Changelog for AvlTree-4.2

2.4 --- * Initial Hackage/Cabal release. Version set to 2.4 to distinguish from the 2.3 (non-cabal) release on my home page. 3.0 --- * Included MasterTable.txt in the distro. * Eq and Ord Instances now based on strict structural equality (derived) * Exposed height related functions 3.1 --- * Exposed BinPath primitives. * Removed AVL tree based sorts. * Removed Data.Map/Set conversions. This eliminates the containers package dependency. * Removed link to Haskell wiki homepage as this will never be done. * Removed link to maintainer email. 3.2 --- No code changes, just reclaiming ownership and bumping version No. 4.0 --- * Changed to derived Read/Show instances (instead of via lists). Hence the instances are incompatible with earlier versions. * Added: genDisjointUnion,testGenDisjointUnion genVenn,testGenVenn genVennMaybe,testGenVennMaybe genVennToList, genVennAsList genVennMaybeToList genVennMaybeAsList * Added UBT6 cpp macro to ghcdefs/h98defs 4.1 --- * Added missing strictness to genVenn,genVennMaybe 4.2 --- * A lot of function renaming (old names still available but deprecated). * Gather all deprecations in 1 new module: Data.Tree.AVL.Deprecated * Added findEmptyPath,nub,nubBy