Chart-1.0: A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots

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Created : 2008-02-26 Modified : 2011-02-11 Version : 0.2

Sparklines implementation in Haskell. Sparklines are mini graphs inspired by Edward Tufte.

The original implementation (by Hitesh Jasani) used the gd package as a backend renderer, and is still available at http:hackage.haskell.orgpackagehsparklines The present version uses Cairo as its renderer, and integrates with the Chart package, in the sense that Sparklines are just another kind of (ToRenderable a => a), so can be composed into grids etc.

 dp :: [Double]
 dp = [24,21,32.3,24,15,34,43,55,57,72,74,75,73,72,55,44]

 sparkLineToPNG "bar_spark.png" (SparkLine barSpark dp)


SparkLine type

data SparkLine Source

A sparkline is a single sequence of data values, treated as y-values. The x-values are anonymous and implicit in the sequence.



Drawing options

data SparkOptions Source

Options to render the sparklines in different ways.




so_smooth :: Bool

smooth or bars

so_step :: Int

step size

so_height :: Int

graph height (pixels)

so_limits :: (Double, Double)

data point limits

so_bgColor :: Colour Double

background color

so_minColor :: Colour Double

color of minimum datapoint

so_maxColor :: Colour Double

color of maximum datapoint

so_lastColor :: Colour Double

color of last datapoint

so_minMarker :: Bool

display minimum marker

so_maxMarker :: Bool

display maximum marker

so_lastMarker :: Bool

display last marker


smoothSpark :: SparkOptionsSource

Default options for a smooth sparkline.

barSpark :: SparkOptionsSource

Default options for a barchart sparkline.

Size calculation

Rendering function

renderSparkLine :: SparkLine -> ChartBackend (PickFn ())Source

Render a SparkLine to a drawing surface using cairo.

sparkWidth :: SparkLine -> IntSource

Compute the width of a SparkLine, for rendering purposes.