HaTeX- The Haskell LaTeX library.

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An extension to the standard LaTeX tabular environment which provides a construction for table cells that span more than one row of the table.



multirowp :: PackageName Source #

multirow package. Use it to import it like this:

usepackage [] multirow

data BigStrutsCount Source #

Type of bigstruts count. It is mainly used if you’ve used the bigstrut package. It is the total number of uses of bigstruts within rows being spanned in a multirow.


BigStruts Int

Normal bigstruts

BigStrutsTop Int

Bigstruts in the top row

BigStrutsBottom Int

Bigstruts in the bottom row

BigStrutsTopBottom Int

Bigstruts in the top and bottom rows

multirow Source #


:: LaTeXC l 
=> Maybe Pos

Optional vertical positioning of the text in the multirow block

-> Double

Number of rows to span

-> Maybe BigStrutsCount

Optinal total number of uses of bigstrut within the rows being spanned

-> Measure

Width to which the text is to be set

-> Maybe Measure

Optinal length used to raise or lower the text

-> l

Actual text of the construct

-> l 

multirow sets a piece of text in a tabular or similar environment, spanning multiple rows.