Etage-0.1.12: A general data-flow framework

Safe HaskellNone



This module defines a simple Neuron which initiates dissolving after a given delay. It can be used to limit execution time of the network. You grow it in Incubation by using something like:

 _ <- (growNeuron :: NerveNone TimeoutNeuron) (\o -> o { timeout = 10000000 })

somewhere among (best at the end) growNeuron calls for other Neurons in Incubation.

It is an example of a Neuron which does not live indefinitely (until an exception) but dissolves after some time (by using dissolving). It does not process any Impulses.



type TimeoutForImpulse = NeuronForImpulse TimeoutNeuronSource

Impulses for TimeoutNeuron. This Neuron does not define any Impulses it would receive, NoImpulse.

type TimeoutOptions = NeuronOptions TimeoutNeuronSource

Options for TimeoutNeuron. This option is defined:

timeout :: Int
The length of the delay in microseconds before initiating dissolving. Default is 60 seconds.