevinQuick  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for s-cargot-letbind  Company  
2022-04-18T18:25:35Z  KevinQuick  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for lumberjack  Company  
2022-04-18T17:45:44Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  EricMertens  Maintainers for pretty-hex    
2022-04-18T17:45:07Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for pretty-hex    
2022-04-18T17:41:06Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for libBF    
2022-04-18T17:39:20Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for alex-tools    
2022-04-18T17:39:10Z  benselfridge  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for softfloat-hs  internal  
2022-04-18T17:38:41Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for test-lib    
2022-04-18T17:38:37Z  benselfridge  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for bv-sized  internal  
2022-04-18T17:35:23Z  EricMertens  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for lua-bc    
2022-04-18T17:35:12Z  EricMertens  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for llvm-pretty-bc-parser    
2022-04-18T17:33:39Z  EricMertens  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for config-value-getopt    
2022-04-18T14:14:31Z  etorreborre  Add  etorreborre  Maintainers for registry-messagepack  initial upload  
2022-04-17T18:20:24Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for dyna-processing  initial upload  
2022-04-17T18:18:38Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for dyna-brick  initial upload  
2022-04-17T18:16:42Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for dyna-gloss  initial upload  
2022-04-17T18:15:00Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for dyna  initial upload  
2022-04-17T10:08:03Z  DanielDiazCarrete  Add  DanielDiazCarrete  Maintainers for dep-t-value  initial upload  
2022-04-17T02:20:27Z  lysergia  Add  lysergia  Maintainers for gemini-exports  initial upload  
2022-04-16T21:01:14Z  DanielDiazCarrete  Add  DanielDiazCarrete  Maintainers for lazy-bracket  initial upload  
2022-04-15T09:30:54Z  leftaroundabout  Add  leftaroundabout  Maintainers for half-space  initial upload  
2022-04-15T06:31:49Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for yesod-persistent    
2022-04-14T20:28:10Z  solomon  Add  solomon  Maintainers for hedgehog-lens  initial upload  
2022-04-13T15:26:36Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  mpilgrem  Maintainers for pantry  
2022-04-12T20:30:52Z  FrancescoMazzoli  Add  RobertHensing  Maintainers for inline-c-cpp  new maintainer  
2022-04-12T20:30:33Z  FrancescoMazzoli  Add  RobertHensing  Maintainers for inline-c  new maintainer  
2022-04-12T17:08:00Z  rewinfrey  Add  robrix  Maintainers for proto-lens-jsonpb  Is also a maintainer but has not yet been added to the hackage maintainer group.  
2022-04-12T16:29:29Z  GershomBazerman  Add  teo  Package uploaders  maintainer psqueue  
2022-04-12T16:22:20Z  robrix  Add  robrix  Maintainers for tree-sitter-ocaml  initial upload  
2022-04-12T16:17:32Z  robrix  Add  robrix  Maintainers for tree-sitter-c-sharp  initial upload  
2022-04-12T15:46:33Z  BenGamari  Add  FinleyMcIlwaine  Maintainers for cborg    
2022-04-12T15:46:23Z  BenGamari  Add  FinleyMcIlwaine  Maintainers for cborg-json    
2022-04-12T15:46:15Z  BenGamari  Add  FinleyMcIlwaine  Maintainers for binary-serialise-cbor    
2022-04-12T15:46:05Z  BenGamari  Add  FinleyMcIlwaine  Maintainers for serialise    
2022-04-12T03:29:06Z  GershomBazerman  Add  teo  Maintainers for PSQueue  new maintainer  
2022-04-11T18:46:25Z  RobertDockins  Add  galoisinc  Maintainers for what4  Institutional access  
2022-04-11T18:45:44Z  RobertDockins  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for what4  Add co-maintainer  
2022-04-11T03:34:42Z  dustin  Add  dustin  Maintainers for gpmf  initial upload  
2022-04-11T00:12:03Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  hisaketM  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-08T16:01:14Z  JohnWiegley  Add  rethab  Maintainers for bindings-DSL  Taking over maintainership  
2022-04-07T10:00:59Z  DmitryIvanov  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for opentelemetry-lightstep  Is a contributor  
2022-04-07T10:00:48Z  DmitryIvanov  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for opentelemetry-wai  Is a contributor  
2022-04-07T10:00:38Z  DmitryIvanov  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for opentelemetry-extra  Is a contributor  
2022-04-07T10:00:21Z  DmitryIvanov  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for opentelemetry  Is a contributor  
2022-04-06T12:06:48Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  EdskoDeVries  Maintainers for large-anon  initial upload  
2022-04-06T03:35:55Z  gbwey  Add  gbwey  Maintainers for cybus  initial upload  
2022-04-06T02:18:19Z  gbwey  Add  gbwey  Maintainers for primus  initial upload  
2022-04-06T01:10:29Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  SofiaMA  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-04-05T22:45:48Z  gbwey  Add  gbwey  Maintainers for pos  initial upload  
2022-04-05T21:44:38Z  SergeyVinokurov  Add  SergeyVinokurov  Maintainers for htoml-parse  initial upload  
2022-04-05T21:13:50Z  SergeyVinokurov  Add  SergeyVinokurov  Maintainers for prettyprinter-combinators  initial upload  
2022-04-05T18:29:34Z  topos  Add  SofiaMA  Maintainers for base64  She cool  
2022-04-05T14:15:40Z  BenGamari  Add  wz1000  Maintainers for ghc-bignum  9.0 maintenance  
2022-04-05T05:44:49Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for union-color  initial upload  
2022-04-04T09:03:56Z  ErikHesselink  Add  JeroenBransen  Maintainers for uu-options  package takeover  
2022-04-04T09:03:43Z  ErikHesselink  Add  JeroenBransen  Maintainers for uu-interleaved  package takeover  
2022-04-04T09:03:31Z  ErikHesselink  Add  JeroenBransen  Maintainers for uu-parsinglib  package takeover  
2022-04-03T10:44:14Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  JTeeuwissen  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-31T22:15:49Z  hecate  Add  hecate  Maintainers for chapelure  initial upload  
2022-03-31T12:25:31Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for feedback  initial upload  
2022-03-30T07:36:28Z  gromak  Add  martoon  Maintainers for universum  Active contributor  
2022-03-30T01:30:21Z  alojzyleszcz  Add  alojzyleszcz  Maintainers for stooq-api  initial upload  
2022-03-29T10:54:37Z  etorreborre  Add  etorreborre  Maintainers for registry-hedgehog-aeson  initial upload  
2022-03-28T17:03:00Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for bugsnag-yesod  initial upload  
2022-03-28T17:02:58Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for bugsnag-wai  initial upload  
2022-03-28T17:02:49Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for bugsnag  initial upload  
2022-03-28T13:51:11Z  gsabbagh  Add  gsabbagh  Maintainers for FiniteCategories  initial upload  
2022-03-28T00:54:55Z  onrock_eng  Add  cuedo_com_au  Maintainers for github-webhooks  Rebrand  
2022-03-27T09:48:54Z  turion  Add  turion  Maintainers for monad-schedule  initial upload  
2022-03-27T08:38:23Z  turion  Add  turion  Maintainers for time-domain  initial upload  
2022-03-26T16:26:30Z  ErikHesselink  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for lazy-search  package takeover:  
2022-03-26T16:26:12Z  ErikHesselink  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for testing-feat  package takeover:  
2022-03-26T16:25:55Z  ErikHesselink  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for size-based  package takeover:  
2022-03-25T23:32:35Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  ncfavier  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-25T23:31:12Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  ShrykeWindgrace  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-25T23:19:39Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  loltarudesh  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-25T18:08:04Z  shersh  Add  Bodigrim  Maintainers for relude  Collaborator  
2022-03-25T14:52:57Z  BrentYorgey  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for diagrams-input  initial upload  
2022-03-24T22:15:13Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for ascii-numbers  initial upload  
2022-03-24T20:17:59Z  haskellworks  Add  haskellworks  Maintainers for hw-json-demo  initial upload  
2022-03-24T18:20:18Z  chris_martin  Delete  MichaelSnoyman  Maintainers for ascii    
2022-03-24T13:40:18Z  JohnMillikin  Delete  JohnMillikin  Maintainers for knob  Transferring ownership  
2022-03-24T13:40:08Z  JohnMillikin  Add  ncfavier  Maintainers for knob  Transferring ownership  
2022-03-23T14:32:19Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  EdskoDeVries  Maintainers for large-generics  initial upload  
2022-03-23T12:55:09Z  ozzzzz  Add  maksbotan  Maintainers for aeson-picker    
2022-03-23T10:30:23Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for sheets  initial upload  
2022-03-23T10:28:38Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for composite-ix  initial upload  
2022-03-22T09:26:11Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  oquechy  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-21T19:43:31Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for partial-semigroup-hedgehog    
2022-03-21T19:43:17Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for partial-semigroup    
2022-03-21T18:47:34Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for loc-test    
2022-03-21T18:41:43Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for data-forest    
2022-03-21T18:33:32Z  zmactep  Add  maksbotan  Maintainers for hasbolt    
2022-03-21T14:57:54Z  phadej  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for github    
2022-03-21T11:15:10Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  tbagrel1  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-21T11:12:16Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  nescohen  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-19T18:55:20Z  ChristophBauer  Add  ChristophBauer  Maintainers for reflex-dom-ionic  initial upload  
2022-03-18T05:59:48Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  FumiakiKinoshita  Maintainers for word-compat  initial upload  
2022-03-18T02:01:23Z  thomasjm  Add  thomasjm  Maintainers for servant-typescript  initial upload  
2022-03-17T22:08:53Z  OwenBechtel  Add  OwenBechtel  Maintainers for ca-patterns  initial upload  
2022-03-17T13:32:56Z  fozworth  Delete  gera_cameron  Maintainers for prolude    
2022-03-17T13:32:47Z  fozworth  Delete  goolord  Maintainers for prolude    
2022-03-17T12:08:29Z  jack  Add  OwenBechtel  Package uploaders  
2022-03-17T08:31:07Z  TonyMorris  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for alignment  initial upload  
2022-03-15T17:52:17Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  TrevisElser  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-03-15T05:28:57Z  dakotah_lambert  Add  dakotah_lambert  Maintainers for language-toolkit  initial upload  
2022-03-14T03:33:07Z  jack  Add  hls_team  Package uploaders  For CI-driven releases, requested by Pepe Iborra (  
2022-03-14T03:31:02Z  jack  Add  gsabbagh  Package uploaders  
2022-03-14T03:27:16Z  jack  Add  MarcScholten  Package uploaders  Uploader for IHP's HSX package  
2022-03-14T03:24:34Z  jack  Add  alexmckenna  Package uploaders  
2022-03-14T03:22:45Z  jack  Add  yctsui  Package uploaders  
2022-03-13T22:03:21Z  lysergia  Add  lysergia  Maintainers for binance-exports  initial upload  
2022-03-13T09:59:09Z  daylily  Add  daylily  Maintainers for cleff-plugin  initial upload  
2022-03-12T21:52:06Z  AlexanderVershilov  Add  AlexanderVershilov  Maintainers for hasql-explain-tests  initial upload  
2022-03-11T08:23:13Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for rungekutta2  initial upload  
2022-03-10T22:56:11Z  jack  Add  brianhicks  Package uploaders  Maintainer for nri-*  
2022-03-10T21:17:48Z  NoRedInk  Add  brianhicks  Maintainers for nri-test-encoding    
2022-03-10T21:17:45Z  NoRedInk  Add  brianhicks  Maintainers for nri-redis    
2022-03-10T21:17:42Z  NoRedInk  Add  brianhicks  Maintainers for nri-prelude    
2022-03-10T21:17:40Z  NoRedInk  Add  brianhicks  Maintainers for nri-postgresql    
2022-03-10T21:17:38Z  NoRedInk  Add  brianhicks  Maintainers for nri-observability    
2022-03-10T21:17:35Z  NoRedInk  Add  brianhicks  Maintainers for nri-kafka    
2022-03-10T21:17:31Z  NoRedInk  Add  brianhicks  Maintainers for nri-http    
2022-03-10T21:16:48Z  NoRedInk  Add  brianhicks  Maintainers for nri-env-parser    
2022-03-10T16:35:30Z  acatton  Add  TrevisElser  Maintainers for non-empty-text  Trevis volunteered to take over maintenance of this package. I don't have time to maintain this package anymore.  
