HaTeX- The Haskell LaTeX library.

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This module allows you to use the LaTeX graphicx library in order to insert graphics in a document and perform some transformations.

CTAN page for graphicx: http://ctan.org/pkg/graphicx.


Graphicx package

graphicx :: PackageName Source #

The graphicx package.

usepackage [] graphicx

Package options

dvips :: LaTeXC l => l Source #

Package option of the graphicx package.

dvipdfm :: LaTeXC l => l Source #

Package option of the graphicx package.

pdftex :: LaTeXC l => l Source #

Package option of the graphicx package.

Including graphics

data IGOption Source #

Include Graphics Option. These options can be passed as arguments to the includegraphics function.


IGWidth Measure

Specify the preferred width of the imported image.

IGHeight Measure

Specify the preferred height of the imported image.

KeepAspectRatio Bool

When True, it will scale the image according to both IGWidth and IGHeight , but will not distort the image, so that neither IGWidth nor IGHeight are exceeded.

IGScale Float

Scales the image by the desired scale factor.

IGAngle Int

Rotate the image by given degrees.

IGTrim Measure Measure Measure Measure

This option will crop the imported image. Arguments are from-left , from-bottom, from-right and from-top respectively.

IGClip Bool

For the IGTrim option to work, you must set IGClip to True.

IGPage Int

If the image file is a pdf file with multiple pages, this parameter allows you to use a different page than the first.

includegraphics Source #


:: LaTeXC l 
=> [IGOption]


-> FilePath

Image file

-> l 

Include an image in the document.


rotatebox :: LaTeXC l => Float -> l -> l Source #

Rotate the content by the given angle in degrees.

scalebox Source #


:: LaTeXC l 
=> Float

Horizontal scale.

-> Maybe Float

Vertical scale.

-> l 
-> l 

Scale the content by the given factor. If only the horizontal scale is supplied, the vertical scaling will be the same.

reflectbox :: LaTeXC l => l -> l Source #

Reflect horizontally the content.

resizebox Source #


:: LaTeXC l 
=> Measure

Horizontal size.

-> Measure

Vertical size.

-> l 
-> l 

Resize the content to match the given dimensions.