Changelog for HMap-1.2.1

1.2.1 : Fixed: now exports purge 1.2.0 : Added MonadFix instance for KeyT 1.1.9 : Added NOINLINE pragma for KeyT 1.1.8 : Added an Applicative instance for KeyT that is more non-strict than using the monad instance. 1.1.7: Fixed example in docs. 1.1.6: Better memory performance: An entry into an HMap does not keep the value alive if the key is not alive. After all, if the key is dead, then there is no way to retrieve the value! Also added IO operation purge to remove dead elements. 1.1.5: Added operation to split a KeyT monad. Super trippyness! 1.1.4: Forgot to export KeyT 1.1.3: Made Key monad into monad transformer 1.1.2: Fixed small thing in documentation of HKeySet 1.1.1: Fixed build failing.. 1.1.0 : Added HKeySet and Untypeable, reorganized the code 1.0.5 : Added KeyM monad 1.0.3 : Added NOINLINE pragma 1.0.2 : Small improvements to documentation. 1.0.1 : Added hashable as dependency. Version numbers now not stupid. 0.912 : Replaced Data.Map with Hashmap for speed. 0.902 : Support for top level scoped keys 0.901: Improved cabal file 0.9 : Initial version