2022-03-10T15:56:47Z  martoon  Add  serokell  Maintainers for nyan-interpolation-simple    
2022-03-10T15:56:34Z  martoon  Add  serokell  Maintainers for nyan-interpolation    
2022-03-10T12:37:30Z  martoon  Add  martoon  Maintainers for nyan-interpolation-simple  initial upload  
2022-03-10T12:37:26Z  martoon  Add  martoon  Maintainers for nyan-interpolation  initial upload  
2022-03-10T02:13:06Z  GeorgeWilson  Add  mbg  Maintainers for tasty-hedgehog    
2022-03-09T12:48:36Z  martoon  Add  serokell  Maintainers for nyan-interpolation-core    
2022-03-09T12:34:36Z  martoon  Add  martoon  Maintainers for nyan-interpolation-core  initial upload  
2022-03-09T11:33:23Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for jpl-horizons-api  initial upload  
2022-03-09T05:29:52Z  qfpl  Add  GeorgeWilson  Maintainers for exitcode  Reason  
2022-03-09T05:29:17Z  qfpl  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for exitcode  reason is good  
2022-03-09T01:01:45Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  nevrome  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-09T00:55:15Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for annotated-exception  initial upload  
2022-03-09T00:53:17Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  joelynch  Package uploaders  Requested uploader permissions  
2022-03-07T16:03:56Z  RobertHensing  Add  RobertHensing  Maintainers for cabal-pkg-config-version-hook  initial upload  
2022-03-07T14:30:23Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-alternate-number-format-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:30:14Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-qualify-imported-names-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:30:00Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-selection-range-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:29:50Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-rename-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:29:42Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-refine-imports-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:28:41Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-test-utils    
2022-03-07T14:28:30Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-call-hierarchy-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:28:17Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-module-name-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:26:28Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-haddock-comments-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:26:17Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-explicit-imports-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:23:42Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-stylish-haskell-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:23:14Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-fourmolu-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:22:58Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-hlint-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:22:47Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-pragmas-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:22:36Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-eval-plugin    
2022-03-07T14:22:21Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-ormolu-plugin  umbrella account for contributors  
2022-03-07T14:21:33Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-retrie-plugin  umbrella account for contributors  
2022-03-07T14:19:47Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-splice-plugin  Umbrella account for contributors  
2022-03-07T14:19:27Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-class-plugin  umbrella account for contributors  
2022-03-07T14:19:13Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-plugin-api  umbrella account for contributors  
2022-03-07T14:18:52Z  PepeIborra  Add  hls_team  Maintainers for hls-graph  Umbrella account for contributors  
2022-03-05T21:19:54Z  DavidSpies  Add  DavidSpies  Maintainers for fastmemo  initial upload  
2022-03-03T21:39:51Z  rewinfrey  Add  robrix  Maintainers for lingo  Active contributor to lingo  
2022-03-02T19:15:10Z  mbg  Add  mbg  Maintainers for servant-rate-limit  initial upload  
2022-03-02T02:34:46Z  isovector  Add  isovector  Maintainers for blagda  initial upload  
2022-03-01T18:25:06Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  rizoid  Maintainers for grpc-haskell    
2022-03-01T18:25:02Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  ParnellSpringmeyer  Maintainers for grpc-haskell    
2022-03-01T18:24:45Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  rizoid  Maintainers for proto3-suite    
2022-03-01T18:24:40Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  ParnellSpringmeyer  Maintainers for proto3-suite    
2022-03-01T18:24:25Z  GabrielGonzalez  Delete  rashad1030  Maintainers for proto3-suite    
2022-03-01T18:24:15Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  rizoid  Maintainers for proto3-wire    
2022-03-01T18:24:06Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  ParnellSpringmeyer  Maintainers for proto3-wire    
2022-03-01T17:43:16Z  GabrielGonzalez  Delete  rashad1030  Maintainers for proto3-wire  Rashad no longer maintains the project  
2022-03-01T06:22:03Z  vst  Add  vst  Maintainers for haspara  initial upload  
2022-02-27T22:51:35Z  kivikakk  Add  janus  Maintainers for cmark-gfm  assist with maintaining  
2022-02-26T23:28:39Z  robrix  Add  robrix  Maintainers for fresnel-fused-effects  initial upload  
2022-02-26T06:24:20Z  AndresLoeh  Add  MikolajKonarski  Maintainers for cabal-install  is co-maintaining cabal-install for a while now, it just hasn't yet been reflected on Hackage  
2022-02-25T21:22:26Z  jack  Add  nhalford  Package uploaders  New maintainer of pinch-gen  
2022-02-25T21:19:31Z  jack  Add  jpmrst  Package uploaders and  
2022-02-25T20:59:02Z  jack  Add  rieckenj  Package uploaders  
2022-02-25T20:53:33Z  jack  Add  oyanglulu  Package uploaders  
2022-02-25T20:48:03Z  jack  Add  DavidSpies  Package uploaders  
2022-02-24T20:26:24Z  KtorZ  Add  KtorZ  Maintainers for contra-tracers  initial upload  
2022-02-24T13:53:50Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for incipit  initial upload  
2022-02-23T21:18:17Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:16Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:16Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for yesod-page-cursor  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:16Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for yesod-page-cursor  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:16Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oauth2  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:15Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oauth2  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:15Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for nonempty-zipper  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:15Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for nonempty-zipper  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:15Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for hspec-junit-formatter  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:14Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for hspec-junit-formatter  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:14Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for hspec-expectations-json  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:14Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for hspec-expectations-json  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:13Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for graphula  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:13Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for graphula  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:13Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for faktory  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:13Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for faktory  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:12Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for closed  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:12Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for closed  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:12Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:11Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:11Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for bcp47  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:11Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for bcp47  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:10Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for bcp47-orphans  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:18:10Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for bcp47-orphans  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T21:13:25Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  FelipeLessa  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  Cleaning up  
2022-02-23T19:44:39Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T19:44:39Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  cdparks  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T19:44:39Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T19:44:38Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T19:44:38Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T19:44:38Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  cdparks  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T19:44:38Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  cbeav  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2022-02-23T19:33:30Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for cfn-flip  Shared organization account  
2022-02-23T19:32:38Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for cfn-flip  initial upload  
2022-02-23T09:50:16Z  aspiwack  Add  tbagrel1  Maintainers for linear-base  Joined the team  
2022-02-23T08:38:03Z  TonyMorris  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for spacechar  initial upload  
2022-02-22T21:02:12Z  PhilippHausmann  Add  nhalford  Maintainers for pinch-gen    
2022-02-22T20:59:34Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for pretty-html    
2022-02-22T20:21:08Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for incipit-core  initial upload  
2022-02-22T20:21:07Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for incipit-base  initial upload  
2022-02-22T12:45:21Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for mmsyn2-array-ukrainian-data  initial upload  
2022-02-22T12:31:00Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for pretty-html  initial upload  
2022-02-22T11:05:55Z  ThomasSutton  Add  janus  Maintainers for aeson-diff  Volunteered to help manage version bounds  
2022-02-21T22:35:16Z  robrix  Add  robrix  Maintainers for fresnel  initial upload  
2022-02-21T06:23:22Z  alcinnz  Add  alcinnz  Maintainers for harfbuzz-pure  initial upload  
2022-02-19T19:37:38Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for ukrainian-phonetics-basic-array-bytestring  initial upload  
2022-02-19T19:17:55Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for ukrainian-phonetics-common  initial upload  
2022-02-19T18:37:12Z  DinoMorelli  Add  DinoMorelli  Maintainers for string-conv-tests  initial upload  
2022-02-19T09:48:47Z  sigrlami  Add  sigrlami  Maintainers for api-rpc-accumulate  initial upload  
2022-02-16T15:49:46Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for http-io-streams    
2022-02-16T15:47:43Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for xor    
2022-02-16T15:15:02Z  NikitaVolkov  Add  NikitaVolkov  Maintainers for domain-cereal  initial upload  
2022-02-16T15:12:33Z  NikitaVolkov  Add  NikitaVolkov  Maintainers for domain-aeson  initial upload  
2022-02-16T14:27:04Z  NikitaVolkov  Add  NikitaVolkov  Maintainers for text-builder-dev  initial upload  
2022-02-16T14:21:39Z  trin_cz  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for happstack-static-routing  He wants to make changes  
2022-02-15T01:27:13Z  JoeyHess  Add  JoeyHess  Maintainers for zephyr-copilot  initial upload  
2022-02-14T18:56:14Z  iphydf  Add  iphydf  Maintainers for msgpack-arbitrary  initial upload  
2022-02-14T18:49:05Z  jxv  Add  jxv  Maintainers for sugar-scheme  initial upload  
2022-02-14T18:48:12Z  jxv  Add  jxv  Maintainers for sugar-json  initial upload  
2022-02-14T18:44:59Z  jxv  Add  jxv  Maintainers for sugar  initial upload  
2022-02-14T18:36:58Z  JoeyHess  Add  JoeyHess  Maintainers for sketch-frp-copilot  initial upload  
2022-02-14T18:36:53Z  JoeyHess  Add  JoeyHess  Maintainers for copilot-frp-sketch  initial upload  
2022-02-14T16:55:10Z  minad  Add  janus  Maintainers for wl-pprint-annotated  Comaintainer  
2022-02-14T14:25:53Z  iphydf  Add  iphydf  Maintainers for msgpack-testsuite  initial upload  
2022-02-14T11:46:11Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for pro-abstract  initial upload  
2022-02-12T21:16:35Z  jack  Add  prolic  Package uploaders  
2022-02-12T21:05:22Z  jack  Add  nico  Package uploaders  
2022-02-12T21:00:59Z  jack  Add  jmorag  Package uploaders ,  
2022-02-12T20:46:54Z  jack  Add  jsoo  Package uploaders  New maintainer of nix-graph  
2022-02-12T12:48:04Z  obfusk  Add  obfusk  Maintainers for koneko  initial upload  
2022-02-11T22:13:33Z  edemko  Add  edemko  Maintainers for nanopass  initial upload  
2022-02-11T20:30:01Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for newtype    
2022-02-11T19:30:08Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for microaeson    
2022-02-11T19:27:29Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for MissingH    
2022-02-11T16:34:18Z  TravisAthougies  Add  TravisAthougies  Maintainers for wireguard-hs  initial upload  
2022-02-11T11:54:41Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-hedgehog  initial upload  
2022-02-11T03:02:17Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  janus  Maintainers for http-client-conduit  
2022-02-11T03:01:54Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  janus  Maintainers for http-client-openssl  
2022-02-11T03:01:36Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  janus  Maintainers for http-client-tls  
2022-02-11T03:01:12Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  janus  Maintainers for http-client  
2022-02-11T02:42:40Z  fozworth  Add  fozworth  Maintainers for velma  initial upload  
2022-02-11T00:40:21Z  MichaelXavier  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for bloodhound  Volunteered to maintain  
2022-02-10T18:08:31Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for hackage-cli  comaintainer  
2022-02-10T15:19:57Z  QBayLogic  Add  QBayLogic  Maintainers for clash-lib-hedgehog  initial upload  
2022-02-10T15:19:53Z  QBayLogic  Add  QBayLogic  Maintainers for clash-prelude-hedgehog  initial upload  
2022-02-09T23:15:56Z  evanrelf  Delete  lambdadog  Maintainers for nix-graph    
2022-02-09T12:26:07Z  olf  Add  NikitaVolkov  Maintainers for opc-xml-da-client  is co-author  
2022-02-09T02:50:30Z  quick_dudley  Add  quick_dudley  Maintainers for pareto-front  initial upload  
2022-02-07T12:25:42Z  FacundoDominguez  Add  RomanCheplyaka  Maintainers for inline-r  Roman is the new maintainer  
2022-02-06T12:20:31Z  IlyaPortnov  Add  IlyaPortnov  Maintainers for batchd-libvirt  initial upload  
2022-02-06T12:19:16Z  IlyaPortnov  Add  IlyaPortnov  Maintainers for batchd-docker  initial upload  
2022-02-06T12:18:44Z  IlyaPortnov  Add  IlyaPortnov  Maintainers for batchd-core  initial upload  
2022-02-05T19:52:17Z  amarianiello  Add  amarianiello  Maintainers for hasql-streams-streamly  initial upload  
2022-02-05T19:52:17Z  amarianiello  Add  amarianiello  Maintainers for hasql-streams-streaming  initial upload  
2022-02-05T19:52:17Z  amarianiello  Add  amarianiello  Maintainers for hasql-streams-pipes  initial upload  
2022-02-05T19:52:16Z  amarianiello  Add  amarianiello  Maintainers for hasql-streams-example  initial upload  
2022-02-05T19:52:16Z  amarianiello  Add  amarianiello  Maintainers for hasql-streams-core  initial upload  
2022-02-05T19:52:16Z  amarianiello  Add  amarianiello  Maintainers for hasql-streams-conduit  initial upload  
2022-02-04T11:11:48Z  daylily  Add  daylily  Maintainers for rec-smallarray  initial upload  
2022-02-04T07:23:36Z  typeable  Add  iko  Maintainers for compaREST  Maintainer  
2022-02-03T23:31:21Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for pro-source    
2022-02-03T23:31:15Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for loc    
2022-02-03T23:30:03Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for pro-source  initial upload  
2022-02-03T22:56:01Z  SchellScivally  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for aeson-tiled    
2022-02-03T19:49:16Z  ParnellSpringmeyer  Add  rizoid  Maintainers for spectacle  Rizoid is the primary author of Spectacle.  
