ConcurrentUtils- Concurrent utilities

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Compatibility shims for old version



data ConcException Source #

For internal errors. If a procedure throws this, some threads it created may still be running. This exception type is provided out of an abundance of caution, in case you want to take precautions against the activities of threads that for whatever reason cannot be terminated. If thrown it is never among the exceptions listed inside an ExceptionList.



concF_ :: (?pool :: Pool) => Int -> ConcurrentMethod () () Source #

conc_ :: (IArray ar (IO ()), Ix i, ?pool :: Pool) => ar i (IO ()) -> IO () Source #

concF :: (?pool :: Pool) => Int -> ConcurrentMethod (Array Int t) t Source #

conc :: (IArray ar (IO e), Ix i, ?pool :: Pool) => ar i (IO e) -> IO (Array i e) Source #

Runs several computations concurrently, and returns their results as an array. Waits for all threads to end before returning.

arr_assocFold :: (IArray ar t, Ix i, ?pool :: Pool) => Kleisli IO (u, u) u -> (t -> u) -> Kleisli IO (t, ar i t) u Source #