Changelog for Allure-0.4.12

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    * make walls lit by default to simplify exploration
    * improve and simplify dungeon generation
    * simplify running and permit multi-actor runs
    * let items explode and generate shrapnel projectiles
    * add game difficulty setting (initial HP scaling right now)
    * allow recording, playing back and looping commands
    * implement pathfinding via per-actor BFS over the whole level
    * extend setting targets for actors in UI tremendously
    * implement autoexplore, go-to-target, etc., as macros
    * let AI use pathfinding, switch leaders, pick levels to swarm to
    * force level/leader changes on spawners (even when played by humans)
    * extend and redesign UI bottom status lines


    * screensaver game modes (AI vs AI)
    * improved AI (can now climbs stairs, etc.)
    * multiple, multi-floor staircases
    * multiple savefiles
    * configurable framerate and combat animations


    * experimental multiplayer modes
    * a lot of gameplay changes induced by the engine overhaul and in particular the client-server rewrite


    * this is a minor release, primarily intended to fix the broken compilation on Hackage
    * changes since 0.4.6 are mostly unrelated to gameplay:
      - strictly typed config files split into UI and rules
      - a switch from Text to String throughout the codebase
      - use of the external library miniutter for English sentence generation


    * the Main Menu
    * improved and configurable mode of squad combat


    * missiles flying for three turns (by an old kosmikus' idea)
    * visual feedback for targeting
    * animations of combat and individual monster moves


    * the Allure of the Stars game depends on the LambdaHack engine library