2022-02-03T08:04:49Z  PatrickBahr  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for equivalence    
2022-02-02T22:53:06Z  GershomBazerman  Add  bobbbay  Package uploaders  req  
2022-02-02T15:47:27Z  GershomBazerman  Add  zallocate  Package uploaders    
2022-02-02T13:13:50Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-swagger  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:13:39Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-swagger-ui  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:13:25Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-swagger-ui-redoc  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:13:10Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-swagger-ui-jensoleg  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:12:52Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-swagger-ui-core  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:03:21Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-client-core  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:03:06Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-client  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:02:48Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:02:10Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-server  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:01:49Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-quickcheck  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:01:33Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-pipes  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:01:18Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-multipart  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:01:03Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-multipart-client  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:00:45Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-multipart-api  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:00:25Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-mock  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T13:00:04Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-machines  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:59:45Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-js  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:59:11Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-http-streams  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:58:43Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-foreign  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:58:01Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-docs  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:57:36Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-conduit  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:57:18Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-cassava  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:56:59Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-blaze  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:56:32Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-auth  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:56:19Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-auth-swagger  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:55:54Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-auth-server  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:55:38Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-auth-docs  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T12:55:18Z  AlpMestanogullari  Add  GaelDeest  Maintainers for servant-auth-client  New maintainer  
2022-02-02T07:30:36Z  snav_jason  Add  joelynch  Maintainers for sbp  new company maintainer  
2022-02-01T20:26:09Z  evanrelf  Add  jsoo  Maintainers for nix-graph    
2022-01-31T15:18:02Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-instrumentation-persistent  initial upload  
2022-01-31T04:55:52Z  daylily  Add  daylily  Maintainers for cleff  initial upload  
2022-01-30T09:32:28Z  qfpl  Add  GeorgeWilson  Maintainers for hedgehog-fn  G  
2022-01-30T09:27:32Z  qfpl  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for hedgehog-fn  Yes  
2022-01-30T08:09:39Z  rashad1030  Add  rashad1030  Maintainers for hyperscript  initial upload  
2022-01-30T06:44:26Z  rashad1030  Add  rashad1030  Maintainers for lucid-hyperscript  initial upload  
2022-01-29T13:17:06Z  jneira  Add  Nicksuchecki  Maintainers for hls-alternate-number-format-plugin  plugin author  
2022-01-29T12:18:00Z  PepeIborra  Add  eddiemundo  Maintainers for hls-qualify-imported-names-plugin    
2022-01-29T08:54:25Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-qualify-imported-names-plugin    
2022-01-29T08:53:50Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-alternate-number-format-plugin    
2022-01-29T08:53:35Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-selection-range-plugin    
2022-01-29T08:53:26Z  PepeIborra  Add  kokobd  Maintainers for hls-selection-range-plugin    
2022-01-29T08:47:29Z  ErikHesselink  Add  dfordivam  Maintainers for hspec-webdriver  Package takeover  
2022-01-28T18:28:01Z  chessai  Add  VladimirShabanov  Maintainers for text-icu  new maintainer of text-icu  
2022-01-28T04:43:16Z  GershomBazerman  Add  janus  Package uploaders    
2022-01-28T01:53:20Z  rashad1030  Add  rashad1030  Maintainers for servant-htmx  initial upload  
2022-01-28T01:44:48Z  GershomBazerman  Add  janus  Maintainers for tzdata  takeover req  
2022-01-28T01:44:33Z  GershomBazerman  Add  janus  Maintainers for tz  takeover req  
2022-01-27T19:38:13Z  vmchale  Add  vmchale  Maintainers for hypergeometric  initial upload  
2022-01-27T17:37:59Z  GershomBazerman  Add  edemko  Package uploaders  req  
2022-01-26T14:32:55Z  mizunashi_mana  Add  mizunashi_mana  Maintainers for ptera-th  initial upload  
2022-01-26T14:32:53Z  mizunashi_mana  Add  mizunashi_mana  Maintainers for ptera  initial upload  
2022-01-26T14:32:49Z  mizunashi_mana  Add  mizunashi_mana  Maintainers for ptera-core  initial upload  
2022-01-26T13:58:47Z  Jappie  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for persistent-lens  initial upload  
2022-01-26T01:05:13Z  mlang  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for diagrams-braille    
2022-01-25T09:13:18Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for web3-solidity  initial upload  
2022-01-25T09:11:37Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for scale  initial upload  
2022-01-25T09:11:19Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for web3-provider  initial upload  
2022-01-25T09:10:28Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for web3-polkadot  initial upload  
2022-01-25T09:08:31Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for web3-ipfs  initial upload  
2022-01-25T09:08:15Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for memory-hexstring  initial upload  
2022-01-25T09:07:27Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for web3-ethereum  initial upload  
2022-01-25T09:06:46Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for web3-crypto  initial upload  
2022-01-25T09:05:32Z  akru  Add  akru  Maintainers for web3-bignum  initial upload  
2022-01-25T08:07:27Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  shikaan  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-25T00:35:51Z  IavorDiatchki  Add  EricMertens  Maintainers for alex-tools    
2022-01-24T11:15:12Z  OliverCharles  Add  nieled  Maintainers for digestive-functors-aeson    
2022-01-22T14:52:32Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  topos  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T14:52:26Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  Bodigrim  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T14:52:13Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  phadej  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T14:51:58Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  MikolajKonarski  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T14:51:44Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  MikhailGlushenkov  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T14:51:29Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  HerbertValerioRiedel  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T14:51:15Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  DuncanCoutts  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T14:51:04Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  BenGamari  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T14:50:49Z  PatrickDougherty  Add  AndresLoeh  Maintainers for Cabal-syntax  Cabal maintainer  
2022-01-22T11:38:24Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  fsh  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-22T11:33:38Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  cuedo_com_au  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-19T15:04:11Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  dfordivam  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-19T15:02:14Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  samsergey  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-19T14:55:53Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  infinisil  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-19T14:53:00Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  julianobs  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-19T13:30:41Z  NoRedInk  Add  julianobs  Maintainers for nri-test-encoding  Works at NoRedInk and helps maintain haskell packages here  
2022-01-19T13:30:41Z  NoRedInk  Add  julianobs  Maintainers for nri-redis  Works at NoRedInk and helps maintain haskell packages here  
2022-01-19T13:30:40Z  NoRedInk  Add  julianobs  Maintainers for nri-prelude  Works at NoRedInk and helps maintain haskell packages here  
2022-01-19T13:30:39Z  NoRedInk  Add  julianobs  Maintainers for nri-postgresql  Works at NoRedInk and helps maintain haskell packages here  
2022-01-19T13:30:39Z  NoRedInk  Add  julianobs  Maintainers for nri-observability  Works at NoRedInk and helps maintain haskell packages here  
2022-01-19T13:30:38Z  NoRedInk  Add  julianobs  Maintainers for nri-kafka  Works at NoRedInk and helps maintain haskell packages here  
2022-01-19T13:30:38Z  NoRedInk  Add  julianobs  Maintainers for nri-http  Works at NoRedInk and helps maintain haskell packages here  
2022-01-19T13:29:23Z  NoRedInk  Add  julianobs  Maintainers for nri-env-parser  Works at NoRedInk and helps maintain haskell packages here  
2022-01-19T11:15:46Z  AlanHawkins  Add  AlanHawkins  Maintainers for DigitGroup  initial upload  
2022-01-18T22:38:15Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  PatrickDougherty  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-18T18:17:46Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for html-presentation-text  initial upload  
2022-01-18T14:05:07Z  ChrisDone  Add  MichaelSnoyman  Maintainers for odbc    
2022-01-18T14:04:53Z  ChrisDone  Add  KirillZaborsky  Maintainers for odbc    
2022-01-17T18:02:49Z  BrentYorgey  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for disco  initial upload  
2022-01-17T00:27:48Z  AdamBergmark  Add  TroelsHenriksen  Maintainers for haskell-src-meta  new co-maintainer  
2022-01-16T15:56:27Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-adwaita  initial upload  
2022-01-16T01:55:55Z  DanBurton  Add  AdamBergmark  Maintainers for haskell-src-meta    
2022-01-14T05:46:23Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  danshved  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-13T14:48:38Z  andrewthad  Add  konsumlamm  Maintainers for primitive-checked  Discussed at  
2022-01-13T02:18:15Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for koji-tool  initial upload  
2022-01-12T12:41:11Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for cli-arguments-strict  initial upload  
2022-01-12T01:05:38Z  TomLippincott  Add  TomLippincott  Maintainers for scheduling  initial upload  
2022-01-10T15:34:23Z  OliverCharles  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for sdl2    
2022-01-10T14:54:27Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  amarianiello  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-10T14:52:20Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  madjestic  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2022-01-09T21:02:18Z  vapourismo  Add  vapourismo  Maintainers for psql  initial upload  
2022-01-09T19:29:35Z  vmchale  Add  vmchale  Maintainers for jacinda  initial upload  
2022-01-09T12:15:25Z  AndrewCowie  Add  AndrewCowie  Maintainers for core-webserver-servant  initial upload  
2022-01-09T12:15:24Z  AndrewCowie  Add  AndrewCowie  Maintainers for core-webserver-warp  initial upload  
2022-01-08T12:58:30Z  rkaippully  Add  rkaippully  Maintainers for webgear-openapi  initial upload  
2022-01-08T12:30:27Z  rkaippully  Add  rkaippully  Maintainers for webgear-core  initial upload  
2022-01-07T09:47:45Z  harendra  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for streamly-examples    
2022-01-07T03:46:07Z  qwbarch  Add  qwbarch  Maintainers for captcha-2captcha  initial upload  
2022-01-07T03:45:44Z  qwbarch  Add  qwbarch  Maintainers for captcha-capmonster  initial upload  
2022-01-07T03:45:02Z  qwbarch  Add  qwbarch  Maintainers for captcha-core  initial upload  
2022-01-05T06:04:15Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  infinisil  Maintainers for webauthn  Package name takeover  
2022-01-05T04:12:12Z  teto  Add  teto  Maintainers for mptcpanalyzer  initial upload  
2022-01-04T18:53:17Z  teto  Add  teto  Maintainers for mptcp  initial upload  
2022-01-04T05:10:28Z  jack  Add  brian_jing  Package uploaders  New maintainer of  
2022-01-04T02:10:19Z  AlexeyKotlyarov  Add  brian_jing  Maintainers for serverless-haskell  Taking over maintenance on behalf of SEEK  
2022-01-02T22:45:12Z  vmchale  Add  vmchale  Maintainers for regex-rure  initial upload  
2022-01-01T07:29:01Z  aaronallen8455  Add  aaronallen8455  Maintainers for graph-trace-viz  initial upload  
2022-01-01T07:28:29Z  aaronallen8455  Add  aaronallen8455  Maintainers for graph-trace-dot  initial upload  
2022-01-01T07:28:03Z  aaronallen8455  Add  aaronallen8455  Maintainers for graph-trace  initial upload  
2021-12-29T20:21:56Z  discodave  Add  discodave  Maintainers for katip-wai  initial upload  
2021-12-29T11:33:33Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for copr-api  initial upload  
2021-12-29T08:24:52Z  jack  Add  discodave  Package uploaders  
2021-12-29T08:15:47Z  jack  Add  adithyaov  Package uploaders  Maintainter for streamly-bytestring, among others  
2021-12-28T19:21:40Z  abrar  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for th-extras    
2021-12-28T18:34:28Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for topaz  initial upload  
2021-12-27T15:33:35Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for pdc  initial upload  
2021-12-27T15:26:06Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for pagure  initial upload  
2021-12-27T14:54:26Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for bodhi  initial upload  
2021-12-27T12:13:15Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for cli-arguments  initial upload  
2021-12-27T00:48:53Z  lehins  Add  lehins  Maintainers for conduit-aeson  initial upload  
2021-12-26T20:50:01Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-instrumentation-postgresql-simple  initial upload  
2021-12-26T20:50:00Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-instrumentation-http-client  initial upload  
2021-12-26T20:49:56Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-instrumentation-conduit  initial upload  
2021-12-26T10:24:27Z  harendra  Add  wismill  Maintainers for unicode-data    
2021-12-24T22:38:03Z  velveteer  Add  velveteer  Maintainers for hermes-json  initial upload  
2021-12-24T15:13:18Z  BenGamari  Add  MikolajKonarski  Maintainers for Cabal  Mikolaj is now looking over Cabal things  
2021-12-23T09:20:55Z  alexbiehl  Add  hecate  Maintainers for haddock-library    
2021-12-23T09:20:37Z  alexbiehl  Add  hecate  Maintainers for haddock-api    
2021-12-23T09:20:13Z  alexbiehl  Add  hecate  Maintainers for haddock    
2021-12-22T09:51:51Z  tim_supercede  Add  jgt  Maintainers for libxlsxwriter-hs    
2021-12-22T09:51:45Z  tim_supercede  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for libxlsxwriter-hs    
2021-12-22T09:47:01Z  tim_supercede  Add  tim_supercede  Maintainers for libxlsxwriter-hs  initial upload  
2021-12-20T19:59:33Z  KtorZ  Add  KtorZ  Maintainers for fast-bech32  initial upload  
2021-12-20T14:09:20Z  tim_supercede  Add  jgt  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oidc    
2021-12-20T13:42:49Z  tim_supercede  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oidc    
2021-12-20T13:18:01Z  PeterDivianszky  Add  PeterDivianszky  Maintainers for kmn-programming  initial upload  
2021-12-20T09:56:09Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  FumiakiKinoshita  Maintainers for oath  initial upload  
2021-12-20T09:14:45Z  OliverCharles  Add  ChrisDornan  Maintainers for argon2  
2021-12-19T01:35:49Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for helic  initial upload  
2021-12-18T06:06:47Z  igrep  Add  igrep  Maintainers for monad-throw-exit  initial upload  
2021-12-18T04:38:05Z  mitchellwrosen  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for park-bench  initial upload  
2021-12-17T20:05:34Z  GershomBazerman  Add  FumiakiKinoshita  Maintainers for oath  req  
2021-12-17T16:09:29Z  ChrisDornan  Add  ChrisDornan  Maintainers for cryptonite-cd  initial upload  
2021-12-17T15:37:09Z  ChrisDornan  Add  ChrisDornan  Maintainers for memory-cd  initial upload  
2021-12-17T14:47:50Z  ChrisDornan  Add  ChrisDornan  Maintainers for basement-cd  initial upload  
2021-12-17T07:31:43Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  EdskoDeVries  Maintainers for typelet  initial upload  
2021-12-16T15:09:17Z  VincentArchambault  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for sexpresso  co-maintainer  
2021-12-15T17:46:36Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  DenizAlpDurmaz  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions for `parquet-hs`, `hush`, and `plumes-hs`  
2021-12-15T10:48:34Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  michaelpj  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions for `lsp`-related packages  
2021-12-14T17:28:13Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  andriusstank  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions for `downhill`  
2021-12-14T17:26:08Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  stepp  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions for `ascii85x`  
