Bang: A Drum Machine DSL for Haskell

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This library consists of a DSL for piecing together drum compositions. It uses a MIDI backend and is only currently available for use on Mac OSX. Much of the library was inspired by previous work done by Yale's Euterpea project and Paul Hudak's paper.

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Dependencies base (>=4.6 && <5), bifunctors (>=4 && <5), mtl (>=2.1 && <3), stm (>=2.4 && <5), transformers (>=0.3 && <0.4) [details]
License MIT
Author Benjamin Kovach
Category Sound
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An Embedded Domain Specific Language for writing drum machine patterns in Haskell.

Bang interfaces with your system MIDI device in order to play drum compositions, directly written in and interpreted by the Haskell programming language.


-- | The first few measures of 'Toxicity' by System of a Down.
toxicityIntro =
  let sh = sn >< hc -- snare and closed hi-hat combo
      bc = bd >< hc -- bass and closed hi-hat combo
      cd = bd >< cc -- bass and crash cymbal combo
  in bang $ 
     double $ -- play at double tempo
       bd <>
       ( double $ 
         mconcat [ -- concatenate into a single sequential composition
           mconcat [sh, bd, qr, bd, sh, qr, bd, qr, sh, qr]
         , mconcat [ 
             (2 #>) >>~ [sn, t1, t2] -- play each element of the list twice
           , double $ 4 #> sn
           , (2 #>) >>~ [sn, t1, t2] 
           , m4 cd qr hc sn -- groups of measures with 4 beats  
           , m4 hc bd sh qr
           , m4 hc sn bc qr
           , m4 bc qr hc sh
           , m4 hc bd sh qr
           , m4 bd qr sh qr 
         ] )