CV-0.3.7: OpenCV based machine vision library

Safe HaskellNone




data SURFParams Source

Parameters for SURF feature extraction


defaultSURFParams :: SURFParamsSource

Default parameters for getSURF



:: Double

only features with keypoint.hessian larger than that are extracted. good default value is ~300-500 (can depend on the average local contrast and sharpness of the image). user can further filter out some features based on their hessian values and other characteristics.

-> Int

The number of octaves to be used for extraction. With each next octave the feature size is doubled (3 by default)

-> Int

The number of layers within each octave (4 by default)

-> Bool

If true, getSurf returns extended descriptors of 128 floats. Otherwise returns 64 floats.

-> SURFParams 



:: SURFParams

Method parameters. See defaultSURFParams and mkSURFParams

-> Image GrayScale D8

Input GrayScale image

-> Maybe (Image GrayScale D8)

Optional Binary mask image

-> [(C'CvSURFPoint, [Float])] 

Extract Speeded Up Robust Features from an image.

getMSER :: (Point2D a, ELP a ~ Int) => Image GrayScale D8 -> Maybe (Image GrayScale D8) -> MSERParams -> [[a]]Source

The function encapsulates all the parameters of the MSER extraction algorithm (see



:: Int


-> Int

prune the area which bigger than maxArea

-> Int

prune the area which smaller than minArea

-> Float

prune the area have similar size to its children

-> Float

trace back to cut off mser with diversity < min_diversity

-> Int

for color image, the evolution steps

-> Double

the area threshold to cause re-initialize

-> Double

ignore too small margin

-> Int

the aperture size for edge blur

-> MSERParams 

Create parameters for getMSER.