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This package provides extensive control of page headers and footers.

CTAN page for fancyhdr: http://www.ctan.org/pkg/fancyhdr.


fancyhdr package

fancyhdr :: PackageNameSource

The fancyhdr package. Please, consider to use applyHdrSettings instead of importing the package manually. If you really want to do it manually, use the functions from the raw interface exposed below.

Simple interface

data HdrSettings Source

Header and footer settings of a LaTeX document. Use applyHdrSettings to apply these settings in your document. A default value is provided by defaultHdrSettings, which you can modify using record syntax.

 mySettings :: HdrSettings
 mySettings = defaultHdrSettings
     { centerHeader = "Amazing header"
     , headRuleWidth = Pt 2

defaultHdrSettings :: HdrSettingsSource

Default header and footer settings.

It leaves everything empty but the centerFooter field, which is filled with thePage.

Also, it sets to 0.4 points the headRuleWidth field.

applyHdrSettings :: LaTeXC l => HdrSettings -> lSource

Apply custom header and footer settings to a LaTeX document. It takes care of package importing and page style settings, so using this function is enough to get the settings applied. Do not import the fancyhdr package again. To be used in the preamble.

Raw interface

fancy :: PageStyleSource

Page style of the fancyhdr package.

lhead :: LaTeXC l => l -> lSource

Set the left header.

chead :: LaTeXC l => l -> lSource

Set the center header.

rhead :: LaTeXC l => l -> lSource

Set the right header.

lfoot :: LaTeXC l => l -> lSource

Set the left footer.

cfoot :: LaTeXC l => l -> lSource

Set the center footer.

rfoot :: LaTeXC l => l -> lSource

Set the right footer.

renewheadrulewidth :: LaTeXC l => Measure -> lSource

Set the headrulewidth attribute.

renewfootrulewidth :: LaTeXC l => Measure -> lSource

Set the footrulewidth attribute.