Changelog for DRBG-0.1.4

0.1.4 * Documentation fixes 0.1.3 * Updated to work with tagged == 0.2. * Exported newGenAutoReseed{,IO} for those really really long running CRG's. 0.1.2 * Verify the seed length is sufficient when instantiating or reseeding HmacDRBG and HashDRBG * Move GenSystemRandom out of DRBG (into crypto-api >= 0.3) New in 0.1.1 * Add HashDRBGWith and HmacDRBGWith * Allow reseeding of AutoReseed when the second generator to be SystemRandomGen (zero byte reseed of 2nd generator) * Allow reseeding GenBuffered after an error by tracking the error-inducing generator (and not just the error) * Fix GenBuffered to buffer properly