AC-Random-0.1: A pure Haskell PRNG.




This module contains the raw random number generator algorithm. Usually you would import Random.MWC.Pure for a more convinient API.


Random seed

data Seed Source

An immutable random seed value for the PRNG.


seed :: [Word32] -> SeedSource

Create a new random seed value from the supplied list of Word32 values. If the list is empty, return a default, hard-coded value. Otherwise, every element of the list affects the result. The list must be finite; the function will loop forever othewise.

Random number generation

next_word :: Seed -> (Word32, Seed)Source

Given an initial Seed value, return a random Word32 and a new Seed value.

The Word32 value is chosen psuedo-randomly (i.e., the same Seed is guaranteed to always yield the same choice) with uniform distribution (i.e., all possibilities equally likely) over the complete range from 0x00000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF inclusive.