2021-12-14T14:50:31Z  jneira  Add  michaelpj  Maintainers for lsp-test  maintainer  
2021-12-14T14:49:57Z  jneira  Add  michaelpj  Maintainers for lsp-types  maintainer  
2021-12-14T14:49:00Z  jneira  Add  michaelpj  Maintainers for lsp  maintainer  
2021-12-13T17:35:22Z  DanielDiazCarrete  Add  DanielDiazCarrete  Maintainers for dep-t-dynamic  initial upload  
2021-12-13T06:36:13Z  fresheyeball  Add  fresheyeball  Maintainers for spooky  initial upload  
2021-12-08T16:28:48Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  moonsheep  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions for `parse`  
2021-12-06T09:06:09Z  lspitzner  Add  dfeuer  Maintainers for pqueue  Help with maintenance  
2021-12-06T09:05:45Z  lspitzner  Add  konsumlamm  Maintainers for pqueue  Help with maintenance  
2021-12-06T07:39:04Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  MitsutoshiAoe  Maintainers for thyme    
2021-12-06T07:38:32Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  MateuszKowalczyk  Maintainers for thyme    
2021-12-06T07:38:17Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  MateuszKowalczyk  Maintainers for enummapset-th    
2021-12-06T07:37:41Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  MitsutoshiAoe  Maintainers for enummapset-th    
2021-12-03T15:09:37Z  curiousleo  Delete  curiousleo  Maintainers for monad-bayes  Retired as maintainer:  
2021-12-03T15:08:15Z  curiousleo  Add  DominicSteinitz  Maintainers for monad-bayes  New maintainer:  
2021-12-03T11:48:46Z  raehik  Add  raehik  Maintainers for bytepatch  initial upload  
2021-12-03T07:52:50Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for koji-install  initial upload  
2021-12-02T16:14:35Z  MichaelSzvetits  Add  MichaelSzvetits  Maintainers for program  initial upload  
2021-12-02T11:17:24Z  harendra  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for streamly-process    
2021-12-02T11:16:59Z  harendra  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for streamly-lz4    
2021-12-01T22:26:41Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  drone  Package uploaders  Requested access via email to upload `binaryninja-haskell` and related packages  
2021-12-01T14:36:05Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-instrumentation-yesod  initial upload  
2021-12-01T14:35:21Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-instrumentation-wai  initial upload  
2021-12-01T14:34:03Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-exporter-in-memory  initial upload  
2021-12-01T14:33:43Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-propagator-w3c  initial upload  
2021-12-01T14:33:31Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-exporter-otlp  initial upload  
2021-12-01T14:33:17Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-otlp  initial upload  
2021-12-01T14:33:12Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-sdk  initial upload  
2021-12-01T14:33:08Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for hs-opentelemetry-api  initial upload  
2021-11-30T18:37:04Z  RyanTrinkle  Add  JohnEricson  Maintainers for dependent-sum-template  Adding new maintainer  
2021-11-30T18:12:02Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  nasso  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions for `comparse`  
2021-11-30T15:20:41Z  JoachimBreitner  Add  DennisFelsing  Maintainers for ghc-heap-view    
2021-11-29T20:29:16Z  martijnbastiaan  Add  martijnbastiaan  Maintainers for doctest-parallel  initial upload  
2021-11-28T18:24:42Z  tarleb  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for pandoc-lua-marshal    
2021-11-28T16:22:34Z  3noch  Add  abrar  Maintainers for postgresql-simple-interpolate  Add Ali Abrar as maintainer  
2021-11-28T09:00:27Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for pandoc-lua-marshal  initial upload  
2021-11-28T02:25:17Z  ChrisPenner  Add  ChrisPenner  Maintainers for jet  initial upload  
2021-11-28T01:58:55Z  ChrisPenner  Add  ChrisPenner  Maintainers for recursive-zipper  initial upload  
2021-11-27T16:32:23Z  JasperVanDerJeugt  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for goldplate  Helping me maintain this  
2021-11-27T14:24:22Z  SergeyAlirzaev  Add  SergeyAlirzaev  Maintainers for pid  initial upload  
2021-11-27T12:30:34Z  iphydf  Add  TokTokReleaser  Maintainers for schema  Build releases  
2021-11-27T12:16:00Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  TonyZorman  Package uploaders  Requested access via email to upload xmonad and utility packages  
2021-11-25T17:07:32Z  ErikHesselink  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for filepath  new maintainer:  
2021-11-25T16:47:33Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  CharlesLi  Package uploaders  Requested access via email to uploade `align-affine`  
2021-11-25T00:47:37Z  jlamothe  Add  jlamothe  Maintainers for gemcap  initial upload  
2021-11-24T15:47:20Z  tim_supercede  Add  tim_supercede  Maintainers for yesod-auth-oidc  initial upload  
2021-11-23T11:08:16Z  psibi  Add  TomasJanousek  Maintainers for xmonad-extras    
2021-11-23T10:16:15Z  basti1302  Delete  basti1302_ibm  Maintainers for instana-haskell-trace-sdk  account will not be used  
2021-11-22T13:08:11Z  lyokha  Add  lyokha  Maintainers for ngx-export-distribution  initial upload  
2021-11-22T12:22:59Z  basti1302  Add  basti1302_ibm  Maintainers for instana-haskell-trace-sdk  Same person, different e-mail address, thus new account. If only there was an obvious way to change the email address for a Hackage account.  
2021-11-21T18:57:37Z  cohomology  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-cairo-render  De facto current maintainer of package  
2021-11-21T18:54:57Z  cohomology  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-cairo-connector  De facto current maintainer of package  
2021-11-21T12:46:05Z  GregWeber  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for shelly  new maintainer  
2021-11-19T11:22:56Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for autodocodec-openapi3  initial upload  
2021-11-19T11:22:48Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for autodocodec-swagger2  initial upload  
2021-11-19T11:22:34Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for autodocodec-yaml  initial upload  
2021-11-19T11:22:13Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for autodocodec-schema  initial upload  
2021-11-19T11:21:55Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for autodocodec  initial upload  
2021-11-18T21:07:11Z  RyanTrinkle  Add  abrar  Maintainers for th-extras  Adding new maintainer  
2021-11-18T19:35:58Z  abrar  Add  abrar  Maintainers for monoid-map  initial upload  
2021-11-18T13:06:30Z  RenzoCarbonara  Add  RenzoCarbonara  Maintainers for leb128-binary  initial upload  
2021-11-17T19:53:36Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  phadej  Maintainers for parsec    
2021-11-17T19:20:02Z  abrar  Add  abrar  Maintainers for bytestring-aeson-orphans  initial upload  
2021-11-16T18:27:21Z  Profpatsch  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for libnix    
2021-11-16T08:22:25Z  FumiakiKinoshita  Add  FumiakiKinoshita  Maintainers for data-functor-logistic  initial upload  
2021-11-16T01:27:39Z  RyanTrinkle  Add  abrar  Maintainers for snap-stream  Adding new maintainer  
2021-11-15T20:44:03Z  shersh  Add  brandonhamilton  Maintainers for ilist  Co-author  
2021-11-15T17:34:43Z  mjgpy3  Add  cbeav  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow    
2021-11-15T17:34:33Z  mjgpy3  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow    
2021-11-15T17:34:23Z  mjgpy3  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow    
2021-11-15T17:29:35Z  mjgpy3  Add  FreckleEngineering  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  General Freckle team maintainer  
2021-11-15T17:28:25Z  mjgpy3  Delete  GregWeber  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  
2021-11-15T17:12:41Z  GregWeber  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for yesod-routes-flow  new maintainer  
2021-11-15T16:34:09Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  ailrk  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions for `loop-dsl`  
2021-11-15T15:35:11Z  ChrisDone  Delete  phadej  Maintainers for lucid  not happy maintaining anymore  
2021-11-15T11:48:09Z  jack  Add  amakarov  Package uploaders  
2021-11-14T18:55:28Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-rsvg  initial upload  
2021-11-14T18:55:25Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-json  initial upload  
2021-11-14T18:55:21Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-gtk-layer-shell  initial upload  
2021-11-14T18:53:16Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-coglpango  initial upload  
2021-11-14T18:53:16Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-cogl  initial upload  
2021-11-14T18:53:15Z  inaki  Add  inaki  Maintainers for gi-clutter  initial upload  
2021-11-13T21:47:06Z  PhilFreeman  Add  PhilFreeman  Maintainers for dovetail-aeson  initial upload  
2021-11-13T21:47:01Z  PhilFreeman  Add  PhilFreeman  Maintainers for dovetail  initial upload  
2021-11-13T20:52:35Z  xmonad  Add  BrentYorgey  Maintainers for X11-xft  transfer under xmonad umbrella  
2021-11-13T20:52:18Z  xmonad  Add  psibi  Maintainers for X11-xft  transfer under xmonad umbrella  
2021-11-13T20:52:07Z  xmonad  Add  TomasJanousek  Maintainers for X11-xft  transfer under xmonad ubrella  
2021-11-13T20:51:04Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for polysemy-process  initial upload  
2021-11-13T19:35:42Z  clefru  Add  xmonad  Maintainers for X11-xft  Package maintenance hand-off to the xmonad team.  
2021-11-12T20:36:09Z  tomjaguarpaw  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for strict-wrapper  initial upload  
2021-11-10T18:06:04Z  domenkozar  Add  domenkozar  Maintainers for jsonrpc-tinyclient  initial upload  
2021-11-10T14:16:57Z  LennartAugustsson  Add  LennartAugustsson  Maintainers for orthotope-hmatrix  initial upload  
2021-11-08T22:21:09Z  nalchevanidze  Add  nalchevanidze  Maintainers for morpheus-graphql-code-gen  initial upload  
2021-11-08T22:12:36Z  nalchevanidze  Add  nalchevanidze  Maintainers for morpheus-graphql-tests  initial upload  
2021-11-08T22:07:24Z  tstat  Add  mitchellwrosen  Maintainers for hasql-interpolate    
2021-11-08T22:06:16Z  tstat  Add  tstat  Maintainers for hasql-interpolate  initial upload  
2021-11-08T16:59:50Z  SimonHengel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for silently    
2021-11-07T15:31:28Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for cassava    
2021-11-07T15:31:19Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  phadej  Maintainers for cassava    
2021-11-07T15:27:32Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for HsYAML-aeson    
2021-11-07T15:27:12Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for HsYAML    
2021-11-07T11:13:49Z  MattiNiemenmaa  Add  kakkun61  Maintainers for Glob  Transferring ownership  
2021-11-06T10:58:30Z  tarleb  Add  JohnMacFarlane  Maintainers for hslua-module-doclayout  To unblock dependent packages when doclayout is updated  
2021-11-06T04:22:50Z  GershomBazerman  Add  melaniebrown  Maintainers for deepseq  clc  
2021-11-05T21:12:43Z  hecate  Add  hecate  Maintainers for pg-entity  initial upload  
2021-11-05T05:01:05Z  lehmacdj  Add  lehmacdj  Maintainers for readline-in-other-words  initial upload  
2021-11-03T18:21:40Z  whartnett  Add  whartnett  Maintainers for godot-megaparsec  initial upload  
2021-11-03T15:47:05Z  MasahiroSakai  Add  MasahiroSakai  Maintainers for decision-diagrams  initial upload  
2021-11-03T10:09:51Z  jgt  Add  Jappie  Maintainers for keter    
2021-11-01T19:30:49Z  phadej  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for cabal-doctest    
2021-11-01T12:24:49Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  BrianHwang  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2021-11-01T12:22:04Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  whartnett  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions for `godot-megaparsec`  
2021-11-01T11:23:00Z  jprupp  Add  wraithm  Maintainers for haskoin-core    
2021-10-31T19:52:51Z  NoidedSuper  Add  NoidedSuper  Maintainers for jordan-openapi  initial upload  
2021-10-31T19:45:22Z  NoidedSuper  Add  NoidedSuper  Maintainers for jordan  initial upload  
2021-10-31T17:48:42Z  albertprz  Add  albertprz  Maintainers for bookhound  initial upload  
2021-10-31T11:50:51Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for lpeg  initial upload  
2021-10-31T10:48:13Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  albertprz  Package uploaders  Requested access via email to upload bookhound  
2021-10-31T08:11:14Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for mmsyn2-hashable  initial upload  
2021-10-30T18:53:51Z  rashad1030  Add  rashad1030  Maintainers for lucid-alpine  initial upload  
2021-10-30T07:58:53Z  AdamBergmark  Add  AlejandroSerrano  Maintainers for generic-aeson  co-maintainer  
2021-10-30T02:56:57Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  velveteer  Package uploaders  Requested access via email to upload hermes  
2021-10-29T19:09:17Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  MrcJkb  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2021-10-29T19:06:25Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  NoidedSuper  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2021-10-29T15:02:58Z  Ailrun  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for satyros  initial upload  
2021-10-29T12:44:05Z  cdepillabout  Add  cdepillabout  Maintainers for purenix  initial upload  
2021-10-27T16:39:10Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  cnr  Package uploaders  Requested upload permissions  
2021-10-26T20:19:42Z  OlleFredriksson  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for elm-syntax  Help with maintenance  
2021-10-24T09:40:16Z  gonz  Add  gonz  Maintainers for mortred  initial upload  
2021-10-24T04:14:21Z  isovector  Add  jonathanlorimer  Maintainers for core-warn  he's cool  
2021-10-24T04:12:56Z  isovector  Add  isovector  Maintainers for core-warn  initial upload  
2021-10-22T20:05:25Z  zgrannan  Add  zgrannan  Maintainers for rest-rewrite  initial upload  
2021-10-22T15:21:21Z  OliverCharles  Add  ShaneOBrien  Maintainers for rel8    
2021-10-22T12:38:07Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  zgrannan  Package uploaders  Requested permission for `rest`  
2021-10-21T20:38:32Z  maerwald  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for yaml-streamly  initial upload  
2021-10-21T20:38:10Z  maerwald  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for libyaml-streamly  initial upload  
2021-10-21T18:38:56Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for hslua-module-version  initial upload  
2021-10-21T18:29:41Z  tarleb  Add  tarleb  Maintainers for hslua-examples  initial upload  
2021-10-21T13:43:56Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for zlib-bytes  initial upload  
2021-10-21T12:56:48Z  AndrewCowie  Add  AndrewCowie  Maintainers for core-telemetry  initial upload  
2021-10-21T09:06:58Z  iokasimovmt  Add  iokasimovmt  Maintainers for pandora-io  initial upload  
2021-10-20T15:41:32Z  isaac_supercede  Add  isaac_supercede  Maintainers for esqueleto-streaming  initial upload  
2021-10-20T15:41:26Z  isaac_supercede  Add  isaac_supercede  Maintainers for persistent-postgresql-streaming  initial upload  
2021-10-20T08:53:24Z  yan_shkurinsky  Add  olf  Maintainers for opc-xml-da-client  co-maintainer  
2021-10-19T23:03:49Z  echatav  Add  echatav  Maintainers for squeal-postgresql-uuid-ossp  initial upload  
2021-10-19T23:03:43Z  echatav  Add  echatav  Maintainers for squeal-postgresql-ltree  initial upload  
2021-10-19T12:02:54Z  FalkoPeters  Add  martijnbastiaan  Maintainers for aeson-pretty  new maintainer  
2021-10-18T19:33:23Z  JohnWiegley  Add  JohnWiegley  Maintainers for simple-amount  initial upload  
2021-10-18T06:37:40Z  WrenThornton  Add  WrenRomano  Maintainers for list-extras  name change  
2021-10-18T06:37:04Z  valyagolev  Add  valyagolev  Maintainers for firestore  initial upload  
2021-10-18T06:19:05Z  WrenThornton  Add  WrenRomano  Maintainers for data-or  name change  
2021-10-18T06:11:01Z  WrenThornton  Add  WrenRomano  Maintainers for pointless-fun  name change  
2021-10-18T05:59:16Z  WrenThornton  Add  WrenRomano  Maintainers for prelude-safeenum  name change  
2021-10-17T18:11:59Z  tetsuki_syu1315  Add  tetsuki_syu1315  Maintainers for owoify-hs  initial upload  
2021-10-17T17:37:54Z  VaibhavSagar  Add  tetsuki_syu1315  Package uploaders  Requested access via email to upload owoify-hs  
2021-10-17T07:56:28Z  gonz  Add  gonz  Maintainers for reddit-scrape  initial upload  
2021-10-17T07:00:42Z  WrenThornton  Add  WrenRomano  Maintainers for stm-chans  name change  
2021-10-17T05:38:14Z  WrenThornton  Add  WrenRomano  Maintainers for logfloat  name change  
2021-10-17T04:38:41Z  WrenThornton  Add  WrenRomano  Maintainers for unix-bytestring  name change  
2021-10-17T01:40:53Z  WrenThornton  Add  WrenRomano  Maintainers for bytestring-lexing  Name change  
2021-10-16T11:37:25Z  JasperVanDerJeugt  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for blaze-builder  Taking over maintenance of this package  
2021-10-14T10:46:19Z  arybczak  Add  jsynacek  Maintainers for consumers    
2021-10-13T15:14:48Z  GershomBazerman  Add  isaac_supercede  Package uploaders    
2021-10-13T15:13:51Z  GershomBazerman  Add  snav_jason  Package uploaders    
2021-10-13T11:20:28Z  fozworth  Add  fozworth  Maintainers for argo  initial upload  
2021-10-11T20:15:45Z  andrewthad  Add  andrewthad  Maintainers for xml-syntax  initial upload  
2021-10-11T14:58:54Z  arybczak  Add  jsynacek  Maintainers for hpqtypes-extras    
2021-10-11T14:35:39Z  arybczak  Add  jsynacek  Maintainers for log-postgres    
2021-10-11T14:35:21Z  arybczak  Add  jsynacek  Maintainers for log-elasticsearch    
2021-10-10T09:33:07Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  phadej  Maintainers for cryptohash-md5    
2021-10-10T09:32:49Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  phadej  Maintainers for cryptohash-sha512    
2021-10-10T09:32:33Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  phadej  Maintainers for cryptohash-sha256    
2021-10-10T09:32:21Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  phadej  Maintainers for cryptohash-sha1    
2021-10-10T09:31:57Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  phadej  Maintainers for text-short    
2021-10-10T09:31:41Z  HerbertValerioRiedel  Add  phadej  Maintainers for lzma  co-maintainer  
2021-10-09T23:20:02Z  markfine  Add  snav_jason  Maintainers for sbp  New maintainer.  
