Agda-2.2.10: A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant



Handling of the INFINITY, SHARP and FLAT builtins.



typeOfInf :: TCM TypeSource

The type of &#x221e.

typeOfSharp :: TCM TypeSource

The type of &#x266f_.

typeOfFlat :: TCM TypeSource

The type of &#x266d.

bindBuiltinInf :: Expr -> TCM ()Source

Binds the INFINITY builtin, but does not change the type's definition.

bindBuiltinSharp :: Expr -> TCM ()Source

Binds the SHARP builtin, and changes the definitions of INFINITY and SHARP.

bindBuiltinFlat :: Expr -> TCM ()Source

Binds the FLAT builtin, and changes its definition.

data CoinductionKit Source

The coinductive primitives.