HaTeX- The Haskell LaTeX library.

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lscape package

lscape :: PackageName Source #

lscape package. Use it to import it like this:

usepackage [] lscape

lscape commands

landscape Source #


:: LaTeXC l 
=> l

Text to be rotated

-> l

Resulting rotated text.

All text within the landscape environment is rotated through 90 degrees. The environment may span several pages. It works well with, and was originally created for, use with longtable to produce long wide tables.

Package Options

pdftex :: LaTeXC l => l Source #

This package option makes lscape rotate the PDF paper – not just the text on the page – when given the pdftex option. (Naturally, this works only with pdfLaTeX.) The result is that the text is viewable online without the reader having to rotate his/her head 90 degrees. The document still prints normally.