2021-10-09T23:19:42Z  markfine  Delete  mookerji  Maintainers for sbp  No longer with Swift Navigation  
2021-10-09T23:19:33Z  markfine  Delete  peddie  Maintainers for sbp  No longer with Swift Navigation  
2021-10-09T19:54:20Z  GershomBazerman  Add  morozovvp  Package uploaders    
2021-10-09T16:43:00Z  GershomBazerman  Add  clefru  Maintainers for X11-xft    
2021-10-09T08:41:28Z  ErikHesselink  Add  clefru  Package uploaders    
2021-10-09T06:02:34Z  GershomBazerman  Add  yan_shkurinsky  Package uploaders    
2021-10-08T22:29:59Z  isovector  Add  isovector  Maintainers for polysemy-check  initial upload  
2021-10-08T06:35:33Z  OlleFredriksson  Add  seagreen  Maintainers for servant-to-elm  Help with maintenance  
2021-10-07T21:54:18Z  GershomBazerman  Add  brendanrbrown  Package uploaders    
2021-10-07T08:14:09Z  maksbotan  Add  morozovvp  Maintainers for cobot-io    
2021-10-07T08:13:40Z  maksbotan  Add  morozovvp  Maintainers for cobot    
2021-10-07T08:10:24Z  ozzzzz  Add  maksbotan  Maintainers for cobot-io    
2021-10-07T08:09:45Z  ozzzzz  Add  maksbotan  Maintainers for cobot    
2021-10-06T16:25:15Z  bradleysaul  Add  brendanrbrown  Maintainers for interval-algebra  contributor  
2021-10-06T09:04:47Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for honeycomb  initial upload  
2021-10-05T21:52:21Z  GershomBazerman  Add  AndreasAbel  Trustees  new trustee  
2021-10-05T03:38:45Z  GershomBazerman  Add  santiweight  Package uploaders    
2021-10-03T18:47:56Z  JiriMarsicek  Add  JiriMarsicek  Maintainers for hinotify-conduit  initial upload  
2021-10-03T03:20:50Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  tomjaguarpaw  Maintainers for typed-process  
2021-09-29T00:43:48Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for warp-quic  initial upload  
2021-09-28T19:53:43Z  mbays  Add  mbays  Maintainers for htalkat  initial upload  
2021-09-28T07:00:18Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for http3  initial upload  
2021-09-28T05:10:46Z  KazuYamamoto  Add  KazuYamamoto  Maintainers for quic  initial upload  
2021-09-27T14:00:59Z  GershomBazerman  Add  berna  Package uploaders    
2021-09-21T21:04:06Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for mono-traversable  
2021-09-21T10:17:46Z  MalcolmWallace  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for HaXml    
2021-09-20T22:52:47Z  GershomBazerman  Add  daylily  Package uploaders    
2021-09-19T00:31:59Z  sgschlesinger  Add  sgschlesinger  Maintainers for trust-chain  initial upload  
2021-09-18T07:38:22Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-rename-plugin    
2021-09-18T07:37:47Z  PepeIborra  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-rename-plugin  initial upload  
2021-09-18T07:14:13Z  haskellworks  Add  newhoggy  Maintainers for hw-simd-cli    
2021-09-18T07:06:51Z  haskellworks  Add  newhoggy  Maintainers for hw-prim-bits    
2021-09-16T08:59:11Z  sgschlesinger  Add  sgschlesinger  Maintainers for merge  initial upload  
2021-09-16T06:55:27Z  sgschlesinger  Add  sgschlesinger  Maintainers for cropty  initial upload  
2021-09-14T12:43:12Z  srk  Add  blockfrost  Maintainers for blockfrost-pretty    
2021-09-14T12:42:55Z  srk  Add  blockfrost  Maintainers for blockfrost-client-core    
2021-09-14T12:42:44Z  srk  Add  blockfrost  Maintainers for blockfrost-client    
2021-09-14T12:42:26Z  srk  Add  blockfrost  Maintainers for blockfrost-api    
2021-09-14T12:24:11Z  srk  Add  srk  Maintainers for blockfrost-pretty  initial upload  
2021-09-14T12:23:58Z  srk  Add  srk  Maintainers for blockfrost-client  initial upload  
2021-09-14T12:23:50Z  srk  Add  srk  Maintainers for blockfrost-client-core  initial upload  
2021-09-14T12:23:24Z  srk  Add  srk  Maintainers for blockfrost-api  initial upload  
2021-09-14T11:56:30Z  dschrempf  Add  dschrempf  Maintainers for covariance  initial upload  
2021-09-12T12:51:15Z  SinisaBidin  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for sdl2-gfx  New maintainer.  
2021-09-12T12:51:03Z  SinisaBidin  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for sdl2-mixer  New maintainer.  
2021-09-12T12:46:23Z  SinisaBidin  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for sdl2-image  Added as new maintainer.  
2021-09-12T10:41:09Z  sshine  Add  sshine  Maintainers for evm-opcodes  initial upload  
2021-09-10T13:08:59Z  jack  Add  varikvalefor  Package uploaders  
2021-09-09T11:23:56Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-call-hierarchy-plugin    
2021-09-09T05:13:30Z  qwbarch  Add  qwbarch  Maintainers for 2captcha  initial upload  
2021-09-08T12:44:12Z  jack  Add  valyagolev  Package uploaders  
2021-09-08T08:22:28Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for conic-graphs  initial upload  
2021-09-08T08:10:52Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for fcf-vinyl  initial upload  
2021-09-07T20:39:56Z  swamp_agr  Add  swamp_agr  Maintainers for vector-hashtables  initial upload  
2021-09-07T16:06:22Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for fcf-graphs  initial upload  
2021-09-07T10:12:23Z  jack  Add  qwbarch  Package uploaders  
2021-09-07T09:09:04Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-refine-imports-plugin    
2021-09-07T09:08:49Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-module-name-plugin    
2021-09-07T09:08:27Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-ormolu-plugin    
2021-09-07T09:07:48Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hie-compat    
2021-09-07T09:07:26Z  PepeIborra  Add  NeilMitchell  Maintainers for hls-graph    
2021-09-07T09:07:11Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-graph    
2021-09-07T09:06:27Z  PepeIborra  Add  jneira  Maintainers for shake-bench    
2021-09-06T11:17:03Z  lightandlight  Add  lightandlight  Maintainers for lens-tell  initial upload  
2021-09-06T11:17:02Z  lightandlight  Add  lightandlight  Maintainers for tell  initial upload  
2021-09-06T01:35:38Z  MichaelSloan  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for th-reify-many    
2021-09-05T10:26:27Z  joshuaobritsch  Add  joshuaobritsch  Maintainers for blizzard-html  initial upload  
2021-09-05T06:50:10Z  jack  Add  joshuaobritsch  Package uploaders  
2021-09-04T11:43:52Z  jack  Add  lightandlight  Package uploaders  known to jack from QFPL  
2021-09-03T15:28:00Z  MatthiasFischmann  Add  MatthiasFischmann  Maintainers for ldap-scim-bridge  initial upload  
2021-09-02T12:34:47Z  jack  Add  tim_supercede  Package uploaders  
2021-09-01T01:44:46Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for thread-utils-context  initial upload  
2021-09-01T01:44:39Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for thread-utils-finalizers  initial upload  
2021-08-31T21:35:49Z  jack  Add  FroskyArr  Package uploaders  
2021-08-31T21:29:57Z  jack  Add  lazamar  Package uploaders  
2021-08-31T16:09:36Z  PhilippHausmann  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for tasty-silver  
2021-08-31T16:06:53Z  alex404  Add  alex404  Maintainers for goal-graphical  initial upload  
2021-08-30T21:26:13Z  sheaf  Add  sheaf  Maintainers for if-instance  initial upload  
2021-08-30T17:58:37Z  julm  Add  julm  Maintainers for reloto  initial upload  
2021-08-30T02:39:29Z  BryanOSullivan  Add  swamp_agr  Maintainers for blaze-textual  Add  
2021-08-29T23:12:53Z  ryanglscott  Add  ryanglscott  Maintainers for ghc-bignum-orphans  initial upload  
2021-08-27T20:09:14Z  mgmillani  Add  mgmillani  Maintainers for hgraph  initial upload  
2021-08-27T10:30:00Z  jack  Add  dxo  Package uploaders (hevm)  
2021-08-26T14:34:52Z  patrick_thomson  Add  patrick_thomson  Maintainers for flexible-numeric-parsers  initial upload  
2021-08-26T02:08:42Z  ThomasTuegel  Add  ThomasTuegel  Maintainers for injections  initial upload  
2021-08-25T19:29:55Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for fcf-composite  initial upload  
2021-08-25T18:35:55Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for data-sketches-core  initial upload  
2021-08-25T17:26:48Z  solomon  Add  solomon  Maintainers for monoidal-functors  initial upload  
2021-08-25T13:40:06Z  MrChico  Add  dxo  Maintainers for hevm    
2021-08-25T13:15:55Z  jack  Delete  LIBO  Package uploaders  Email confirming uploader access undeliverable  
2021-08-25T13:13:41Z  jack  Add  solomon  Package uploaders  
2021-08-25T13:09:52Z  jack  Add  LIBO  Package uploaders  
2021-08-25T12:43:21Z  fozworth  Add  fozworth  Maintainers for evoke  initial upload  
2021-08-24T12:18:56Z  jack  Add  yutotakano  Package uploaders{monad,voice}  
2021-08-24T00:15:58Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for discover-instances  initial upload  
2021-08-23T19:47:30Z  IanDuncan  Add  IanDuncan  Maintainers for data-sketches  initial upload  
2021-08-23T17:00:35Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for composite-cassava  initial upload  
2021-08-23T16:45:41Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for ixset-typed-cassava  initial upload  
2021-08-23T10:34:15Z  erick  Add  erick  Maintainers for not-prelude  initial upload  
2021-08-22T22:48:28Z  maerwald  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for shortbytestring  initial upload  
2021-08-22T13:45:43Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  jgt  Maintainers for keter  
2021-08-21T21:27:06Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  GabrielGonzalez  Maintainers for dhall-csv  initial upload  
2021-08-21T21:26:43Z  GabrielGonzalez  Add  GabrielGonzalez  Maintainers for dhall-toml  initial upload  
2021-08-21T19:00:41Z  maerwald  Add  maerwald  Maintainers for word16  initial upload  
2021-08-21T05:55:43Z  Ailrun  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for lambda-cube  initial upload  
2021-08-20T20:37:22Z  nbedell  Add  nbedell  Maintainers for monad-tree  initial upload  
2021-08-20T20:24:08Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for some-dict-of  initial upload  
2021-08-20T10:00:03Z  lancelet  Add  lancelet  Maintainers for wgpu-hs  initial upload  
2021-08-20T09:24:13Z  JosefSvenningsson  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for STMonadTrans  Co-maintainer of the package  
2021-08-19T19:19:25Z  sgschlesinger  Add  sgschlesinger  Maintainers for ticket-management  initial upload  
2021-08-19T12:57:50Z  sjakobi  Add  TotallyNotChase  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-08-19T09:45:06Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  EdskoDeVries  Maintainers for large-records  initial upload  
2021-08-18T16:26:58Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for freckle-app  initial upload  
2021-08-17T09:53:00Z  jack  Add  oliverbunting  Package uploaders  
2021-08-16T18:54:58Z  BenGamari  Add  wz1000  Maintainers for ghc    
2021-08-16T17:58:36Z  AndreasAbel  Add  AndreasAbel  Maintainers for cabal-clean  initial upload  
2021-08-16T14:33:38Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for string-interpreter  initial upload  
2021-08-15T22:51:29Z  jack  Add  nbedell  Package uploaders  
2021-08-15T14:49:43Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for servant-streamly  initial upload  
2021-08-15T10:42:15Z  lancelet  Add  lancelet  Maintainers for wgpu-raw-hs  initial upload  
2021-08-14T14:38:06Z  KristofBastiaensen  Add  KristofBastiaensen  Maintainers for record-operations  initial upload  
2021-08-13T16:33:27Z  cocreature  Add  fjvallarino  Maintainers for nanovg    
2021-08-13T14:55:17Z  avanov  Add  avanov  Maintainers for amazonka-contrib-rds-utils  initial upload  
2021-08-11T15:46:50Z  AtzeVanDerPloeg  Add  dfeuer  Maintainers for sequence  Take over maintenance  
2021-08-11T15:45:57Z  AtzeVanDerPloeg  Add  dfeuer  Maintainers for type-aligned  take over maintenance  
2021-08-11T10:42:33Z  sjakobi  Add  avanov  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-08-10T15:17:49Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for composite-lens-extra  initial upload  
2021-08-10T10:58:45Z  DanielDiazCarrete  Add  DanielDiazCarrete  Maintainers for jet-stream  initial upload  
2021-08-09T18:59:17Z  ningningxie  Add  ningningxie  Maintainers for mpeff  initial upload  
2021-08-08T20:25:12Z  RobertFischer  Add  RobertFischer  Maintainers for snowchecked  initial upload  
2021-08-08T05:14:28Z  lysergia  Add  lysergia  Maintainers for cointracking-imports  initial upload  
2021-08-07T10:31:04Z  jack  Add  jsynacek  Package uploaders  Maintainer for log-base  
2021-08-07T10:27:39Z  jack  Add  jonathanjouty  Package uploaders  Moving maintainership from jonathanjouty_scrive  
2021-08-07T07:06:19Z  lysergia  Add  lysergia  Maintainers for solana-staking-csvs  initial upload  
2021-08-06T05:44:35Z  lysergia  Add  lysergia  Maintainers for bnb-staking-csvs  initial upload  
2021-08-05T19:46:52Z  abrar  Add  abrar  Maintainers for vessel  initial upload  
2021-08-05T18:32:08Z  topos  Add  Bodigrim  Maintainers for text    
2021-08-05T16:09:12Z  BenGamari  Add  wz1000  Maintainers for base    
2021-08-04T19:11:47Z  MatthiasFischmann  Add  MatthiasFischmann  Maintainers for hscim  initial upload  
2021-08-02T22:37:47Z  carymrobbins  Add  carymrobbins  Maintainers for karabiner-config  initial upload  
2021-07-31T15:30:09Z  jkaye125  Add  jkaye125  Maintainers for polling-cache  initial upload  
2021-07-31T06:28:44Z  gonz  Add  gonz  Maintainers for gotyno-hs  initial upload  
2021-07-30T12:27:56Z  BitConnor  Add  BitConnor  Maintainers for hs-sdl-term-emulator  initial upload  
2021-07-30T12:09:56Z  wz1000  Add  jneira  Maintainers for lsp-types    
2021-07-30T12:09:48Z  wz1000  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for lsp-types    
2021-07-30T12:09:25Z  wz1000  Add  jneira  Maintainers for lsp-test    
2021-07-30T12:09:14Z  wz1000  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for lsp-test    
2021-07-30T12:08:50Z  wz1000  Add  jneira  Maintainers for lsp    
2021-07-30T12:07:27Z  wz1000  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for lsp    
2021-07-30T03:24:22Z  kirelagin  Add  serokell  Maintainers for crypto-sodium    
2021-07-30T03:03:40Z  kirelagin  Add  serokell  Maintainers for secure-memory    
2021-07-30T03:02:56Z  kirelagin  Add  kirelagin  Maintainers for secure-memory  initial upload  
2021-07-29T13:20:07Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Delete  jonathanjouty_scrive  Maintainers for resource-pool  Remove my work account.  
