Changelog for GeBoP-1.7.5

2015-09-23 Version 1.7.5 - Game.hs: changed call to "update" in "Game.update" to avoid confusion with the recently introduced "update" in wxHaskell 2015-01-29 Version Changes in .cabal file - Removed upper limits for versions of Haskell Platform packages (except base) - Added address of repository - Removed lower limit for wxcore, as the wxcore version is defined by wx - Added "Default-language: Haskell2010" Other changes - Added FlexibleContexts pragma to GUI.hs, to satisfy GHC 7.10 - Removed Byte Order Mark from GUI.hs, to satisfy GHC 7.10 2014-08-13 Version 1.7.4 - The version info is read from the .cabal file. - Removed upper limits for wx and wxcore version 2013-09-20 Version 1.7.3 - Adapted to Haskell Platform 2013.2.0.0, wxWidgets 2.9.5 and wxHaskell Amongst others, hierarchical module system introduced. GUI.hs: staticBitmapCreate has now 0x00200000 (== wxBORDER_NONE) as style, as wxWidgets does not accept -1 as style anymore. The clientsize of the "move now" button is not set anymore, so the text fits. TicTacToe now repaints on resize 2010-10-20 Version 1.7.2 - Increased the maximum version of base to < 5 . 2009-11-14 Version 1.7.1 - Added -Wall flag in the CABAL file - Solved all compiler warnings. - Increased the maximum version of wx and wxcore to < 0.13 . - Added the file changelog.txt 2009-10-29 Version 1.7 - Adapted to wxWidgets 2.8.9 / wxHaskell - Cabalized