Changelog for Cardinality-0.2

Changes from 0.1 to 0.2 --------------------------- * Moved CardinalityConstraint and trasformation typeclasses from Data.CardinalityRange to new dedicated module Data.Cardinality.ContTrans * Data.Cardinality -> Data.Cardinality.Cardinality * Data.CardinalityRange -> Data.Cardinality.CardinalityRange * Data.Cardinality is now just exporting Data.Cardinality.Cardinality Data.Cardinality.CardinalityRange Data.Cardinality.ContTrans * To Data.Cardinality.ContTrans added ContTransError data structure and functions sContTrans_E and sContTransT_E. With these functions it's now possible a more informative error then it was Nothing with plain sContTrans.