2021-07-29T13:19:45Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  jonathanjouty  Maintainers for resource-pool  Add myself on personal account.  
2021-07-29T13:15:51Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  jonathanjouty  Maintainers for wai-log    
2021-07-29T12:32:37Z  miguel_negrao  Add  miguel_negrao  Maintainers for arrow-utils  initial upload  
2021-07-29T10:03:46Z  OscarH  Add  mbg  Maintainers for iterative-forward-search  Co-maintainer of package  
2021-07-29T10:01:52Z  OscarH  Add  OscarH  Maintainers for iterative-forward-search  initial upload  
2021-07-29T08:28:40Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  jsynacek  Maintainers for log-base  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-29T08:28:17Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  jsynacek  Maintainers for hpqtypes  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-29T06:31:18Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for cached-json-file  initial upload  
2021-07-28T23:33:11Z  jack  Add  ScottSedgwick  Package uploaders  
2021-07-28T23:17:23Z  jack  Add  parth  Package uploaders  
2021-07-28T23:16:07Z  jack  Add  fjvallarino  Package uploaders  
2021-07-28T23:14:04Z  jack  Add  miguel_negrao  Package uploaders  
2021-07-28T22:03:03Z  tek  Add  tek  Maintainers for exon  initial upload  
2021-07-28T15:46:36Z  coingaming  Add  coingaming  Maintainers for lnd-client  initial upload  
2021-07-28T09:21:19Z  kimiyuki  Add  kimiyuki  Maintainers for Jikka  initial upload  
2021-07-28T09:19:42Z  gregorias  Add  gregorias  Maintainers for trimdent  initial upload  
2021-07-27T22:35:45Z  jack  Add  daan  Package uploaders  
2021-07-27T08:01:11Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for lazy-async    
2021-07-27T07:59:57Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for lazy-async  initial upload  
2021-07-26T15:47:34Z  BalazsKomuves  Add  BalazsKomuves  Maintainers for polynomial-algebra  initial upload  
2021-07-26T08:01:27Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for composite-dhall  initial upload  
2021-07-25T22:08:47Z  jack  Add  jhidding  Package uploaders  
2021-07-25T22:07:09Z  jack  Add  kimiyuki  Package uploaders  
2021-07-25T12:30:38Z  BitConnor  Add  BitConnor  Maintainers for hs-term-emulator  initial upload  
2021-07-25T09:27:27Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for variable-media-field-optics  initial upload  
2021-07-25T09:21:17Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for variable-media-field-dhall  initial upload  
2021-07-25T09:07:21Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for variable-media-field  initial upload  
2021-07-25T09:02:11Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for srt-dhall  initial upload  
2021-07-25T07:58:32Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for srt-formatting  initial upload  
2021-07-25T05:40:46Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for polysemy-methodology-co-log  initial upload  
2021-07-24T19:34:29Z  BasVanDijk  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for resource-pool  jonathanjouty_scrive asked to make arybczak a maintainer as well  
2021-07-24T19:33:57Z  BasVanDijk  Add  jonathanjouty_scrive  Maintainers for resource-pool  Asked to be a maintainer  
2021-07-24T17:04:50Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for polysemy-several  initial upload  
2021-07-24T11:59:01Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for token-limiter-concurrent  initial upload  
2021-07-22T15:23:21Z  NikitaVolkov  Add  NikitaVolkov  Maintainers for xml-parser  initial upload  
2021-07-21T21:43:19Z  jack  Add  ProofOfKeags  Package uploaders  Co-maintainer of http2-client  
2021-07-21T00:35:15Z  cdepillabout  Add  jophish  Maintainers for cabal2nix  
2021-07-21T00:34:56Z  cdepillabout  Add  sternenseemann  Maintainers for cabal2nix  
2021-07-21T00:34:41Z  cdepillabout  Add  maralorn  Maintainers for cabal2nix  
2021-07-20T03:47:55Z  JasonDagit  Add  JasonDagit  Maintainers for logict-sequence  initial upload  
2021-07-19T00:21:40Z  DanielDiaz  Add  DanielDiaz  Maintainers for gmail-simple  initial upload  
2021-07-18T22:46:20Z  jack  Add  las  Package uploaders  
2021-07-18T13:20:27Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for srt-attoparsec  initial upload  
2021-07-18T12:20:39Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for srt  initial upload  
2021-07-18T11:37:40Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for simple-media-timestamp-attoparsec  initial upload  
2021-07-18T09:24:32Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for polysemy-uncontrolled  initial upload  
2021-07-18T09:22:27Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for polysemy-socket  initial upload  
2021-07-17T14:26:30Z  RoryTylerHayford  Add  RoryTylerHayford  Maintainers for heddit  initial upload  
2021-07-17T11:37:40Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for path-formatting  initial upload  
2021-07-17T11:09:33Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for simple-media-timestamp-formatting  initial upload  
2021-07-17T09:57:04Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for simple-media-timestamp  initial upload  
2021-07-16T20:01:23Z  isovector  Add  isovector  Maintainers for circus  initial upload  
2021-07-16T17:32:14Z  locallycompact  Add  locallycompact  Maintainers for polysemy-kvstore  initial upload  
2021-07-16T15:26:23Z  PeterSimons  Add  cdepillabout  Maintainers for cabal2nix  new maintainer  
2021-07-16T11:02:37Z  3kyro  Add  3kyro  Maintainers for aws-transcribe-ws  initial upload  
2021-07-15T13:39:05Z  EdskoDeVries  Add  MikolajKonarski  Maintainers for hackage-security    
2021-07-14T18:23:07Z  cdepillabout  Add  sternenseemann  Maintainers for hackage-db  
2021-07-14T18:22:53Z  cdepillabout  Add  maralorn  Maintainers for hackage-db  
2021-07-14T18:22:38Z  cdepillabout  Add  jophish  Maintainers for hackage-db  
2021-07-14T18:21:52Z  cdepillabout  Add  jophish  Maintainers for language-nix  
2021-07-14T18:21:40Z  cdepillabout  Add  sternenseemann  Maintainers for language-nix  
2021-07-14T18:21:25Z  cdepillabout  Add  maralorn  Maintainers for language-nix  
2021-07-14T18:20:52Z  cdepillabout  Add  jophish  Maintainers for jailbreak-cabal  
2021-07-14T18:20:40Z  cdepillabout  Add  sternenseemann  Maintainers for jailbreak-cabal  
2021-07-14T18:20:31Z  cdepillabout  Add  maralorn  Maintainers for jailbreak-cabal  
2021-07-14T18:19:53Z  cdepillabout  Add  jophish  Maintainers for distribution-nixpkgs  
2021-07-14T18:19:37Z  cdepillabout  Add  sternenseemann  Maintainers for distribution-nixpkgs  
2021-07-14T18:18:49Z  cdepillabout  Add  maralorn  Maintainers for distribution-nixpkgs  
2021-07-13T21:04:11Z  belevy  Add  belevy  Maintainers for eved  initial upload  
2021-07-13T00:13:02Z  sjakobi  Add  jkaye125  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-07-11T23:45:03Z  dustin  Add  dustin  Maintainers for pagerduty-hs  initial upload  
2021-07-11T09:38:17Z  PeterSimons  Add  cdepillabout  Maintainers for hackage-db  new maintainer  
2021-07-11T09:37:54Z  PeterSimons  Add  cdepillabout  Maintainers for language-nix  new maintainer  
2021-07-11T09:37:33Z  PeterSimons  Add  cdepillabout  Maintainers for jailbreak-cabal  new maintainer  
2021-07-11T09:37:01Z  PeterSimons  Add  cdepillabout  Maintainers for distribution-nixpkgs  new maintainer  
2021-07-09T01:23:12Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for hedgehog-optics    
2021-07-09T01:22:36Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for hedgehog-optics  initial upload  
2021-07-08T23:46:47Z  safinaskar  Add  safinaskar  Maintainers for parser-unbiased-choice-monad-embedding  initial upload  
2021-07-08T22:03:55Z  harendra  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for streamly    
2021-07-08T22:02:46Z  harendra  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for unicode-data    
2021-07-08T22:01:59Z  harendra  Add  Bodigrim  Maintainers for unicode-data    
2021-07-08T21:47:26Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for nat-optics    
2021-07-08T21:46:36Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for nat-optics  initial upload  
2021-07-07T21:09:21Z  sjakobi  Add  belevy  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-07-07T17:21:06Z  hdgarrood  Add  jalexm  Maintainers for purescript-cst    
2021-07-07T14:07:41Z  pippijn  Add  srk  Maintainers for GPipe-GLFW4  Uploading cabal revisions  
2021-07-07T14:07:30Z  pippijn  Add  srk  Maintainers for GPipe-Core  Uploading cabal revisions  
2021-07-07T12:19:27Z  harendra  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for streamly-bytestring    
2021-07-07T12:19:10Z  harendra  Delete  adithyaov  Maintainers for streamly-bytestring    
2021-07-07T09:33:00Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for systemd-socket-activation    
2021-07-07T09:29:09Z  chris_martin  Add  chris_martin  Maintainers for systemd-socket-activation  initial upload  
2021-07-07T08:26:34Z  jack  Add  vercadol  Package uploaders  
2021-07-07T08:24:08Z  jack  Add  goverthrow  Package uploaders  
2021-07-07T08:10:24Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  waj  Maintainers for nri-http    
2021-07-07T08:10:19Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  michaelglass  Maintainers for nri-http    
2021-07-07T08:10:12Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  stoeffel  Maintainers for nri-http    
2021-07-07T08:10:08Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  NoRedInk  Maintainers for nri-http    
2021-07-07T07:20:54Z  typeable  Add  iko  Maintainers for generic-arbitrary    
2021-07-06T22:14:19Z  sjakobi  Add  typed_hole  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-07-06T15:14:42Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  waj  Maintainers for nri-postgresql    
2021-07-06T15:14:37Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  michaelglass  Maintainers for nri-postgresql    
2021-07-06T15:14:31Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  stoeffel  Maintainers for nri-postgresql    
2021-07-06T15:14:26Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  NoRedInk  Maintainers for nri-postgresql    
2021-07-06T15:14:09Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  JasperWoudenberg  Maintainers for nri-postgresql  initial upload  
2021-07-06T15:13:12Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  waj  Maintainers for nri-kafka    
2021-07-06T15:13:06Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  michaelglass  Maintainers for nri-kafka    
2021-07-06T15:12:56Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  stoeffel  Maintainers for nri-kafka    
2021-07-06T15:12:49Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  NoRedInk  Maintainers for nri-kafka    
2021-07-06T15:11:52Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  JasperWoudenberg  Maintainers for nri-kafka  initial upload  
2021-07-06T07:25:44Z  coot  Add  coot  Maintainers for tasty-prelude  initial upload  
2021-07-06T05:50:14Z  ChrisDornan  Add  ChrisDornan  Maintainers for hs  initial upload  
2021-07-05T10:41:04Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for wai-log  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:40:49Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for unjson  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:40:34Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for monad-time  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:40:21Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for log  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:40:02Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for log-utils  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:39:45Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for log-postgres  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:39:33Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for log-elasticsearch  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:38:55Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for log-base  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:38:12Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for lifted-threads  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:37:55Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for kontra-config  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:37:23Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for hpqtypes-extras  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:37:00Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for happstack-static-routing  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T10:36:34Z  jonathanjouty_scrive  Add  trin_cz  Maintainers for crypto-rng  Part of Scrive AB  
2021-07-05T04:50:11Z  BorisLykah  Add  BorisLykah  Maintainers for typeable-mock  initial upload  
2021-07-04T03:12:03Z  GershomBazerman  Add  kmicklas  Package uploaders    
2021-07-03T03:30:47Z  TonyMorris  Add  TonyMorris  Maintainers for aviation-navigation  initial upload  
2021-07-02T13:26:22Z  NiklasHambuechen  Add  ketzacoatl  Maintainers for consul-haskell  Adding my co-maintainer (  
2021-07-02T01:04:42Z  BorisLykah  Add  BorisLykah  Maintainers for variadic-function  initial upload  
2021-07-01T13:17:52Z  ThomasHallgren  Add  inariksit  Maintainers for gf  new maintainer  
2021-07-01T13:17:33Z  ThomasHallgren  Add  JohnCamilleri  Maintainers for gf  new maintainer  
2021-07-01T10:17:23Z  sjakobi  Add  fullstackgjj  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-07-01T10:13:35Z  sjakobi  Add  kcsmnt0  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-30T21:24:27Z  AlexanderBondarenko  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for dear-imgui  Original author  
2021-06-30T10:02:08Z  sjakobi  Add  xsoufiane  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-29T18:35:00Z  wvanonsem90  Add  wvanonsem90  Maintainers for levenshtein  initial upload  
2021-06-28T21:23:56Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for aeson-modern-tojson  initial upload  
2021-06-28T20:56:48Z  ErikHesselink  Delete  ErikHesselink  Maintainers for gf    
2021-06-28T20:56:43Z  ErikHesselink  Add  ErikHesselink  Maintainers for gf  test  
2021-06-28T14:11:52Z  clementd  Add  clementd  Maintainers for biscuit-servant  initial upload  
2021-06-27T17:30:04Z  JonathanFischoff  Add  hecate  Maintainers for hspec-pg-transact  For Help  
