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Module: Foreign.FAI.Internal
Description: The internal functions.
Copyright: (C) 2018 Johann Lee <me@qinka.pro>
License: LGPL3
Maintainer: me@qinka.pro
Stability: experimental
Portability: unknown

The internal functions.

{-# LANGUAGE GADTs                 #-}
{-# LANGUAGE MultiParamTypeClasses #-}
{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies          #-}

module Foreign.FAI.Internal
  ( autoNewForeignPtr
  , dup
  , replaceContext
  ) where

import           Control.Monad
import           Foreign.FAI.Types
import           Foreign.ForeignPtr

-- | allocate new foreign pointer

autoNewForeignPtr :: FinalizerContextPtr p (Pf p a) -- ^ Context p concerned finalizer

                  -> Context p                      -- ^ Context

                  -> Ptr (Pf p a)                   -- ^ pointer

                  -> Int                            -- ^ Size

                  -> IO (Buffer p a)                -- ^ buffer

autoNewForeignPtr fin cc ptr size = fmap (`Buffer` size) $ case fin of
  Left  f -> withForeignPtr (unContextPtr cc) $ \p ->
             newForeignPtrEnv f p ptr
  Right f -> newForeignPtr    f   ptr

replaceContext :: Context p2 -> (a, Context p1) -> (a, Context p2)
replaceContext cc (a, _) = (a, cc)

-- | Duplicate data

dup :: ( FAICopy p1 p2, FAI p1, FAI p2
       , Storable b, Pf p2 a ~ b, Pf p1 a ~ b)
       => Context p2                    -- ^ context

       -> Bool                          -- ^ whether copy data

       -> Buffer p1 a                   -- ^ buffer (src)

       -> IO (Buffer p2 a, Context p2)  -- ^ buffer (dst)

dup cc is buf = do
  fin <- faiMemReleaseP cc
  let size = bufSize buf
  ptr  <- faiMemAllocate cc size
  bDst <- autoNewForeignPtr fin cc ptr size
  when is $ faiMemCopy bDst buf
  return (bDst, cc)