Etage-0.1.12: A general data-flow framework

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This module defines a Neuron which dumps all Impulses it receives. You grow it in Incubation by using something like:

 nerveDump <- (growNeuron :: NerveOnlyFor DumpNeuron) (\o -> o { showInsteadOfDump = True })

It is an example of a Neuron which can recieve any Impulse type. It processes all Impulses it receives.



type DumpFromImpulse = NeuronFromImpulse DumpNeuronSource

Impulses from DumpNeuron. This Neuron does not define any Impulses it would send, NoImpulse.

type DumpOptions = NeuronOptions DumpNeuronSource

Options for DumpNeuron. Those options are defined:

handle :: Handle
Handle to which it dumps. Default is stdout.
showInsteadOfDump :: Bool
Should it use show when dumping Impulses? By default it dumps impulseTime and impulseValue values.
prefix :: String
Prefix to use when dumping. Default is no prefix.