2021-06-27T17:29:40Z  JonathanFischoff  Add  hecate  Maintainers for pg-transact  For Help  
2021-06-27T10:38:41Z  jack  Add  MorrowM  Package uploaders  
2021-06-26T20:40:14Z  Profpatsch  Add  Profpatsch  Maintainers for error  initial upload  
2021-06-25T08:23:51Z  jack  Add  lehmacdj  Package uploaders  
2021-06-22T23:09:04Z  jack  Add  inariksit  Package uploaders  
2021-06-22T17:56:07Z  JasperVanDerJeugt  Add  AlexanderBatischev  Maintainers for hakyll  has helped me maintain hakyll for while  
2021-06-22T16:39:00Z  GershomBazerman  Delete  EricMertens  Trustees  by request, no longer trustee  
2021-06-22T03:25:33Z  JonathanKnowles  Add  KingWilliamNoel  Maintainers for bech32-th    
2021-06-22T03:24:50Z  JonathanKnowles  Add  rvl  Maintainers for bech32-th    
2021-06-22T03:24:36Z  JonathanKnowles  Add  rvl  Maintainers for bech32    
2021-06-21T18:16:12Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  aschmois  Maintainers for persistent-mongoDB  
2021-06-21T14:35:38Z  ryanartecona  Add  fullstackgjj  Maintainers for docopt  new maintainer  
2021-06-20T10:43:01Z  AlexanderBondarenko  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for opusfile  initial upload  
2021-06-19T20:00:40Z  YairChuchem  Add  YairChuchem  Maintainers for hypertypes  initial upload  
2021-06-19T08:34:45Z  sdiehl  Add  andrew_wja  Maintainers for llvm-hs-pretty  Adding as contributor  
2021-06-19T08:25:17Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-persistent  initial upload  
2021-06-18T19:20:08Z  OliverCharles  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for rel8  initial upload  
2021-06-18T13:01:36Z  martoon  Add  serokell  Maintainers for servant-util-beam-pg    
2021-06-18T12:58:57Z  martoon  Add  martoon  Maintainers for servant-util-beam-pg  initial upload  
2021-06-18T12:27:19Z  martoon  Add  serokell  Maintainers for servant-util    
2021-06-18T12:11:03Z  martoon  Add  martoon  Maintainers for servant-util  initial upload  
2021-06-18T11:09:44Z  sjakobi  Add  robertwpearce  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-17T16:53:01Z  RomanCheplyaka  Add  srk  Maintainers for data-lens-light  
2021-06-17T15:58:44Z  jproyo  Add  jproyo  Maintainers for dynamic-pipeline  initial upload  
2021-06-17T15:41:22Z  sjakobi  Add  farbodsz  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-17T13:01:40Z  sjakobi  Add  tbidne  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-17T12:54:31Z  sjakobi  Add  jproyo  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-17T09:18:54Z  michaelglass  Add  stoeffel  Maintainers for nri-redis    
2021-06-17T09:18:48Z  michaelglass  Add  waj  Maintainers for nri-redis    
2021-06-17T09:18:43Z  michaelglass  Add  JasperWoudenberg  Maintainers for nri-redis    
2021-06-17T09:18:43Z  michaelglass  Add  JasperWoudenberg  Maintainers for nri-redis    
2021-06-17T09:18:33Z  michaelglass  Add  JasperWoudenberg  Maintainers for nri-test-encoding    
2021-06-17T09:18:24Z  michaelglass  Add  stoeffel  Maintainers for nri-test-encoding  noredink colleague  
2021-06-17T09:18:11Z  michaelglass  Add  waj  Maintainers for nri-test-encoding  colleague at noredink  
2021-06-17T09:17:32Z  michaelglass  Add  NoRedInk  Maintainers for nri-test-encoding  a shared account across the NoRedInk org  
2021-06-17T09:16:57Z  michaelglass  Add  NoRedInk  Maintainers for nri-redis    
2021-06-17T08:51:45Z  harendra  Add  adithyaov  Maintainers for bench-show    
2021-06-17T06:27:50Z  OlleFredriksson  Add  GeorgeThomas  Maintainers for elm-syntax  Help with maintenance  
2021-06-15T20:32:25Z  AlexanderBondarenko  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for geomancy  initial upload  
2021-06-15T20:31:01Z  AlexanderBondarenko  Add  AlexanderBondarenko  Maintainers for rio-app  initial upload  
2021-06-15T14:57:56Z  jneira  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-splice-plugin  Maintainer of haskell-language-server  
2021-06-15T14:57:20Z  jneira  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-retrie-plugin  Maintainer of haskell-language-server  
2021-06-15T14:56:45Z  jneira  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-explicit-imports-plugin  Maintainer of haskell-language-server  
2021-06-15T14:56:00Z  jneira  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-exactprint-utils  Maintainer of haskell-language-server  
2021-06-15T14:55:21Z  jneira  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-brittany-plugin  Maintainer of haskell-language-server  
2021-06-14T14:59:14Z  sjakobi  Add  tysonzero  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-14T12:47:00Z  JasperWoudenberg  Add  JasperWoudenberg  Maintainers for nri-http  initial upload  
2021-06-14T11:23:14Z  berberman  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-eval-plugin    
2021-06-14T11:11:37Z  PepeIborra  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-refine-imports-plugin  initial upload  
2021-06-14T11:00:06Z  PepeIborra  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-ormolu-plugin  initial upload  
2021-06-14T11:00:06Z  PepeIborra  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-module-name-plugin  initial upload  
2021-06-13T18:09:48Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for effectful  initial upload  
2021-06-13T11:46:36Z  konsumlamm  Add  konsumlamm  Maintainers for rrb-vector  initial upload  
2021-06-11T15:17:25Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for include-env  initial upload  
2021-06-11T12:38:40Z  tomjaguarpaw  Add  jophish  Maintainers for opaleye  Backup maintainer  
2021-06-10T20:54:23Z  chris_martin  Add  Monoid_Mary  Maintainers for either-list-functions    
2021-06-10T17:26:31Z  cocreature  Add  andrew_wja  Maintainers for llvm-hs-pure    
2021-06-10T17:26:09Z  cocreature  Add  andrew_wja  Maintainers for llvm-hs    
2021-06-09T10:00:29Z  sjakobi  Add  mtonnberg  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-08T08:25:17Z  cmk  Add  cmk  Maintainers for logfmt  initial upload  
2021-06-07T08:11:11Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for union-angle  initial upload  
2021-06-06T22:50:58Z  sjakobi  Add  jalexm  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-06-06T19:12:19Z  JensPetersen  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for rpm-nvr  initial upload  
2021-06-05T21:33:30Z  maksbotan  Add  fisx  Maintainers for servant-multipart-client  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:33:23Z  maksbotan  Add  arianvp  Maintainers for servant-multipart-client  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:33:17Z  maksbotan  Add  MatthiasFischmann  Maintainers for servant-multipart-client  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:33:10Z  maksbotan  Add  phadej  Maintainers for servant-multipart-client  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:33:04Z  maksbotan  Add  DavidJohnson  Maintainers for servant-multipart-client  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:32:57Z  maksbotan  Add  AlpMestanogullari  Maintainers for servant-multipart-client  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:32:11Z  maksbotan  Add  fisx  Maintainers for servant-multipart-api  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:32:04Z  maksbotan  Add  arianvp  Maintainers for servant-multipart-api  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:31:54Z  maksbotan  Add  MatthiasFischmann  Maintainers for servant-multipart-api  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:31:46Z  maksbotan  Add  phadej  Maintainers for servant-multipart-api  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:31:38Z  maksbotan  Add  DavidJohnson  Maintainers for servant-multipart-api  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T21:31:31Z  maksbotan  Add  AlpMestanogullari  Maintainers for servant-multipart-api  servant-multipart maintainers  
2021-06-05T15:27:30Z  AntonKholomiov  Add  AntonKholomiov  Maintainers for hindley-milner-type-check  initial upload  
2021-06-05T03:44:13Z  hdgarrood  Add  jalexm  Maintainers for purescript    
2021-06-05T01:57:36Z  ageitilt  Add  ageitilt  Maintainers for hscdio  initial upload  
2021-06-04T13:56:42Z  clementd  Add  clementd  Maintainers for biscuit-haskell  initial upload  
2021-06-04T10:28:48Z  pranaysashank  Add  harendra  Maintainers for fusion-plugin-types    
2021-06-04T07:39:08Z  MichaelSnoyman  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for html-conduit    
2021-06-03T17:38:55Z  isovector  Add  isovector  Maintainers for containers-good-graph  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:01:18Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-typed-process  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:01:10Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-rabbitmq  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:01:07Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-process  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:00:59Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-persistent-postgresql  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:00:55Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-mongo  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:00:51Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-hspec  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:00:47Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-hedis  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:00:39Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-amqp  initial upload  
2021-06-03T13:00:35Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for sydtest-aeson  initial upload  
2021-06-02T18:13:18Z  fresheyeball  Add  fresheyeball  Maintainers for Shpadoinkle-isreal  initial upload  
2021-06-02T17:23:54Z  GeorgeThomas  Add  GeorgeThomas  Maintainers for lifx-lan  initial upload  
2021-06-01T18:26:25Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for safe-coloured-text-layout-gen  initial upload  
2021-06-01T18:26:23Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for safe-coloured-text-gen  initial upload  
2021-06-01T13:58:15Z  KristofBastiaensen  Add  KristofBastiaensen  Maintainers for hasqlator-mysql  initial upload  
2021-05-31T22:38:20Z  sjakobi  Add  xmonad  Package uploaders  Permissions requested by TomasJanousek via  
2021-05-31T13:59:48Z  Artyom  Add  Artyom  Maintainers for safe-wild-cards  initial upload  
2021-05-31T13:48:02Z  TomasJanousek  Add  xmonad  Maintainers for xmonad-contrib  add service account for GitHub Actions uploads  
2021-05-31T13:48:00Z  TomasJanousek  Add  xmonad  Maintainers for xmonad  add service account for GitHub Actions uploads  
2021-05-31T13:47:16Z  TomasJanousek  Add  xmonad  Maintainers for X11  add service account for GitHub Actions uploads  
2021-05-29T21:49:49Z  sjakobi  Add  TimPut  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-05-29T16:25:55Z  MichelBoucey  Add  MichelBoucey  Maintainers for NanoID  initial upload  
2021-05-29T12:33:19Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for yesod-autoreload  initial upload  
2021-05-29T09:32:24Z  sjakobi  Add  waj  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-05-28T23:22:27Z  lyxia  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for little-earley  initial upload  
2021-05-28T18:16:23Z  evanrelf  Add  lambdadog  Maintainers for nix-graph    
2021-05-28T17:19:26Z  evanrelf  Add  GabrielGonzalez  Maintainers for nix-graph    
2021-05-28T17:16:40Z  evanrelf  Add  evanrelf  Maintainers for nix-graph  initial upload  
2021-05-28T09:18:30Z  sjakobi  Add  rahguzar  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-05-28T09:13:34Z  sjakobi  Add  dminuoso  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-05-28T08:34:35Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for safe-coloured-text-terminfo  initial upload  
2021-05-28T08:34:29Z  Norfair  Add  Norfair  Maintainers for safe-coloured-text-layout  initial upload  
2021-05-26T21:41:49Z  LucasDiCioccio  Add  ProofOfKeags  Maintainers for warp-grpc    
2021-05-26T21:37:58Z  LucasDiCioccio  Add  ProofOfKeags  Maintainers for http2-grpc-types  need help maintaining  
2021-05-26T21:37:52Z  LucasDiCioccio  Add  ProofOfKeags  Maintainers for http2-grpc-proto3-wire  need help maintaining  
2021-05-26T21:37:43Z  LucasDiCioccio  Add  ProofOfKeags  Maintainers for http2-grpc-proto-lens  need help maintaining  
2021-05-26T21:37:32Z  LucasDiCioccio  Add  ProofOfKeags  Maintainers for http2-client-grpc  need help maintaining  
2021-05-26T21:37:21Z  LucasDiCioccio  Add  ProofOfKeags  Maintainers for http2-client  need help maintaining  
2021-05-26T21:37:06Z  LucasDiCioccio  Add  ProofOfKeags  Maintainers for http2-client-exe  need help maintaining  
2021-05-26T18:44:26Z  AndrewFarmer  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for retrie  FB Engineer  
2021-05-26T18:43:55Z  AndrewFarmer  Add  watashi  Maintainers for retrie  FB Engineer  
2021-05-25T23:03:54Z  sjakobi  Add  jcranch  Package uploaders    
2021-05-25T20:02:22Z  zmactep  Add  zmactep  Maintainers for packstream  initial upload  
2021-05-25T14:38:47Z  BenGamari  Add  wz1000  Maintainers for array  GHC release management  
2021-05-25T01:09:54Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for c-struct  initial upload  
2021-05-24T23:18:25Z  SlimTim10  Add  SlimTim10  Maintainers for reflex-dom-ace  initial upload  
2021-05-24T11:00:59Z  michaelglass  Add  michaelglass  Maintainers for nri-redis  initial upload  
2021-05-24T10:41:15Z  michaelglass  Add  michaelglass  Maintainers for nri-test-encoding  initial upload  
2021-05-23T22:50:42Z  safinaskar  Add  safinaskar  Maintainers for check-cfg-ambiguity  initial upload  
2021-05-23T15:40:30Z  gdifolco  Add  gdifolco  Maintainers for typed-time  initial upload  
2021-05-23T13:26:20Z  DanielDiazCarrete  Add  DanielDiazCarrete  Maintainers for moo-nad  initial upload  
2021-05-23T12:27:05Z  tomjaguarpaw  Add  ShaneOBrien  Maintainers for opaleye  Backup maintainer  
2021-05-23T10:14:06Z  sjakobi  Add  SlimTim10  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-05-23T10:07:50Z  sjakobi  Add  safinaskar  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-05-23T10:05:04Z  sjakobi  Add  davidar  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-05-22T16:53:29Z  sjakobi  Add  j_mie6  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via   
2021-05-19T15:48:27Z  michaelglass  Add  waj  Maintainers for nri-observability  noredink colleague  
