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TikZ ist kein Zeichenprogramm.

TikZ is a frontend for PGF (Portable Graphics Format), a package for creating graphics using scripts embedded in a LaTeX document.

Using this library you will be able to generate TikZ scripts using Haskell functions.

The interface given here is pretty close to the original TikZ interface. Another layer of abstraction is given in Text.LaTeX.Packages.TikZ.Simple, module built from the entities exported here. Usually, one chooses one of the interfaces and work with it. However, if you want to use both of them, you will have to use qualified imports or you will get name clashes.

Also, the module exported here, Text.LaTeX.Packages.TikZ.PathBuilder, provides an interface to create paths (see TPath) using monads.

Once you have generated a TikZ script, use tikzpicture to include it in a LaTeX document.


TikZ package

tikz :: PackageNameSource

Import the tikz package to use the functions exported by this module. For example, adding this line to your document preamble:

 usepackage [] tikz

TikZ modules

Insertion in LaTeX

tikzpicture :: LaTeXC l => TikZ -> lSource

Transform a TikZ script to a LaTeX block.