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MaintainerJohn Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
Sqlite3 Basics
Sqlite3 Error Consts

HDBC driver interface for Sqlite 3.x.

Written by John Goerzen, jgoerzen@complete.org

connectSqlite3 :: FilePath -> IO Connection
data Connection
setBusyTimeout :: Connection -> CInt -> IO ()
sqlite_OK :: Int
sqlite_ERROR :: Int
sqlite_INTERNAL :: Int
sqlite_PERM :: Int
sqlite_ABORT :: Int
sqlite_BUSY :: Int
sqlite_LOCKED :: Int
sqlite_NOMEM :: Int
sqlite_READONLY :: Int
sqlite_INTERRUPT :: Int
sqlite_IOERR :: Int
sqlite_CORRUPT :: Int
sqlite_NOTFOUND :: Int
sqlite_FULL :: Int
sqlite_CANTOPEN :: Int
sqlite_PROTOCOL :: Int
sqlite_EMPTY :: Int
sqlite_SCHEMA :: Int
sqlite_TOOBIG :: Int
sqlite_CONSTRAINT :: Int
sqlite_MISMATCH :: Int
sqlite_MISUSE :: Int
sqlite_NOLFS :: Int
sqlite_AUTH :: Int
sqlite_ROW :: Int
sqlite_DONE :: Int
Sqlite3 Basics
connectSqlite3 :: FilePath -> IO ConnectionSource

Connect to an Sqlite version 3 database. The only parameter needed is the filename of the database to connect to.

All database accessor functions are provided in the main HDBC module.

data Connection Source
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setBusyTimeout :: Connection -> CInt -> IO ()Source
Sets the timeout for a lock before returning a busy error. Give the time in milliseconds.
Sqlite3 Error Consts
sqlite_OK :: IntSource
Successful result
sqlite_ERROR :: IntSource
SQL error or missing database
sqlite_INTERNAL :: IntSource
An internal logic error in SQLite
sqlite_PERM :: IntSource
Access permission denied
sqlite_ABORT :: IntSource
Callback routine requested an abort
sqlite_BUSY :: IntSource
The database file is locked
sqlite_LOCKED :: IntSource
A table in the database is locked
sqlite_NOMEM :: IntSource
A malloc() failed
sqlite_READONLY :: IntSource
Attempt to write a readonly database
sqlite_INTERRUPT :: IntSource
Operation terminated by sqlite_interrupt()
sqlite_IOERR :: IntSource
Some kind of disk I/O error occurred
sqlite_CORRUPT :: IntSource
The database disk image is malformed
sqlite_NOTFOUND :: IntSource
(Internal Only) Table or record not found
sqlite_FULL :: IntSource
Insertion failed because database is full
sqlite_CANTOPEN :: IntSource
Unable to open the database file
sqlite_PROTOCOL :: IntSource
Database lock protocol error
sqlite_EMPTY :: IntSource
(Internal Only) Database table is empty
sqlite_SCHEMA :: IntSource
The database schema changed
sqlite_TOOBIG :: IntSource
Too much data for one row of a table
sqlite_CONSTRAINT :: IntSource
Abort due to constraint violation
sqlite_MISMATCH :: IntSource
Data type mismatch
sqlite_MISUSE :: IntSource
Library used incorrectly
sqlite_NOLFS :: IntSource
Uses OS features not supported on host
sqlite_AUTH :: IntSource
Authorization denied
sqlite_ROW :: IntSource
sqlite_step() has another row ready
sqlite_DONE :: IntSource
sqlite_step() has finished executing
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