2021-05-19T14:45:36Z  michaelglass  Add  waj  Maintainers for nri-prelude  noredink colleague  
2021-05-19T14:45:24Z  michaelglass  Add  waj  Maintainers for nri-env-parser  noredink colleague  
2021-05-18T18:37:14Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for aws-xray-client-wai  initial upload  
2021-05-18T18:37:06Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for aws-xray-client-persistent  initial upload  
2021-05-18T18:36:58Z  PatrickBrisbin  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for aws-xray-client  initial upload  
2021-05-17T20:33:13Z  jack  Add  ksqsf  Package uploaders  
2021-05-17T20:27:04Z  jack  Add  SamuelWilliams  Package uploaders  
2021-05-17T00:44:41Z  arybczak  Add  arybczak  Maintainers for ghc-tags  initial upload  
2021-05-16T09:38:07Z  lancelet  Add  lancelet  Maintainers for hspretty  initial upload  
2021-05-16T00:00:06Z  lyxia  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for driving-classes-plugin  initial upload  
2021-05-15T00:12:42Z  Ailrun  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-fourmolu-plugin    
2021-05-15T00:12:31Z  Ailrun  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-fourmolu-plugin    
2021-05-15T00:12:01Z  Ailrun  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-fourmolu-plugin  initial upload  
2021-05-15T00:10:59Z  Ailrun  Add  berberman  Maintainers for hls-pragmas-plugin    
2021-05-15T00:10:55Z  Ailrun  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-pragmas-plugin    
2021-05-15T00:10:48Z  Ailrun  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-pragmas-plugin    
2021-05-15T00:10:35Z  Ailrun  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-pragmas-plugin  initial upload  
2021-05-15T00:09:20Z  Ailrun  Add  jneira  Maintainers for hls-floskell-plugin    
2021-05-15T00:09:08Z  Ailrun  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-floskell-plugin    
2021-05-15T00:08:55Z  Ailrun  Add  berberman  Maintainers for hls-floskell-plugin    
2021-05-15T00:07:41Z  Ailrun  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-floskell-plugin  initial upload  
2021-05-14T15:02:55Z  AdamBergmark  Add  lyxia  Maintainers for attoparsec-iso8601    
2021-05-14T15:02:49Z  AdamBergmark  Add  phadej  Maintainers for attoparsec-iso8601    
2021-05-14T10:04:53Z  ryanglscott  Add  FumiakiKinoshita  Maintainers for scotty  New maintainer.  
2021-05-14T09:47:36Z  ryanglscott  Add  danielbrice  Maintainers for scotty  New maintainer.  
2021-05-12T21:55:41Z  parsonsmatt  Add  brandonchinn178  Maintainers for fourmolu    
2021-05-12T12:36:39Z  epoberezkin  Add  EfimPoberezkin  Maintainers for simplexmq    
2021-05-11T21:02:39Z  GregorySchwartz  Add  GregorySchwartz  Maintainers for ploterific  initial upload  
2021-05-11T16:14:34Z  rickowens  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for scotty-resource    
2021-05-11T16:14:22Z  rickowens  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for ribbit    
2021-05-11T16:14:04Z  rickowens  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for om-fail    
2021-05-11T16:13:53Z  rickowens  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for om-elm    
2021-05-11T16:13:15Z  rickowens  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for http-grammar    
2021-05-11T16:10:42Z  414owen  Add  414owen  Maintainers for multi-except  initial upload  
2021-05-11T16:09:49Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for http-grammar    
2021-05-11T16:08:36Z  taphu  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for crdt-event-fold    
2021-05-11T16:07:50Z  taphu  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for load-balancing    
2021-05-11T16:07:46Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for load-balancing    
2021-05-11T16:06:52Z  taphu  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for cached-io    
2021-05-11T16:06:46Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for cached-io    
2021-05-11T16:02:12Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for scotty-resource    
2021-05-11T16:01:50Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for ribbit    
2021-05-11T16:01:20Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for om-elm    
2021-05-11T16:00:42Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for om-fail    
2021-05-11T15:59:37Z  rickowens  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for om-actor    
2021-05-11T15:58:59Z  rickowens  Delete  taphu  Maintainers for om-http-logging    
2021-05-11T15:56:24Z  taphu  Add  rickowens  Maintainers for om-http-logging    
2021-05-11T09:29:56Z  winterland  Add  winterland  Maintainers for Z-Botan  initial upload  
2021-05-11T07:39:35Z  BasVanDijk  Add  phadej  Maintainers for resource-pool  Oleg offered help maintaining resource-pool  
2021-05-11T07:38:40Z  BasVanDijk  Add  phadej  Maintainers for monad-control  Oleg offered help maintaining monad-control  
2021-05-11T07:37:33Z  BasVanDijk  Add  phadej  Maintainers for scientific  Oleg offered help maintaining scientific  
2021-05-10T21:53:57Z  aniketd  Add  aniketd  Maintainers for realworldhaskell  initial upload  
2021-05-10T21:42:49Z  sjakobi  Add  aniketd  Package uploaders  Requested permissions via  
2021-05-10T18:19:31Z  epoberezkin  Add  epoberezkin  Maintainers for simplexmq  initial upload  
2021-05-10T13:48:34Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for mnist-idx-conduit  initial upload  
2021-05-10T12:04:39Z  berberman  Add  berberman  Maintainers for nvfetcher  initial upload  
2021-05-09T17:25:34Z  PepeIborra  Add  PepeIborra  Maintainers for hls-graph  initial upload  
2021-05-09T12:04:20Z  nideco  Add  cdepillabout  Maintainers for password-types  co-maintainer of password libraries  
2021-05-09T00:00:25Z  ocramz  Add  ocramz  Maintainers for rp-tree  initial upload  
2021-05-08T15:08:55Z  OleksandrZhabenko  Add  OleksandrZhabenko  Maintainers for phonetic-languages-simplified-generalized-examples-array  initial upload  
2021-05-08T14:57:03Z  MichalKonecny  Add  MichalKonecny  Maintainers for cdar-mBound  initial upload  
2021-05-08T02:57:01Z  gelisam  Add  JensPetersen  Maintainers for haskell-awk  new co-maintainer  
2021-05-07T17:09:33Z  parsonsmatt  Add  parsonsmatt  Maintainers for persistent-discover  initial upload  
2021-05-07T09:13:24Z  tomjaguarpaw  Add  OliverCharles  Maintainers for opaleye  Backup maintainer  
2021-05-07T08:46:00Z  YoshikuniJujo  Add  YoshikuniJujo  Maintainers for c-enum  initial upload  
2021-05-06T10:51:12Z  FreckleEngineering  Delete  5outh  Maintainers for hspec-expectations-json  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-06T08:17:56Z  jneira  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for haskell-language-server  haskell-language-server administrator  
2021-05-06T04:12:14Z  pommicket  Delete  pommicket  Maintainers for NameGenerator    
2021-05-06T03:27:42Z  benselfridge  Add  benselfridge  Maintainers for bv-sized-lens  initial upload  
2021-05-05T21:40:04Z  jneira  Add  Ailrun  Maintainers for hls-eval-plugin  Maintainer of haskell-language-server  
2021-05-05T21:39:15Z  jneira  Add  berberman  Maintainers for hls-eval-plugin  Maintainer of haskell-language-server  
2021-05-05T21:29:05Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  mjgpy3  Maintainers for closed  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:29:04Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for closed  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:29:04Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  dukerutledge  Maintainers for closed  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:29:04Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  cbeav  Maintainers for closed  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:29:03Z  FreckleEngineering  Add  PatrickBrisbin  Maintainers for closed  Added by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:40Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for yesod-paginator  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:39Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for yesod-paginator  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:39Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for yesod-paginator  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:38Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for yesod-paginator  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:38Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for yesod-paginator  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:38Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for yesod-links  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:37Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for yesod-links  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:37Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for yesod-links  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:36Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for yesod-links  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:36Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for yesod-links  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:35Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for yesod-goodies  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:35Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for yesod-goodies  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:35Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for yesod-goodies  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:34Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for yesod-goodies  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:34Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for yesod-goodies  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:34Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for yesod-comments  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:33Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for yesod-comments  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:33Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for yesod-comments  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:33Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for yesod-comments  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:32Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for yesod-comments  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:32Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for shellwords  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:32Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for shellwords  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:31Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for shellwords  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:31Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for shellwords  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:31Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for shellwords  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:30Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for msu  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:30Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for msu  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:29Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for msu  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:29Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for msu  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:28Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for msu  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:28Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for load-env  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:27Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for load-env  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:27Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for load-env  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:27Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for load-env  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:26Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for load-env  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:26Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for google-oauth2  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:25Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for google-oauth2  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:25Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for google-oauth2  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:24Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for google-oauth2  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:24Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for google-oauth2  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:23Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for google-drive  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:23Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for google-drive  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:22Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for google-drive  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:22Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for google-drive  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:21Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for google-drive  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:21Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for gh-pocket-knife  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:21Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cbeav  Maintainers for gh-pocket-knife  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:20Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  cdparks  Maintainers for gh-pocket-knife  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:20Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  mjgpy3  Maintainers for gh-pocket-knife  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:19Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  dukerutledge  Maintainers for gh-pocket-knife  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:19Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete  halogenandtoast  Maintainers for friendly-time  Removed by freckle/hackage-team  
2021-05-05T21:05:18Z  PatrickBrisbin  Delete