Chart-1.5: A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots

Copyright(c) Tim Docker 2006, 2014
LicenseBSD-style (see chart/COPYRIGHT)
Safe HaskellNone



Datatypes and functions common to the implementation of the various plot types.



data Plot x y Source

Interface to control plotting on a 2D area.




_plot_render :: PointMapFn x y -> ChartBackend ()

Given the mapping between model space coordinates and device coordinates, render this plot into a chart.

_plot_legend :: [(String, Rect -> ChartBackend ())]

Details for how to show this plot in a legend. For each item the string is the text to show, and the function renders a graphical sample of the plot.

_plot_all_points :: ([x], [y])

All of the model space coordinates to be plotted. These are used to autoscale the axes where necessary.


joinPlot :: Plot x y -> Plot x y -> Plot x y Source

Join any two plots together (they will share a legend).

class ToPlot a where Source

A type class abstracting the conversion of a value to a Plot.


toPlot :: a x y -> Plot x y Source

mapXY :: PointMapFn x y -> (x, y) -> Point Source

plot_render :: forall x y. Lens' (Plot x y) (PointMapFn x y -> ChartBackend ()) Source

plot_legend :: forall x y. Lens' (Plot x y) [(String, Rect -> ChartBackend ())] Source

plot_all_points :: forall x y. Lens' (Plot x y) ([x], [y]) Source